My Come Back


After a nearly six month hiatus I think I am ready to start blogging again.

The question is, however, if I’ll actually become an active blogger. You see, during these past six months there have been some changes. Not a lot, but enough to keep me busy. The biggest change is that I’ve gone back to school. I’m actually taking my third class right  now, about to start my fourth. Also, I’ve accepted a part-time job that’s just on the weekends and the hours are pretty flexible. So, in short, I’m working two jobs AND going to school. Where do I have the time, right? Somehow, it’s all working out and I still have plenty of time for Amelia and Greg.

Speaking of Amelia… she’s potty trained! I seriously thought this day would never come, yet at the same time I’m a little sad about this milestone. My little girl is no longer a little girl… she’s practically all grown up (as a toddler)! How did we do it? I’d like to say it was my (yes, my as in my idea) bribe to take Amelia to Walt Disney World (we had plans on taking her anyway), but I honestly feel the whole “pee-pee & poo-poo in to potty” thing sunk in when Amelia was really sick this past March. Without going into too much detail, Amelia caught a wicked nasty stomach bug that caused her to puke and have wicked diarrhea for 10 days; Greg and I even took Amelia to the hospital because I was worried. Anyway, somehow it sunk in to Amelia that whenever she feels that urge to go, she knew to do it in the potty… kind of like when she had to puke, she knew to do so into the bucket. Anyway, since Amelia’s sickness, she’s been about 99.5% potty trained. The only reason she isn’t 100% is because she doesn’t wake up at night when she has to go, so we still put on a diaper at bedtime.

Greg and I are doing very well. We’re still madly in-love with each other… yadda yadda yadda. Actually, we are quite happy. It’s interesting when I think about my first marriage and this one and how completely different I feel. Greg truly is my ‘dream come true’, my ‘knight in shining armour’, and all those other cliches.  But, as sad as those cliches are, they’re true. I can’t imagine being in-love with anyone else. I can’t imagine my life without him.

So. Here I am. Blogging again… sorta. I might even install the WordPress ap for my iPhone just to be remind myself.


Checking In

Yep. Still alive.

Time is flying by so effing fast! I can’t believe we’ve reached Thanksgiving 2009 already. To me, it feels like it should be April or something.

Amelia is turning 3 years old in less than two months. Three freaking years old. Holy Schit. I feel … surreal. I can’t believe three years has passed since I found out I was pregnant and her birth, but at the same time I remember so many details of that time in my life. It’s like I’m looking through a magic mirror or something.

Oh, and I’ve already started to think about Amelia starting school; hopefully at the end of 2011 *eek*.

Speaking of school, I’ve decided to go back to college and earn a degree. With the suggestion of my friend, Michele, I’ve enrolled with DeVry and will start the next semester (January 2010). I am pleased with my decision, and actually excited about it. With Amelia getting older, I feel the need to be able to provide more, and better, opportunities for her and I know I won’t be able to do that by working at my current job. So, I’m going to earn a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Health. We’ll see how that goes!

Checking In

It’s safe to assume that I’ve totally lost the interest in blogging.

Yet, I still check Google Reader/Bloglines to read the others.

However, a lot of my ‘old’ blog friends aren’t blogging anymore and I’ve been a little lazy on finding new ones — though, partly because I don’t really blog anymore and don’t really have a link to leave. Well, that and I don’t want some people to find this blog.

No such thing as privacy anymore (online).

This was the week we were to be at Disney World. Oddly, I haven’t thouhgt about it all that much. Frankly, I’ve been swamped at work; haven’t even replied to some emails from friends.

Vegas trip is off as well. I did receive my bonus, finally, and it was more than I was expecting, but Greg and I decided to buy the things we need around the house and for Amelia – such as a big girl bed!

We’re still working on the potty training. Ugh!

Well, at least I got one post in before the end of the month!

Quick Hello

Yeah, I was MIA for a while. Life has been busy lately.

Mom’s 50th birthday party was a huge success! We had a lot of friends, family, and food!! And, we had fireworks at the end.

We recently added to our little family -a kitten. I’ve named him Sebastian. Amelia is the happest I’ve ever seen her; everything is about Sebastian.

We’ve also started to potty train, like for real. Amelia even has her own panties ( Greg hates it when I use panties to discribe Amelia’s underwear). Amelia has done surprisingly well, but we’re no where done.

I’ve canceled the Disney trip. I wasn’t too excited about it anyway. Instead, Greg and I are looking into a First Anniversary trip and I have my eyes on Las Vegas. My Mom went to Vegas the summer of 07, and a co-worker left for Vegas earlier this week. I’ve done a little research and this trip would totally be affordable! Also, we’re planning on exploring the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. I am feeling excited about this (possible) trip.

Less Gut More Butt + More

It’s been a busy month, and next two months are going to be just as busy!

