First Milestone

I am 11 days post-op and I’ve lost 20 pounds.

I set a small goal, of a specific weight, and I wouldn’t be be surprised if I don’t reach it by the end of April.

I weigh myself in the mornings before I get dressed (expect for the one day where it showed a 2 lbs gain — that was an evening weight), for a more ‘true’ number. 

I don’t really see much of a change in me, but Greg does. Although, I drove yesterday and I noticed my belly is nowhere near the bottom of the steering wheel; like, I can fit my arm inbetween the space. Also, it looks like all the weight loss has been in my belly (so far), so I guess I do notice a little.

My incisions are healing well and the pain is getting less and less. I can finally sleep without fear of popping opening one of the incisions.

I am going back to work on Monday. It’ll be an adjustment; worse than when I returned from having Sofia. But, I’m ready.


Did I Do That

Holy shit! 

I really did it. I had the gastric sleeve done.

I’m home now, after 2 days in the hospital. I hurt. Not as bad as I did on day 1, but no where near normal.


Gettin’ Old

It’s my birthday!

I’ve been celebrating my birthday since last Friday. My Mom took the girls for an overnight stay, so Greg and I got to go out on a date (I had a gift card to a restaurant) and it was so nice to just get out and not have to stress about the girls.

On Saturday, I left Greg behind and went to hang out with my Mom and girls. My Mom picked up one of my favorite steaks, a T-bone!, and made her best meatballs and sauce (for me to take home for lunches), and I got to cook dinner on the grill. Then, the girls made me a pistachio pudding pie!

On Sunday, my girlfriend, Michele, drove down and took me out to lunch and drinks at Cheesecake Factory. Then, we wondered (Read: Walked off the drinks and cheesecake) around the mall. After walking off our meal, we went to get our eyebrows waxed, and wondered around Target. We did a lot of wondering. She kept me busy for nearly 6 hours. It was a good visit, though. We always have a great time catching up.

Today, I took the day off from work. I had scheduled an appointment for Amelia (and us, really) with a child psychiatrist. Greg and I feel we need help with some things. It was a good visit, and we have a plan in action and I think we’ll do some family therapy. After the appointment, we took Amelia to school and came home. I took an epic nap with Sofia (it was awesome), then once Amelia was home and all of her homework was done (and checked), we went out to dinner to… Chuck E Cheese! This was a surprise for the girls, since we were planning on doing this for Amelia on her birthday, but that’s when Greg injured his ankle.

The girls had a great time, and that’s all that I wanted for my birthday.

Blizzard 2016


That’s my car — what little you can see of it.

This weekends snow fall fell into the 24″ or more inches for our area. I loved every second of it. I enjoyed being outside, day or night, in it. It has been a fun experience. And, my little one, Sofia, is loving it just as much, if not more, than me. I posted a video of her rolling around in the snow last night, and commented along the lines of “she may look a lot like her Daddy, but when it comes to cold weather, she’s all me.” ‘Cause, it’s true. This girl loves the cold weather.

Today, Greg and I were able to un-dig out his car. We contemplated, briefly, on whose car to dig out and decided his was the better choice since he has all-wheel drive. Besides, not too long after we dug out his car and drove around, I received a text that our office was closed; doesn’t matter, though, since I can work from home (as I did this past Friday).

I’ve uploaded my pics of the snow to my Flickr page if anyone wants to see them.



In continuation of “that’s not how it works”, on Wednesday, we discovered Greg’s bank card was skimmed and someone in Texas had a $600 shopping spree at Wal-mart. Ugh. More stress to an already crazy 24 hours. Thankfully, the bank was on the ball and the funds have been returned to our account. And, that the rest of the week was uneventful, though a very close call to be being rear-ended on Thursday night.

On Friday, my co-worker, Lisa, asked if the girls could stay the night at her place for the weekend. Lisa was going to watch the girls for us on Monday (the 18th) as Greg and I celebrate our wedding anniversary (7 years!) at Fogo de Chao. Sofia was all for it, and very excited. Amelia, not so much. Thankfully, Amelia changed her mind on Saturday. But, I’ve been feeling guilty. I know she didn’t want to go, and that she mainly stayed because I asked her to. But, at the same time, she hasn’t contacted me to come home. So, while Greg and I were at the grocery store, I picked up some chocolates for them (’cause, Valentine’s Day stuff is already out). And, Greg and I will pick the girls up after our lunch date.  But, I’ll be honest. It has been really nice not having the girls here and Greg and I sleeping in, and being uber lazy around the place. And, the best part was the bit of snow flurries we had earlier today!

“That’s not how it works”

We’ve all seen that auto insurance commercial where the old(er) lady states “That’s not how it works”, right? Well, that’s pretty much how today went.

The day started off well. Amelia woke up excited that, as of 7:59am, she is officially a 9 year old girl. Her final year in a single digit age.


I went off to work, made it on time, and left at 11:30am. Greg went to the gym, stopped at the store to pick up cupcakes for me to take to Amelia’s school. I took the cupcakes to the school, had lunch with Amelia’s class (everyone was excited to see cupcakes; one classmate even gave me a hug). After Amelia’s lunch, I came home, ran the dishwasher, and took a small nap. Well, I started to take a nap. Greg was on his way out the door to get some balloons for Amelia while Sofia was napping, but Sofia ended up waking up earlier than expected.

Greg took his time getting balloons ’cause he ended up going to Target to get Amelia an additional gift. See, we bought Amelia her first laptop. Costco had a good price, and since my MacBook isn’t working at the moment (it’s actually the keyboard that isn’t working), we decided it was time. Additionally, Amelia has been asking to play Minecraft for months, so we figured, again, it was time. Well, we got the laptop this past Saturday and she played with it on Sunday and loves it. So, Greg went to buy some Minecraft books for her today.

