2016 Already?

Geez, time is flying by too fast. This year marks 20 years since Greg graduated from high school! 20 freaking years! I don’t feel old enough to say 20 years has passed for any milestone.

Yet, 9 years ago tonight I was in labor. My water broke at 6pm and my Mom drove me to the hospital. When I was checked, and confirmed my water did indeed break, I was already 2cm dilated. Within 13 hours I was going to meet my baby girl.

Amelia is turning 9 years old. And, every year (just about) I write how I can’t believe how old she’s turning. And, every year it’s true. I don’t feel old enough to have a nearly 10 year old kid. In my heart (and mind), I’m still 27. And, it seems I’ll forever feel that way (all the while thinking it’s only 1997). 27 was a big age. I had a kid. I got the man of my dreams. Moved three times with a baby. Bought my first financed car. A lot of big things happened when I was 27.

When Greg and I were engaged and planning our wedding, I befriend a lot of other ladies doing the same. Recently, I noticed that a lot of those friends have divorced. It made me look at my relationship with Greg and how ours differs from others; even my first marriage. And, I am thankful that Greg and I have each other and that we can be who we are without judgement. Granted, our marriage hasn’t been easy and we’ve had a lot of challenges – many that I knew about before we became parents and then husband and wife – but, the one constant that has been in our relationship is support and love. Greg supports me and the events going on in my life; whether they’re positive or negative. And, while sometimes I may not agree with how Greg is handling something, I support him. I also tell him what I think could be improved upon, and he’ll listen, but it’s the open communication we have that allows us to support each other.

2016 is going to have a lot of changes. Not sure on all of the changes, but things have already been set into motion. First, I’ve been taking an anti-depressant for about a month and I finally feel better (somewhat). I definitely don’t feel as ‘broken’ as I did before, and I am able to handle stressful moments a lot better. There’s still some work in progress, as a family, to be more balanced. But, that’s all to come as well. I’ve made an appointment for Amelia to see a child psychologist for some things. Amelia can be a bit much, and it’s more than just ‘normal’ stuff. I mentioned this to the psychologist and he suggested she come in and I agreed. I told Greg and he agreed as well. We’ve talked, off an on, about seeing a family therapist, but wasn’t sure how that would work with two difference insurances. I’m glad, though, that we finally have something scheduled. And, I suggested, to Greg, that it couldn’t hurt if we met as a couple with a psychiatrist. The doc felt so, as well, since Greg is on an anti-depressant, too.

Secondly, I have my weight loss surgery scheduled in March. It’s tentative, at the moment, since my ‘case’ hasn’t been submitted to the insurance company just yet. But, the doc’s office doesn’t see any reason why there wouldn’t been a rejection. I’m excited and a bit freaked out about this surgery. The exciting part is the changes that will occur; I’ll loose weight, finally, and keep it off. The ‘freaked out’ part is that I am permanently altering my stomach; there’s no going back once this is done. My Mom is excited that I’m made this decision. Greg, while supportive of my choice, was initially against it for himself. However, the idea has warmed up to him (which, I believe is in part to his anti-depressants), and depending on how it goes with me, he’s even willing to consider it for himself. In the meantime, Greg has been going to the gym three days a week and has changed his eating habits, including a drastic reduction in soda consumption. Granted, Greg and I drink diet soda only, soda was our ‘addition’. Since Greg has been on his anti-depressants, his soda consumption has decreased; he just doesn’t desire it anymore. The same is starting to affect me. I used to drink about 4-5 cans of soda a day (along with about 50-60 ounces of water), now I may have 1-2 cans of soda. I just don’t desire them like I used to.

Third, the office is moving. This won’t occur until the end of the year, but it’s still a big change. Additionally, we’re moving into a brand new building in downtown Baltimore (it’s still under construction)! I see this move as an opportunity for networking, and hopefully, advancement. The new environment will require me to dress professionally, which I am somewhat excited about since I’ll have a new body to dress.

It’s getting late. I’ll finish up another time.



What’s Happening?

How was your summer?

Ours was busy. And, to my dismay, we didn’t make it to the beach (even for a day trip).

I took 2 classes over the summer; Algebra and Human Biology. Greg had to help with the Algebra; math just isn’t my thing (well, math that requires x’s and y’s and plotting graph’s, etc).

