24 Months & 5 Days


Greg and I are planning to renew our vows on our 5th anniversary. This time, we plan on inviting all of our friends and family!

Just before we left for Disney World, I checked NCL’s website to see how far in advance they have their cruise itineraries and I was so surprised to see January 2014 available! So, I called NCL to inquire about their group bookings and perks (which seem to be good). So, now it’s a matter of booking and then sending out the invitations!

I’m hoping to book soon… as in when we get our tax refund and then this summer send out ‘save the dates’ so everyone can start saving. Then, this time next year I’ll send out the invitations!

I’m hoping, with the help of my ADD medicine, I’ll be able to make those really cool boarding pass invitations and maybe a passport for the save the dates!

Yes, I know everything is two years out, but I know the time will go by fast and the earlier I can get a start the better!



Here are some teaser pictures from Michele’s Wedding (aka Greg’s first photography gig):

I should give credit to myself for the picture above because I took it.

The rest, below, are all Greg:

The rest of the sample pictures can be found here.


Here are some teaser pictures from Michele’s Wedding (aka Greg’s first photography gig):

I should give credit to myself for the picture above because I took it.

The rest, below, are all Greg:

The rest of the sample pictures can be found here.

Too Cute for Words

And she knows it!

I met up with my girlfriend (and her sister) at a local mall and we found Amelia’s dress, because she’s the flower girl, for the wedding! Greg met up with us too (he had some ‘business’ to discuss as he’s the photographer for the wedding) and we bought the dress. Nothing like procrastinating!! The wedding is on the 28th! Oh, and I just ordered my dress on Saturday.

Amelia loves the dress. We put it on her (over her clothes) while at the store and she ran around in it saying she was a princess. Then , we put it on her tonight so Greg could see her in it (and so I could take pictures and email them to my Mom) and she was running up and down the hall and dancing around in it.

Poor Michele, Amelia is going to steal all the attention at the wedding!

They’re Here!

My pictures; they’re here!!


And, the best part, they’re completely unedited and Greg and I own the rights, so we can create whatever we want with them.

Bet you can’t guess what I’ll be doing tonight…

We Have Contact

I’ve been keeping Mum with some of the issues I’ve been having with the wedding coordinator since the wedding. Well… to be honest, we’ve only had 2 issues – one was resolved immediately, and the second is one its way to being resolved.

However, the second issue is the biggest and most important: Our Wedding Pictures!

To date, we have not received our wedding pictures. We know it takes a good 8-10 days to receive mail sent from the Cayman Islands (we know this because we sent some postcards while we were visiting); so for the first two weeks since the cruise, we didn’t think much about the photos. As time continued to pass and we still haven’t received our photos, we began to stress. So, I sent an email to the wedding coordinator on the 17th of Feb inquiring about the pictures. I didn’t receive a response (but, there are other issues about that). So, Greg called yesterday and sent an email from his address and he received a response this morning (what gives, right?)! Greg and I didn’t remember our photographers last name and it wasn’t on any our our wedding documents; so we could ‘Google’ him for contact information (I know, well thought out…).  Anyway, the wedding coordinator contacted the photographer and …

The photographer FINALLY contacted us! Hooray! Greg and I are elated!!!

In the email, the photographer stated he did mail the pictures a few weeks back and that we should have received them by now. He stated that he would send us another copy of the pictures ASAP and asked for our mailing address to ensure delivery. So, I replied to his email with the requested information and I asked if he could email us a few pictures of the ceremony because Greg and I are dying to see how the pictures turned out. 

I am on lunch as I type, so I haven’t checked my email to see if there is a reply – but I am so hoping there is!! Also, Greg and I are waiting for these pictures so we can work on our wedding announcements and thank you cards – I can’t wait to create our announcements, they are going to be so awesome!!


Anyway, I am just excited we finally have contact (and his information) with the wedding photographer!!! Also, we checked out the photographers site, and Greg and I are blown away by his portfolio! We had no idea he was as talented and professional as he is!

Travel Day

**this was started on Jan 17, but never finished due to loss of internet connection**

Yeah, I know. We’re in freaking West Palm Beach… we should be out an about and all that jazz; but honestly, we’re exhausted. It was a lot of traveling today.

So, how was our day? Glad you asked, cause I’m trying to make myself tired cause we’re leaving at 8:30am for the CRUISE!!!

I woke up at 7:54am – realize that Greg is still sleeping next to me – and then realize that we overslept!!

But, no stress. Plane doesn’t leave until 11:30 and no need to rush. I call my brother since he’s giving us a ride to the airport, but he doesn’t answer. For the next hour I call my brother about 15 times, literally, and he never answered. However, after the 3rd call I had a gut feeling that he wasn’t going to answer and that Greg and I should drive over to his place.

We almost forgot an vitally important item; the battery and charger to my PowerShot (point and shoot) – the one we have the underwater case to. Thankfully, at the last minute I decided to turn off the light above the stove as we were leaving and as I was walking out of the kitchen, I saw the green light on the charger and it was like a smack on the head!

(Daniels friends are teaching me naughty Spanish phrases and getting me a liquored up – I can only wonder how this post is going to turn out)

So, yeah… Sean wasn’t answering his phone so we ran over to his house and I pounded on his door a’la Cops style

and within 15 minutes we were on our way to the airport

Check in was a breeze. And, the best part was that our luggage was UNDERWEIGHT !!! Yay

Greg and I were on the same concourse as we were when we flew the Michigan – nearly the same gate too – so, we had breakfast at the same place we did in May, Potbelly. And, the manager gave us a free breakfast! It was after this awesome perk that Greg decided to exploit me! He was tagging me along to all the check-ins in hopes for an upgrade. Unfortunately, both our flights were fully booked. But, it is so awesome to be receiving all the congrats and compliments throughout the day (and more tomorrow, I’m sure)

Once we had our breakfast we called our families to update them and all that jazz and before we knew it, it was time to board the plane. Sadly, I still wasn’t feeling “it”, my nose was still acting up and all that stuff and I was afraid that my sinuses were going to be a nightmare on the plane – and they were, though not as bad as I was anticipating.

The flight to ATL was alright; I just hated being squished because there is no elbow space. The flight was one hour and thirty seven minutes; I remember this because they said the flight length like 20 times. It was getting old, quick.

Once we arrived in ATL, we made our way to their mini-subway system to the other concourses

and then we were on our way to Houlihans

we killed some time at Houlihan’s and then made our way to our gate. I thought I had more time than I actually did and started to write a mini-update via cell, but then our zone was called and we were back on the plane.

The flight to Ft. Lauderdale was painless (well, except for my sinuses) and I mostly played on the DS while Greg watched Family Guy on the PSP.

Arrival into Ft. Lauderdale was easy; Greg found our luggage and broke the news that my “Mrs. Always Right” tag was missing, but if that’s the only thing we loose during the whole trip – I will live.

Daniel arrives a few minutes later and then we’re on our way to his place. We hang out for a little bit and then head over to City Place. City Place is an awesome little  spot in West Palm Beach with lots of shops, resturarants, clubs, and atmosphere. I was so impressed with the place; it made Ocean City, MD look like white trash in comparison.

Greg and I had a nice little dinner at City Pizza:

Greg loved City Pizza’s garlic bread due to the actual bits of garlic in the bread:

and for dessert, we had key lime pie:

After dinner we walked around for a little while; listening to the live music and people watched. I took a few photos:

and, eventually, Greg and I made it back to Daniels where we enjoyed a few drinks (homemade and very strong) and company.