Greg and I have a couple of birthday parties to attend, including the one we’re throwing for my Mom; and August is full of weddings and birthday parties as well.

Then, we have the Disney trip at the end of September; although that is still up in the air. I’ve submitted my end of fiscal year evaluation and now I just wait for my review.

Father’s Day was nice and quiet. Greg and I made it to the park around noon and grilled until 4pm. I cooked a huge beef roast (and I’ve been eating it for lunch since) and Greg cooked a huge pork loin (which he’s been eating for lunch). I am starting to think we’re becoming slightly obsessed with grilling, we talk about doing it almost every weekend and we usually do so every other weekend. But, at the same time, it gets up out to the park and Amelia gets to run around and have fun. So, it’s a win-win in my mind.

For Father’s Day I bought Greg Wii’s Active: Personal Trainer. Since I started the new schedule at work and Greg has free time (nearly 2 hours) in the morning, he’s been talking about joining a local gym. Knowing Greg, he would go regularly for the first couple of weeks and then stop which would result in wasted money. So, a couple of my co-workers have the Personal Trainer game and one of our mutual friends, Brooke, has it too. Brooke has been working out with the game on a regular basis (the 30 day challenge) and loves it; she’s already dropped two dress sizes! So, I’ve been trying to convince Greg to buy the game and try it out first. Greg was being bias and coming up with excuses why the gym would be better. When I saw the game at Sam’s Club I bought it and made Greg try it out. Low and behold he loves it. Greg completed (this morning) day 4 of the 30 day challenge and has already noticed a change in his energy level and endurance. The game has exceeded his expectations, to say the least.

And, with that being said, I’ve started the 30 day challenge (this past Monday). Oddly, I’m motivated to do this. I am curious to see the results at the end of 30 days. So, my motto is “less gut and more butt” because I have no ass, but plenty of gut.

Last week I went to the doctors about my feelings of depression and other things. I was diagnosed with mild depression and given a prescription. The doctor said I should feel a difference within 1-2 weeks… I don’t think I feel any different. If anything, the only thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t feel like being totally lazy. Well, that and I am constantly moving; like as I sit now, I am bouncing my leg and I do this all day long. I was also given an order for blood work to have my thyroid checked, but I’ve yet to complete that and hoping to do so this weekend.

Mom’s party is just over 3 weeks away! I’ve got the cake ordered, the invitations have gone out with the RSVP by 6/26 (25 guests so far), tables and chairs are set, I ordered a birthday banner from vista print and it was ‘free’ (had to pay shipping), and… I think that’s it. Greg and I need to go shopping for supplies and other goodies (alcohol) and we’ll probably do that this weekend (maybe).

I’ve started playing World of Warcraft. I’ve using the 10 day trial period, but once I figure it all out I think I might do a subscription. I need an online hobby, the message boards are boring me. And on that note – I shall go play

All around update

Well, I had intentions of writing a well informed, up to date, current (life) events, post… but, I’ve become lazy, tired, and bored. Therefore, this post will just be random bits of whatever flows from brain to fingers – if that.

  • IUD – more difficult than hoped. OK, so I had the ultra sound about two weeks ago… follow-up appointment after Memorial Day (which I canceled because I didn’t want to pay $25 to have something read to me) to learn that the IUD was not in the correct spot! Well, that would explain a lot of things … then only to be informed a week later that it is in the correct spot and what I am going through is ‘normal’ for up to 8 weeks after insertion. It got to the point that I wanted the damned thing out and to just give up on birth control. I told Greg that we should just have baby #2 now so I can get my tubes tied or something…
  • Baby #2 – Greg’s having second thoughts.  He feels that we have such a good routine going on that another baby would cause chaos once again. Dood, not a good enough reason to not have another baby; finances, house, etc. are standard excuses… but Greg has use something else. Then, Greg challenges me to provide a valid reason to have a second baby! Why do I have to justify something like that? Yeah, I know we’ll never have enough money (and really, who does – well, people in our income bracket) and it will probably take a little longer than we hope to buy our first house… but that doesn’t mean we have to delay other life events.
  • Mom’s Birthday – the planning is going surprisingly well; so far. I must finish the invitations and get those out in the mail (which I hope to do so sometime next week); start buying odds and ends and look into renting the tables/chairs.  Greg and Grandma are expecting 50+ people to attend, i feel more like 30 will show up – over all – not at the same time. I just have a feeling we’re going to over buy and spend. But, I guess it’s better to have too much than not enough.
  • Disney World – still up in the air. still waiting on word about a bonus or not at work. albeit, we are wrapping up the first week of June, however this is the last month of our fiscal year so things have to get completed in a timely manor – which includes our annual review (with raise and bonus – hopefully). In the meantime I am still planning and researching as if the trip is a go. I’m still lost on a lot of things about Disney and making the dinner reservations, but live and learn; trial and error; etc.

That’s all for now.