Amelia attended our county’s summer camp program and loved it! Such a huge difference in willingness to participate this year than last year. We picked a somewhat different program that had field trips every week and we also picked a different school (one by my office) and I think that made the difference. We’ll probably do the same next summer.

We bought a new (to us) car! Greg and I would daydream about our next car purchase. What did we want in the car, such as the size (sedan vs. SUV. vs minivan), features and options, and manufacturer. So many factors to consider! And, after this experience I’ve learned that I hate car shopping. Hate it! But, in the end of our adventure (that’s a whole other post to share), we got the car that fits our family’s needs and that we enjoy driving as well.

Sofia. My goodness is this girl getting big! I wouldn’t be surprised is she’s already 25lbs and 30 inches tall. I keep telling Greg that we need to move her into a bigger carseat, but he doesn’t want to give up the carrier (even though its ridiculously heavy with her in it). That, and it would admit that she’s no longer a ‘baby’ and she’s in her way to be a toddler. Sofia does have 2 teethe in and just last week, or the week. For, she’s begun crawling!

Well, this is all the time I have for an update. I have several drafts written…one day ill get to them.

So much on the brain

Life has really picked up recently.

I went to the doctors the last week of June to discuss my ADD and that I am 55+ days late with my cycle and had several negative HPT results (all of which occured when I was pregnant with Amelia) and requested a blood test. I had the blood drawn on July 2 and I haven’t heard back, but not really stressing it either. Then, on July 8 my cycle started; exactly 3 months to the day when my last cycle started. So now I am wondering what’s going on with my hormones and if my PCOS symptoms are returning.

Last week Amelia and I spent a few days down with my Mom. Recently, my Mom was diagnosed with MS and I got to truly see how it affects her; physically and emotionally. My heart hurt so much to see her in such misery. When I left on Friday afternoon, as soon as got into the city where I had cell reception, I immediately texted my brother and Greg about Moms condition and other things. I told them both that we have to get Mom out of her current situation and to live with us (as in Greg, Amelia, and me). Greg told me that he supports me and will do anything to help MY MOM because he cares about her as much as he cares for his Mom. I was crying in my drive home because I am so concerned about her and I want to do everything possible within my power to get her with me and my brother. But, my Mom is just as stubborn as I am.

Also, while visiting my Mom, my cousin and her daughter visited for an entire day. My cousin, April, and her boyfriend are officially trying to conceive their second baby. April and I are trying to get pregnant around the same time together so our children are close in age, like Amelia and Olivia are. I told this to Greg when I came home and reacted the same as any other male.

Our Disney vacation is only 10.5 weeks away! I’m starting to get excited about our week long trip. Although, I think I’m more excited to see Amelia’s reactions throughout the trip than anything else.

I’ve started to do some shopping for our trip by buying Disney themed items for Amelia. I’ve bought her a Tinkerbell Sundress and Tinkerbell Crocs. My high school friend that I recently did a photo shoot for is making Amelia a Minnie Mouse dress (similar to a dress that I saw on eBay), and I was looking at other Tinkerbell themed items such as lanyards, backpacks, etc to get Amelia all excited.

I’ve recently started my 5th class. This class is to learn more advanced functions on Excel. I submitted my first lab assignment last night and it took two days to complete due to the extensiveness of the assignment. I was not prepared to work that hard. LOL.

Balls for Brains

I’m all over the place.

I don’t know what I want to do from one minute to the next.

Right now, I just want to plan something!

I called my Mom on my way home from work and told her about my idea for a family cruise for her 50th birthday. She was like “ok” and then when I mentioned Disney Cruise, she became more excited. She really wants to do something Disney. So, Greg and I began our number crunching for 8 adults and 2 kids (Amelia will be 2.5 years of age and Olivia will be 2 come July 2009). It’s looking pretty good.

I have to work on Greg’s 30th Birthday ‘party’. He still doesn’t know what he wants to do and we’re running out of time. I’ve begun ‘cake shopping’ as I would like to get him a special birthday cake; I’m thinking a Mario Bros. themed cake with a picture of Mario jumping up to hit a  block and a star is rising out of the block that says “Happy 30th Birthday”, or maybe Mario kicking a turtle shell with ‘Good Bye 20’s” on the shell. If not a Mario themed cake then it will be an O’s themed cake. I’ve been looking for locations to host the birthday ‘party’; I don’t know if I should do something in the city, such as The Camden Pub, or something closer to home. Eh, I’ll send an email to Greg’s co-workers and see what they suggest (since it will be them that will attend, I hope).

