What’s New?

I’ve lost 60 pounds! Holy smokes, y’all. My clothes are too big, my bra’s are too big, even my underwear is too big. Yet, I haven’t gone shopping for new clothes because I hate spending money on myself; my psychiatrist thinks that’s unusual (me not spending money on clothes, etc.). Honestly, I don’t even know what size I am because I continue to wear my old clothes, and plan to do so until they’re literally falling off of me (in which case, they’re starting to do… I wore one of Greg’s belts yesterday for the first time). This whole weight-loss surgery has been a ‘hurry up and wait’ thing for me. I’m excited to see where it will take me, and I want to get there as soon as possible, but I know it’s going to take time.

Greg starts his new job in a couple of weeks. It’ll be an adjustment to him going back to work after nearly 5 years (since being laid off), but we’re both excited. His training is going to be 4 weeks long! Then, afterwards, we hope he gets the schedule he’s selected which he’ll be working a night shift (until midnight).

With Greg working, Sofia will be going to daycare full-time for the first time in her 3.5 years of life. Also, since the training is 4 weeks long, Amelia will be going to my Mom’s for a month.

My job has been going well. We’re going to be moving offices towards the end of the year. It’ll be weird with a new commute; I’ve been doing the current one for nearly 10 years! But, I’m excited about the new office. It’ll be in downtown Baltimore, right on the water, with amazing views and a lot of new amenities.

Amelia is graduating from the 3rd grade next week. Good grief time is flying by. I can’t believe she’s nearly 10 years old, and nearing the end of her years in elementary school. I soo don’t feel old enough to have a soon-to-be middle school-er. Not at all. Also, Amelia made honor roll this entire school year. So proud of her! She’s doing really well in math (probably better than me), and reading (she’s above grade level).

Sofia has finally graduated to big-girl status by being 100% in underwear. No more pull-ups and diapers for this gal! I’m so proud of her as well. Even at bedtime. And, we haven’t had a single accident in the past 3-4 weeks that she’s been wearing undies.

Greg has completed his final ‘step’ in terms of medical clearance for his turn at the surgery. We’re just waiting for his next appointment with the surgeon to schedule his date.

This summer is going to fly by. A lot of new changes and routines, and I can’t wait!


It is what it is

Life. The good, the bad. The challenges, and strengths needed… sometimes, it’s just too much.

I received a small inheritance from my grandma. It’s actually more than I was ‘day dreaming’ about; you know, ‘what if we receive XX, then we can do YY’. A part of me wants to use the funds (note: I did not say spend) for debt reduction purposes, stocking up on household items so, when the money does run out we won’t run out of paper towels, laundry soap, etc. But, there’s also this part that wants me to horde the money because I know there will be a point in time that our every day income won’t be enough to cover our needs.

I have decided to use the funds to pay for a trip to Disney World at the end of the year. Sofia has been asking, literally on a daily bases, that she wants to see Mickey and Minnie. And, I feel she’ll get a hoot out of the whole experience – and a fun way to bring in her 3rd birthday.

Some of the funds are going to be spent on a lawyer. Then, some of the funds are going towards clothing for everyone (more for the girls and Greg)… and, the rest, I guess, will be stashed away for whatever is needed.

I recently had an interview for a Sr. Business Analysis position. I think it went well. I really hate doing interviews; i suck as selling myself, and I find it uncomfortable talking about myself. I applied for this position not know what it pays, so I hope I’m not disappointed.

I enrolled for a course this summer, but I had to withdraw; there’s just too much going on and I can’t focus on the class work, much less find time to do the course work. I’m hoping that by the time fall semester starts, the chaos at work will have died down. I’ve been assigned to ‘Special Project’ since February and I’ve been enjoying the new work – I’ve done a lot of UAT (user acceptance testing), which has taught a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes into the Care, and company, Dept. I’ve also been able to network a little more and develop ‘go to’ lists for certain areas (and I’ve been added to theirs). I hope I get to travel for work in the near future and meet some of these co-workers in person.