We had a surprise planned. Amelia didn’t know I took the afternoon off, so we were going to surprise her at the bus stop, and then take her to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Well, that didn’t happen. Greg, Sofia, and I were heading to the car to meet Amelia at the bus stop when Greg fell and hurt his ankle/foot. I was afraid he broke it. Greg was in so much pain he was shaking. So, I help Greg up and into the car. We pick up Amelia from the bus stop and head to the E.R. at North Arundel Hospital Baltimore-Washington Medical Center (still not the best hospital, but better than urgent care). Nearly four hours later we leave with Greg in a support boot and crutches. Greg was advised that he cannot drive for a few days, to try an not walk too much on the foot, and to follow-up with an orthopedic doctor.


Greg is bummed. Amelia was a bit upset that the rest of her birthday was spent at the hospital; she understood it was an accident and all, but still… it’s you’re birthday! I get it, kid. I do.

So, when we finally made it home. I helped get Greg comfy, get the girls bathed and dressed for bed, and let Amelia play Minecraft. Then, I ran out to Walgreens to fill Greg’s pain medicine. I also informed my boss that I won’t be in tomorrow due to Greg’s accident, and allow him to at least get on day of rest. Plus, since it’s Greg’s right foot and he can’t drive with the boot on, I will probably be taking Amelia to the bus stop all week.

For now, Greg is playing Minecraft while passing the time until his next pain pill. I keep telling him that he doesn’t want to feel pain, so he has to stay on schedule with the medicine.


2016 Already?

Geez, time is flying by too fast. This year marks 20 years since Greg graduated from high school! 20 freaking years! I don’t feel old enough to say 20 years has passed for any milestone.

Yet, 9 years ago tonight I was in labor. My water broke at 6pm and my Mom drove me to the hospital. When I was checked, and confirmed my water did indeed break, I was already 2cm dilated. Within 13 hours I was going to meet my baby girl.

Amelia is turning 9 years old. And, every year (just about) I write how I can’t believe how old she’s turning. And, every year it’s true. I don’t feel old enough to have a nearly 10 year old kid. In my heart (and mind), I’m still 27. And, it seems I’ll forever feel that way (all the while thinking it’s only 1997). 27 was a big age. I had a kid. I got the man of my dreams. Moved three times with a baby. Bought my first financed car. A lot of big things happened when I was 27.

When Greg and I were engaged and planning our wedding, I befriend a lot of other ladies doing the same. Recently, I noticed that a lot of those friends have divorced. It made me look at my relationship with Greg and how ours differs from others; even my first marriage. And, I am thankful that Greg and I have each other and that we can be who we are without judgement. Granted, our marriage hasn’t been easy and we’ve had a lot of challenges – many that I knew about before we became parents and then husband and wife – but, the one constant that has been in our relationship is support and love. Greg supports me and the events going on in my life; whether they’re positive or negative. And, while sometimes I may not agree with how Greg is handling something, I support him. I also tell him what I think could be improved upon, and he’ll listen, but it’s the open communication we have that allows us to support each other.

2016 is going to have a lot of changes. Not sure on all of the changes, but things have already been set into motion. First, I’ve been taking an anti-depressant for about a month and I finally feel better (somewhat). I definitely don’t feel as ‘broken’ as I did before, and I am able to handle stressful moments a lot better. There’s still some work in progress, as a family, to be more balanced. But, that’s all to come as well. I’ve made an appointment for Amelia to see a child psychologist for some things. Amelia can be a bit much, and it’s more than just ‘normal’ stuff. I mentioned this to the psychologist and he suggested she come in and I agreed. I told Greg and he agreed as well. We’ve talked, off an on, about seeing a family therapist, but wasn’t sure how that would work with two difference insurances. I’m glad, though, that we finally have something scheduled. And, I suggested, to Greg, that it couldn’t hurt if we met as a couple with a psychiatrist. The doc felt so, as well, since Greg is on an anti-depressant, too.

Secondly, I have my weight loss surgery scheduled in March. It’s tentative, at the moment, since my ‘case’ hasn’t been submitted to the insurance company just yet. But, the doc’s office doesn’t see any reason why there wouldn’t been a rejection. I’m excited and a bit freaked out about this surgery. The exciting part is the changes that will occur; I’ll loose weight, finally, and keep it off. The ‘freaked out’ part is that I am permanently altering my stomach; there’s no going back once this is done. My Mom is excited that I’m made this decision. Greg, while supportive of my choice, was initially against it for himself. However, the idea has warmed up to him (which, I believe is in part to his anti-depressants), and depending on how it goes with me, he’s even willing to consider it for himself. In the meantime, Greg has been going to the gym three days a week and has changed his eating habits, including a drastic reduction in soda consumption. Granted, Greg and I drink diet soda only, soda was our ‘addition’. Since Greg has been on his anti-depressants, his soda consumption has decreased; he just doesn’t desire it anymore. The same is starting to affect me. I used to drink about 4-5 cans of soda a day (along with about 50-60 ounces of water), now I may have 1-2 cans of soda. I just don’t desire them like I used to.

Third, the office is moving. This won’t occur until the end of the year, but it’s still a big change. Additionally, we’re moving into a brand new building in downtown Baltimore (it’s still under construction)! I see this move as an opportunity for networking, and hopefully, advancement. The new environment will require me to dress professionally, which I am somewhat excited about since I’ll have a new body to dress.

It’s getting late. I’ll finish up another time.