Tonight I asked Greg what he wanted to do for our wedding. I am beginning to feel… hmmm… I can’t think of a word, but what I am feeling is lack of interest, so to speak. The wedding date, 09.06.09, is so far away, yet I want to start working on it. Which is why I probably feel the urge to organize something, anything, and have been going balls out on planning a family trip (yes, I am aware that even that trip is in July 2009 – not much of a time difference from the wedding date). Back to the wedding, Greg and I feel different about the ceremony; I am content with a Justice of the Peace ceremony (which is what Adam and I did) and Greg feels that is too ‘white trash’, for lack of a better description; yet, he doesn’t want the whole ‘pomp and cercumstance’ type ceremony (standing at the ‘alter’ with his best man waiting for me to walk down the isle). And, he stated that the ceremony has meaning to him (whereas, for me it doesn’t – is that a little weird?), so he wants something special as a ceremony. Hm. up shitz creek sans paddle? I don’t know. I asked him if I should continue searching for ceremony and reception location all-in-one’s and he said yes. So, we’re back to square one. I just want to know what we’re doing for our wedding. Oh, last night I thought I found another location to add to our list, Overhills Mansion. This morning I received an email from the site and I shared it with Greg; to which I was informed that was the location that he and his exe booked their reception – so that became a big, fat, NO. Which is a shame because we could bring our own alcohol (and that would cut down a huge expense) and they would serve it. As Greg and I were looking at the Disney Cruise information for next year, I asked him how he would feel about compromising our wedding budget for multiple mini-vacations and have our wedding in Vegas (which he felt would be better than a Justice of the Peace ceremony). He was keen on the idea until we became stuck about the topic of children; Vegas isn’t a place for kids (or, at least the hotels/casinos).  Oh well, the search continues… if I know what I’m looking for.

Our trip to Michigan is getting closer and closer! That is something I am looking forward to.

Greg received a wedding invitation for his cousins marriage. The wedding is in Alabama; we don’t think the grandparents know we were invited. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend. The wedding is on May 16, that is 6 days before we go to Michigan. I’m going to mail the RSVP card, along with Crystals (there wedding is on May 25 in New York) indicating our decline. I should check to see if they have a registry and send a gift.

That’s all for now, folks!

Mumble Jumble

It was so nice to be so lazy this weekend. I am so thankful that I got so much cleaning done on Friday afternoon that Greg and I didn’t have to do any real cleaning this weekend; therefore we were able to just relax.

I really need to print out more pictures and finish the photo book for Greg’s grandparents (the ones that ‘banned’ us from Alabama) and yet I keep procrastinating; the procrastination has nothing to do with the email from last month – i’m just lazy.

Today we bought Amelia her second pair of real shoes (the first were brought by the babysitter as a Christmas gift). We went to Stride Rite and bought these; I paid more for those shoes than I buy for myself. We also learned that Amelia’s feet are smaller than the average one year old; Amelia wears a size 3.5 and the average one year old is a size 5. Amelia is petite. Olivia, who is six months younger than Amelia, and Kamel (a co workers son), who is also six months younger than Amelia, both, presently, weigh more than Amelia. Part of me feels that I’m not providing enough for Amelia, but at the same time, Amelia is much more active than the other two and I didn’t have much pre-natal care, unlike my cousin and co worker, and that probably has some impact on Amelia’s size. I am worried, though, that the lack of pre-natal care may have some long term affects on her development (mental and physical); although Amelia’s mental development is ‘on schedule’ or slightly advance (compared to other babies we know of around her age or slightly older). Amelia is learning new words almost daily; the two newest ones are “diapers” and “kisses”.  I’m teaching her to say GiGi (for Great Grandma) and Nana or Gram (for my Mom), also I’m trying to teach her to tell us when she wants more by saying “more” or when she wants us to pick her up by saying “up” and believe it or not, Amelia already knows how to say “thank you”, even though it comes out as “dat ewe”. Amelia’s vocabulary is pretty good although I don’t know if she associates the words with actions – well, some of them. She knows when to use “bye bye” and “ello” and she says “burp” after she burps and she say “E U” (meant to be p you) when we play with her shoes and when I ask for a kiss she knows how to give kisses.