Greg and I have been talking about moving out west — to Washington or Oregon state. It would be a two year goal, to save up and such, to make the move. I’m all for it, it’s Greg that is scared. It’s a big move, but I feel it would do us good. The girls will be young enough, yet old enough, to enjoy the new state, yet have memories of Maryland. Additionally, we can visit Alaska by cruise! I’m sure Greg would love to go back to Alaska (for a visit); heck, I’d love to move there, but Greg says ‘no’ on that one.

My mind is running at random; there’s more to go into details on, but I don’t feel I should.

Baby Steps

Today is my oldest daughters birthday. She is now eight years old. I took a half day from work and surprised with with cupcakes at school; the whole class room was excited! Amelia asked me to stay longer and I told her that I had to go back to work. That was a lie. I had intentions of doing some other things, mainly surprising her yet again by being home when she got off the bus.

The ‘other things’ I had to do were to go to the gym and talk about membership. And, today, I now how a gym membership (as does Greg). This is the ‘baby step’ into my goals for 2015. I chatted with their personal trainer, whom was friendly and seemed to be “fat friendly” too. I explained that I like to workout in a group setting, such as the cardiovascular classes (read: Zumba) as well as some sort of ‘work out’ to build my endurance and stamina. The personal trainer dude totally got what I was saying. That was nice. And. the ‘sales’ dude was friendly. He knocked off some money ’cause I don’t have the need for the tanning booths, massage chairs, and half off water/bar items. And, Greg has no intentions of doing any of the classes. So, our monthly cost is $40 for both of us. Not too bad.

Tomorrow is my one-on-one with the trainer. I’m excited to see how things go and what he recommends. I’m debating if I should do a seperate journal for the Health 2015 mission… not like I’ve been updating this blog on the regular (except for this month – third post!). Plus, classes began today so we’ll see how much free time I have once everything goes into full swing.

But, I just wanted to put it out there that i’ve been actively working on my goals. Also, if anyone uses MyFitnessPal – look me up!

My Graduate

My baby girl, though no longer a baby, has graduated to the first grade.

Amelia had a fantastic year in kindergarten. She’s made some friends and her teacher loves her.

And, I can’t help but brag as a proud parent, we learned that Amelia is advanced in reading, math, comprehension, and in maturity. We know this doesn’t necessarily mean Amelia is going to be taking AP courses when she’s in high school, but it’s nice to know that, so far, Greg and I are doing this parenting thing right.

Got Ink?

This past weekend I got my first tattoo.

I was going to get one last year, but then we learned I was pregnant and Greg was all “oh, hell no!” and stuff. 


I was hoping to be able to use the actual foot prints of the girls (the ones we received from the hospital), but Greg wasn’t able to find them in time. So, I conceptualized and the tattoo man and I came up with the above design. Not bad for $50, huh. It’s good to know people.

The whole process wasn’t as painful as I was expecting, but it wasn’t as painless either. I had the tattoo done on my chest, on the left side — right where you place your hand when you say the pledge of allegiance.  Amelia was with me when I had the tattoo done and she loves it. 

The tattoo felt like a sunburn up until Tuesday. Now, it’s in the peeling phase. Thankfully, it doesn’t itch… yet, but I hear that’s next. 

Do I want to get another tattoo? Not yet. Also, I have want I want design wise and I can’t think of anything else I’d like done.

Amelia’s Surprise

I video taped Amelia reading her ‘Big Sister’ shirt. You can see how short her attention span is.

However, Amelia truly understood what was going on when I explained that ‘there’s a baby growing in my tummy’. And since that day, Amelia has been so excited to know that she’s going to be a big sister.



Those 5 tests were taken over a weeks time from around April 27 – May 06.

I had blood work done to confirm my pregnancy and my hCG came back at 242 (as of 05/04/12) and tomorrow is my first dr. appointment.

There is a little concern from my dr. with my hCG number being on the lower end of ‘normal’. But, surprisingly, I’m not that concerned and neither is Greg. Plus, I’m sure the dr. will order more blood tests for every other day to ensure my hCG level is increasing.

I haven’t told many people, yet. So far, just my manager, Mom (who is so excited already), my brother, cousin, and two girlfriends Michele & Lisa.

I’m keeping positive thoughts and day dreaming of the day we tell Amelia (going to wait until we’re in the second trimester)!