I Can Haz Kake

Greg's Birthday Cake

We can haz kake!

I can not wait to taste this!! The sucker is heavy too. It’s in the fridge as I type. I would have a better picture if my batteries hadn’t of died, so they’re charging right now. But, I wanted to show the cake as I won’t be able to write once we wake up Amelia, and bathe her (she was a sticky nightmare) and head off to Gracie’s 2nd Birthday party and then off to Greg’s 30th Birthday gathering. Busy, busy, day.


Also, in wedding news: We’re going to elope (well, we’re about 90% sure we’re going to do this)! I’ll tell you where later…


Stuff about Stuff

Oy! What a weekend. It seems that the nasty cold that attacked Amelia and me in December has spread like wildfire amongst my friends and family. Michele, along with April, Olivia, and Clayton were not able to attend due to the cold. Greg is the only person that I know that hasn’t felt the wrath of this cold (until now because I probably jinxed him). So, we had a small turn out for the party and that’s fine. We were worried about not having enough space anyway.

Greg’s Mom and Ken came over this afternoon and stayed for a little over an hour. I get the feeling that Greg’s family have ‘accepted’ me into their family (I know Greg’s Mom didn’t like any of his previous finacees and she made it known to him). I know his Mom tries to include me in conversations and she’ll tell us stories of Greg’s childhood if I ask (like on Christmas day when she pulled out the old VHS tape of Greg’s middle school performance in the concert band).

OMG, we have so much birthday cake left over! As our guests were leaving (yesterday and today) we tried to have people take some cake with them but no one wanted any; so the plan of action is to take the left overs to work. The cake was alright; I’m not much of a cake eater – especially when it comes to the icing (the worst part of the cake in my opinion). The only think I liked about this cake was the chocolate mousse filling in the center (and the paperwork stated there was 2lbs of this yummy stuff).

Last night, after I loaded up the pictures onto Flickr, I bought a new phone for myself (and renewed my AT&T contract) and I am excited about my new phone (I am obsessed with cell phones – weird interest, I know)! I bought the Samsung Blackjack! It has some features that I don’t really need (at this point in my life) but I felt that I needed something a little more than the regular phone; something to keep track of appointments (mine and Amelia’s), and anything wedding related. Plus, I only had to pay $39.99 and I couldn’t pass it up! The phone should arrive tomorrow (as I received the email that it was shipped today); I just hope FedEx will be able to deliver without signature…

Greg and I haven’t returned the furnature as it was prior to the party; we kinda like it the way it is now but we’re not sure if we like it enough to keep it this way. The layout of the condo is weird, it’s a big L with a fireplace in the corner.  Before, we had the couches and tv by the fireplace and now they’re apart and we have a huge open space…

eh, i’ll post pictures for a side by side comparisson later. I am tired and heading to bed. Unlike someone (greg), I have to work tomorrow but I have Tuesday off (though booked with appointments every 2 hours, literally). Oh, if FedEx needs a signature, Greg will be here! yay!

 Nighty night