Pat came over and stayed for three hours. The four of us just sat in the living room and talked. The conversation was mostly of their childhood and pre-adult times (the drinking stories and such) and then sports. We talked of some family issues and the plan to solve them; we talked about the future and of our wedding; and just a jumble of other things. It was really nice to get to know Pat. We talked about when Greg told his Mom and Pat about Amelia and me (the weekend she was born) and how things with his Mom are completely different than last year (what brought up that conversation was that I mentioned how it’s been nearly a year since we all got together in March 07 to meet each other at Greg’s mom). When Pat left I mentioned to Greg that it feels like, that of all the girlfriends Greg has had, I am more liked by him and the rest of the family (based on their comments); and I really like Greg’s family as well.

After dinner we talked about our wedding plans. And, I am starting to lean more towards having the wedding and reception at my Mom’s. We would save somuch money on site fees alone and use that money towards the food and alcohol and making our wedding more us (read: personalized), rather than try to create us within the structural bounds of the site that we would ‘rent’. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I like it. Also, we could potentially move our wedding up to this Labor Day weekend!!

Oh, and this time next year Greg and I will be on our cruise and probably having a blast! I’ve been looking at the shore excursions and planning out which ones we’re definitely going to do. Here’s the list, so far…

Cayman Island:

Turtles & Stingrays

Approximate Duration: 3 1/2 hours

Begin your tour with an island drive to the Cayman Island Turtle Farm, where your experienced tour guide will instruct you on the handling of turtles and provide you with a guided tour of the center. You will then be taken to the marina to board a covered boat for a trip to Stingray City. Snorkel equipment and life vests will be issued for your use while on tour. An informative talk on how to interact with and feed the rays will be given on your voyage into the crystal-blue waters. The sandbar has an average of four-foot deep water. Put on your mask and see the rays flying through the clear waters around you. Feed, feel and film these beautiful sea creatures on this exciting excursion! Cost per person: $64.


Dolphin Encounter

Approximate Duration: 3 1/2 hours

Here is your chance to interact with one of nature’s most endearing creatures at Cozumel’s popular Chankanaab Park. Your experience starts with an educational briefing and overview of the park’s facilities. Once you have been fitted with a life vest, your dolphin trainer will assist you onto a submerged platform. Standing in waist-deep water, you’ll be introduced to the dolphins in a hands-on close encounter lasting approximately 30 minutes. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gently kiss a dolphin. Note: This tour is not recommended for pregnant women. Jewelry should be removed as it is harmful to the dolp. During the encounter, you will learn ways to ensure their preservation and foster the well-being of these amazing creatures. After your experience, you will have free time change and explore other options that Chankanaab has to offer hins. Cost per person: $119.

I’d love to participate in this one…

Dolphin Trainer Program

Approximate Duration: 5 1/2 hours

After a short ride from the pier you will arrive at your dolphin oasis and be greeted by a member of our staff, who will offer you a welcome tropical drink, and present you with your dolphin trainer shirt. Once assigned to your knowledgeable trainer you are ready to start your dolphin trainer program, where you will be in close contact with the dolphins while assisting the trainer in every aspect of their work, including feeding and behavioral training techniques like hand signals and the use of positive reinforcement. Then enter the waist-deep submerged platform to ask the dolphin to complete a variety of behaviors, including kisses, vocalizations and jumps. Later you’ll proceed into the deeper water of the natural ocean coves to swim and touch the dolphin in their own environment where you will enjoy a dolphin ride. Note: Participants must be at least 13 years of age and be taller than 4 feet. No pregnant women allowed. Cost per person: $269.

I just don’t know if we’ll have the time since we’ll be in Cozumel from 10:00am to 7:00pm. 

There are so many excursions to choose from and I’m afraid Greg and I are going to over book our trip and not have time to just relax and enjoy the environment. But, then again, there are going to be two whole days we’ll be at sea and we could use that time to relax. In any event, I am getting freakin’ excited  – and it’s so nice to know that there is less than a year away (but it’s still so far away)!

I’ve also been looking at the romance packages on the cruise and I am considering purchasing the following for us:

Deluxe Honeymoon / Anniversary Package – $229 per stateroom

• Sparkling wine and strawberries in your stateroom upon embarkation
• Canapés delivered to your stateroom one evening
• Complimentary sparkling wine and cake party
• A keepsake photograph
• Romantic dinner for two in Le Bistro with a complimentary bottle of wine
• Breakfast in bed on one day of your choice
• Two 25-minute Mandara Spa® half-body Seven Seas Massages

Deluxe Romance Package – $329 per stateroom

• Sparkling wine and strawberries in your stateroom upon embarkation
• Choice of Mandara Spa® Exotic Frangipani Body Nourishing Wrap or Exotic Coconut and Milk Ritual Wrap for one
• Two 25-minute Mandara Spa® half-body Seven Seas Massages
• Tea service in your stateroom on the afternoon of your choice
• Breakfast in bed on one day of your choice
• A beautiful keepsake formal portrait
• Romantic dinner for two in Le Bistro with a complimentary bottle of wine

Although the difference between the two isn’t all that much, but I am leaning more towards the deluxe. Does anyone know what canapés are?

I should be looking at stuff to do in Michigan but I can’t stop checking out NCL’swebsite and all that we can do on the cruise ship! Greg and I have talking about which, of the many, restaurants we want to try; which activities on the ship to participate, etc. There is too much to choose from!

Anyway, it’s late and I need to get ready for work (read: shower).

Date with the Government

Today I have three ‘dates’ with the government:

  1. Date with the MVA to do a name change
  2. Date with the Post Office for the passports
  3. Date with the SSA to correct my DOB and change my name for their records (even though I still have my original SS Card)

Sounds busy, huh? I’m hoping the MVA and Post Office will be painless but I know the SSA will be like pulling teeth (and I know what that feels like).

Fortunately, I have a lot of things to keep myself occupied while I wait for my number to be called (when I’m at the SSA) , such as our trip to Ocean City in July (which my cousin April and I have been talking about all morning); the trip to Michigan in May; fantasize about the cruise we’re taking in March 2009; think of something special for Greg’s 30th birthday in April (and who I need to contact) and so much more! Besides, I have my camera if I get bored.

Anniversary Getaway

The morning started off at 9:00, when I awoke. I slept in longer than I wanted to but at least I felt refreshed. Greg, on the other hand, was still dead asleep. Later I learned that he stayed up until 3am reading and playing computer games. When I woke up there was a text message from Michele informing me that she was heading into to town and wanted to know if I was available. So I called her and we chatted for a few and she invited Greg and me for breakfast while she was waiting for her truck to get checked.

Around 10:45am, Greg and I are outside cleaning out his car so we can fit Michele in the back seat. Yeah, his car was that messy! By 11am, Michele was picked up on the side of Rt. 2 and we head off to Honey Bee Diner for breakfast.

Michele and Jess

Breakfast was… eh at best. Service was so slow and our server wasn’t very friendly and made fun of Greg because he asked for orange marmalade for his toast (Greg could only have mixed berry or apple); she kept saying things along the line of “what do you think we are, a fancy breakfast place?” Hm… we won’t be returning anytime soon – if ever.

Around noon we were on our way to O.C (after we dropped Michele off at the Nissan dealership – she had a 10am appointment for a tune-up and oil change and didn’t leave until 5pm! And, her truck now stalls out. She’s taking it back in on Monday). Before me made it to 97 I realized that we didn’t have any cash for the Bay Bridge toll so we stopped at a gas station and filled up and got some cash. Finally, at 12:30pm we were en-route for Ocean City!

The drive to Ocean City was uneventful. I took a few pictures of the car ride (something to do while bored). I believe listening to the comedy stations on the XM Radio helped me a lot!

Bay Bridge - 4.7 miles long (I've walked it a few times)
Bay Bridge Structure
Signs to Ocean City 

While on the way, via RT 50, we learned that the main bridge to Ocean City, the draw bridge, was closed due to repairs or maintenance and that we would have to take the RT 90 bridge in (the RT 50 bridge dropped you off around 5th street whereas the RT 90 bridge was around 60th street). Which actually worked in our favor because our hotel was on 56th street!

I became so giddy and excited when Greg told me that the lighthouse building that we could see from the RT 90 bridge was where we were staying!

Lighthouse Club Hotel

Greg reserved a Lightkeeper suite at the Lighthouse Club Hotel. I have never stayed in a hotel that comes close to this place. It was simply magnificent. I honestly can’t put into words how amazing this place is!

The pictures don’t do justice for the place, but here they are:

Looking up

Looking Up
Looking down
From the entry door
From the sliding glass door (that lead to the balcony)
View from the bed
jacuzzi tub (located next to the bed)
Balcony View - to the right
Balcony view - to the left

Greg and I checked in sometime around 3pm. We hung out until about 3:45 just in awe of the place and talking about the plans for the night. I went through the phone book and called around to make sure some of the businesses and restaurants were still open, as it was off season, and only found one place that was open and serving crabs, Fisherman’s, and we made plans to go there for dinner.

Once we were done with the dinner discussion, we went downstairs and outside onto the deck and just stood there (taking pictures) taking it all in. I miss living on the water!


and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Greg and me!

Greg and Me - one year later

Now, it’s time to find us some mini-golf! Greg calls Tim to get the name of the preferred mini-golf location and then we’re on our way only to learn, once we arrive, that the place is closed for the season:

Closed until Summer

So, our quest continues and we find an indoor mini-golf place that was still open and (not) surprisingly wasn’t busy at all! So, we get our mini-golfing on!

The next Jack Nicholson
the future wife of the next Jack Nicholson
Silly Greg
View from the top

The sun was setting fast and Greg had hopes to catch the sunset from our hotel, but we were still playing mini-golf. I offered to end the game in just go because I didn’t want Greg to miss watching the sunset on the water but he refused and wanted to finish playing; I was worried that Greg wouldn’t be able to see the sunset so I just played to get it over with. Greg won the game by about 5 or so strokes.

We made it back to the hotel in time to watch the sunset and take pictures. The sunset was beautiful…

Sunset from the Car
beautiful sunset

it’s been a long time since I sat outside to watch the sun set. It was so beautiful and relaxing. It was at this moment Greg and I decided to come back every February for our anniversary and we talked about having our wedding on the water, as the sun was setting.

Once the sun was set, Greg and I talked about what to do next; go to the boardwalk or dinner. It was decided to go to dinner since the place closes at 9pm and it was nearing 6pm (I think). So, we went upstairs to our room and got ready and then headed over to the restaurant. As I mentioned, the RT 50 bridge was out so Greg and I had to drive all the way to the other end of the bay to get to the restaurant or any other place on the other end and then drive back. So, we spent and extra 1.5 hours driving each time we went anywhere that was on the other side.

Dinner was amazing. I was so surprised at all that we received with our meals! The all-you-can-eat crabs included shrimp, fried chicken, french fries and hush puppies, in addition to the crabs for only $25.99!! I passed on the shrimp and only had one order of chicken, french fries and hush puppies; I was here for the crabs! Greg ordered grilled salmon and teryaki wings. Here’s some food porn…

Claw Knocker
fries, fried chicken, and hush puppies
Greg's grilled salmon
Steamed crabs - all for me!
Greg playing with MY DINNER
my messy, stincky, hands!

the crabs were delicious! Surprisingly, I only had one ‘bad crab’ out of the 20ish crabs I had. While I was still eating crabs, Greg surfed the interweb on my cell phone (because he was done eating and I wasn’t), and we talked about coming back this summer and I was telling him that if we come back, we’re bringing Mom and other family members and having dinner here, no matter what! The service was amazing and the food was great and priced very well.

After dinner we headed to the boardwalk (after having to drive all the way around the bay and then up Coastal Highway), but took our time getting there; we drove through Ocean City’s neighborhoods (as I was thinking out loud about homes in Ocean City and schools and such since all you see on the main road, Coastal Highway, are hotels and businesses) and arrived about 8:45pm. The boardwalk, when in season has a couple thousand people walking at the same time, was dead. Vacant. Desolate. Erie. I have never, in all the years of coming to Ocean City, seen the city so… shut down. It was cool but weird. When we arrived, Playland was still open and we talked about going in and play a few games but we wanted to walk around first.

empty ferris wheel
Playland Arcade
the vacant boardwalk
lights on the board walk

Greg and I took a walk down to the shore and watched the waves crash. It was very peaceful. I was thankful that Greg packed an extra jacket (even though the jacket was a Christmas gift from his ex when they were dating) for me to wear. It was down right windy and a little on the chilly side (even for me, and I rarely wear a jacket/coat – even if it’s snowing). When we made it back to the boardwalk, Playland had closed so we just took random pictures. I wanted a picture of Greg, and me, by the huge tire that was at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not place:

Greg with the tire
Me and the tire

And, for some reason, Greg had  to have a picture of Thrasher’s…


 Eventually we left and decided to find a local grocery store to get items for snacks and breakfast as well as some liquor. Well, we found a liquor store but no grocery store that was open. We talked about buying a bottle of wine

Mmm... nah

or maybe some items to make mixed drinks

neat bottles

but decided to buy a small bottle of champagne and pre-mixed bottles of mudslides and lemon drops. The next stop was the 7-11 where we bought some soda and chips and dip (so romantic) and then it was back to the hotel!

When we arrived at our room the lights were low and there was a candle lit, our bed was turned down and there was fresh fruit and orange juice in the fridge and some cranberry pound cake on the counter! I was a little freaked about the candle because I was asking myself if I lit a candle before leaving a few hours ago but then I don’t remember even seeing a candle in the hotel when we arrived, so it must of been the turn down service! It was very romantic.

crandberry pound cake

Greg made me take a shower when we returned to the hotel because I smelled of vinegar and old bay. I was impressed by the soap and shampoo provided; the bar of soap was of actual size verses a mini travel size, and it was like something one would buy at Bath and Body Works (fresh smelling, bits of ‘stuff’ in the bar to exfoliate, etc) – I loved the bar of soap and told Greg that we’re taking it home with us!

When I got out of the shower Greg was in the jacuzzi, with the fireplace lit and the candle still twinkling, waiting for me. Sadly, the jacuzzi had the opposite effect on us; we were way too relaxed while in the tub to do other ‘stuff’ and believe it or not, we didn’t have sex – we talked about it, we kissed and did other ‘stuff’, but no sex; we were too tired (it was nearing midnight) and too relaxed to put forth any more effort.

The bed was a queen; Greg and I are used to sleeping on a king. Greg slept well, I did not. It took a long time for me to fall asleep and I didn’t have much success staying asleep. I was up by 7:30am, though I would doze off for a few minutes every now and then. By 8:30, we were both up. There was a Washington Post (one of my favorite newspapers) at the door and I started to read the paper (Greg stole the sports section) and have some of the cranberry pound cake.

Once Greg was done reading the paper he made a few subtle hints about finishing what we started the night before in the jacuzzi… it was then that we ‘celebrated’ our anniversary the way it was meant to be celebrated!

Greg got into the shower and I got dressed, only to realize that I left my brush in the car. I was hoping my hair didn’t look too bad with the headband in…

bed head

when Greg got out of the shower and was dressed, we started packing and getting ready to check out and saying good bye to the best place either of us have ever stayed in.

Greg packing

we spent a few minutes on the balcony just thinking and stuff.


I believe we checked-out around 10:00 or 10:30. We decided to head over to Assateague Island in hopes to catch a few pictures of the wild ponies. One the way to Assateague we stopped at a off the road park that was on the other side of the bay from where we stayed. The day started off cloudy and cold, so the pictures were a little more challeging to take, but they turned out pretty well…

looonnnggg peir to the bay
view from the pier
cloudy skies

after about a half hour we headed over to Assateague Island. On the way there, there was a part of the road that was lined with these really neat looking trees:

tree line

Finally, after the long drive to Assateague Island we made it (my patience during car rides is very low)!

I wanted to go to the beach because the waves are usually bigger and better than the ones in Ocean City.

Assateague beach
Greg on the beach

after about a half hour we head back to the car to look for wild ponies! Unfortunately, we only saw two from afar…


only 2 ponies

by now it’s nearing noon and we’re starting to feel hungry. So we head back to the main road and I start to recognize a few buildings and realize that we’re in the area that I used to stay when my family would visit Ocean City! We used to stay at these cottages called Coconut Grove for a few years until the cabins were bought out by the Francis Scott Key resort; seeing the old cottages brought back a lot of memories – and the strongest memory is when my family spent a week in Ocean City and I had a raging ear infection and wasn’t allowed to go swimming. I remember lying in the sand and having to lay on one side for about a half hour after I put my ear drops in and then getting a wicked sunburn on the side of my thigh (that was awesome to peel).

So, we’re driving around and I’m starting to remember things and we end up at a marina and there is a bar/restaurant called HarborSide so we decide to stop for lunch. I believe I’ve eaten there before many years ago because I remember sitting by the window and watching the big(ish) boats come and go.


I decided to try their signature drink, an Orange Crush


Orange Crush

I forget what the drink includes (aside from the ‘fresh’ squeezed orange juice) but it wasn’t all that impressive. As you can see from the picture, it looks more like lemonade rather than something orange and it tasted a little diluted.

We ordered some buffalo wings (I’ve been on a buffalo kick for a couple weeks now) as our appetizer


buffalo wings

and I was a little disappointed; the texture was right but it was lacking flavor (i like my wings with a little more spice and some vinegar).  For lunch Greg ordered a burger and I had the Crisfield Chicken sandwich (a grilled chicken breast topped with crab dip). Again, I was disappointed in the lack of flavor in the food (Bateman’s has a similar sandwich called the Chicken Chesapeake and it tastes so much better). Needless to say, I don’t think I’d be returning to this place anytime I am in Ocean City. But, it was nice to sit and watch the boats…







during lunch we looked up the address to the Sonic in Delaware (via interweb on my cell phone) and made that our second destination once we had our fun on the boardwalk!

I was happy to see that the boardwalk had a little more activity than the night before; I was also happy to see that some of the shops along the boardwalk were open!

We started out on the jetty; I was mesmerized by the waves crashing onto the rocks





Once we had our fun on the jetty we headed to the boardwalk.  I stopped in a jewelry store and bought my Mom a pair of earrings (pure silver and 40% off), then I bought a tub of Fisher’s famous popcorn, and a bag of cotton candy. Greg stops in Dolle’s and buys some fudge and truffles.


Don't forget...


Dolle's truffles

afterwards we head over to Playland to play a few games. My hands were sticky from the cotton candy so I wasn’t all that interested, but I did play a game of skeet ball and beat Greg!

After playland we head off to Delaware! The drive wasn’t all that bad. The only ‘issue’ was that Greg would drive the.exact.speed limit and it drove me nuts! I wasn’t being a ‘backseat driver’ by any means but I let him know that I felt he was driving too slow. I took pictures to keep me occupied…


From the beginning of Coastal Highway...


... still in Ocean City...


... tired Greg ...




... I believe we're in Dewey, Deleware by now ...

I believe we hit Dewey, Delaware first and just kept driving. Eventually, we were in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I’ve never been to Rehoboth Beach before, so Greg drove around the popular spot…


Rehoboth Beach, DE

and Greg asked me to take a picture of this pub…


Greg's picture

and then we’re on our way. Greg asks if I want to stop at the outlets and I say sure.



 We went into one store and didn’t buy anything. I wasn’t in the mood to do any shopping, even if it is tax free. By now I am exhausted and can’t wait to go home and sleep in my bed! But, we still had at least 3 more hours of driving!

Bridgeville, DE was our spot; this is where Sonic is located and Greg wanted to stop at Sonic’s to end our amazing anniversary weekend. The drive wasn’t all that bad; I liked driving through Georgetown, DE – I liked the houses. I like the older houses with the wrap around porches and turrets.


Georgetown, DE


13 miles to Bridgeville!

It was a long drive (and stinky at times due to the farms we passed). I was getting more and more tired (and cranky) as the drive continued on to what felt like an eternity!

And then I saw the sign!




Pulling up



Yay!! We made it – finally!! And you know what, neither of us were even hungry! We were still full from lunch earlier in the day and by now it was 5:45pm! But we couldn’t leave without ordering something




Chery Limeade

the drinks were our biggest desire; given their commercials are about their drinks. So Greg ordered a Cherry Limeade and a Cranberry something or other and I ordered the light version of the Cherry Limeade – which, in all honesty, tasted like a virgin Sherlly Temple. But it was good. Also, we decided to order meals anyway; I had a bacon cheeseburger and Greg had a chicken sandwich…


Sonic's bacon cheeseburger


Greg's chicken sandwich


Golden brown tator tots

the food was good, I guess. Nothing, aside from the drinks, stood out to me. Greg said he enjoyed his meal whereas I couldn’t even finish mine!

Chomp Chomp!

 I believe it was 6:07 when we left Sonic’s. We guessed how many miles we had left and around what time we would make it home. Greg guess that we had about 65 miles to go and I guess about 100 (the actual mileage was about 70 something) and I guessed we’d be home between 6:55 and 7:15 (we made it around 7:03).

We watched the sun set on the way home and then I ‘watched’ the skies and their colors…


Sunset on the way home


changing sky


The End.