Baby Steps

Today is my oldest daughters birthday. She is now eight years old. I took a half day from work and surprised with with cupcakes at school; the whole class room was excited! Amelia asked me to stay longer and I told her that I had to go back to work. That was a lie. I had intentions of doing some other things, mainly surprising her yet again by being home when she got off the bus.

The ‘other things’ I had to do were to go to the gym and talk about membership. And, today, I now how a gym membership (as does Greg). This is the ‘baby step’ into my goals for 2015. I chatted with their personal trainer, whom was friendly and seemed to be “fat friendly” too. I explained that I like to workout in a group setting, such as the cardiovascular classes (read: Zumba) as well as some sort of ‘work out’ to build my endurance and stamina. The personal trainer dude totally got what I was saying. That was nice. And. the ‘sales’ dude was friendly. He knocked off some money ’cause I don’t have the need for the tanning booths, massage chairs, and half off water/bar items. And, Greg has no intentions of doing any of the classes. So, our monthly cost is $40 for both of us. Not too bad.

Tomorrow is my one-on-one with the trainer. I’m excited to see how things go and what he recommends. I’m debating if I should do a seperate journal for the Health 2015 mission… not like I’ve been updating this blog on the regular (except for this month – third post!). Plus, classes began today so we’ll see how much free time I have once everything goes into full swing.

But, I just wanted to put it out there that i’ve been actively working on my goals. Also, if anyone uses MyFitnessPal – look me up!


It’s My Birthday Part II

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been the best day.

Greg and I had a little disagreement last night (which I will get into later) and the mood carried over to today. Plus, I’m stressed out at work. Oh, and this is my off week, so I am sure my hormones are wreaking havoc on me as well.

Greg left his ring home today (I’m surprised he remember to wear it the first week back) and I called him when Amelia found it on his nightstand and pretended to be upset (I really wasn’t upset) and he asked me to bring it to work and he’ll stop by to pick it up during my lunch. So, I wore his ring and showed it off at work until 2pm.

As a surprise, Greg brough me a few of my favorite items from Houlihan’s; their tai chile wings and this amazing dessert called “Ganahe Smores Envelope” and the description is:

Ganache chocolate and marshmallow melted together for a heavenly dip. Crystallized graham crackers and strawberries on the side.

really, the description doesn’t do justice for the actual dessert; and given that I don’t even like marshmallows – I want to swim in this stuff!

Also, Greg brough me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wrote a really touching note in the card (nearly brought tears to my eyes).

After Greg’s visit, the rest of the day went down hill; I am drowning in work and begged my manager to allow me access to work from home just so I feel like I am catching-up; I developed a wicked headache that continued to get worse and worse with each passing hour (and I still have it).

Towards the end of the day Greg called me at work and was like “We’re going out to dinner! Where do you want to go?” Apparently, his co-workers were talking about restuarants they recently visisted and Greg was getting hungry and decided that he wasnt going to cook dinner tonight. So, we went to Famous Daves for some BBQ. Dinner was good, especially the ribs! And, Amelia loved her mini corn dogs.

While at Famous Daves, and in the restroom, I decided to try out one of the iPhone Apps I downloaded on Sunday: Shazam; LOVE IT! I had the pleasures of listening to:

as I pee’d.

Then, as we were waiting for our entree to arrive I heard this:

which is a really enjoyable song.

Also, I totally love the GPS feature on the phone. I got to test it out tonight because I didn’t know how to get to Famous Daves from the babysitters. So, I searched the address and it automatically found me (the blue dot) and where I wanted to go and highlighted the route. Awesome! The only downside is that it doesn’t provide the actual directions (although, I’m sure there is an App for that) so I was zoomed in and watched the street names. Either way, still a freaking awesome feature.

I believe the iPhone is the best present I’ve ever received (for my birthday); I don’t know how Greg is going to top this next year. And, as shocking as this sounds, I don’t think I want any other phone again! That is saying a lot given my cell phone addiction.

Weekend Events

Saturday was pretty busy. Amelia had her 2 year check up (finally) and I’m happy to report she’s perfectly healthy (according to the doc). She now weighs 27 pounds and is 33.5 inches tall; she’s gained a good bit of weight (thankfully) but she hasn’t really grown in height, or at least I don’t think she has; I will have to research her last check up details. I have to take her back in on Monday morning (my 30th birthday!!) as a follow-up to her TB shot. Greg is wondering if Amelia will give false positives as he and all his brothers do. Otherwise, after tomorrow, we don’t need to see the doc until Amelia is 3 years old (and there won’t be any shots)!

After Amelia’s check-up, we ran into wal-mart real quick to look into buying my birthday present, an iPhone!! Well, that was the plan until we learned wal-mart wanted $550 for the 8GB phone!! We were like… uh, no… and walked away. I was disappointed the phone coasted that much and confused at the same time because AT&T was selling the phone for $399 without a contract.  I wanted to stop by AT&T but we didn’t have time since we were meeting Michele at the church for a quick look at where everything is being held.

Once we finally made it to the Church (google gave us the wrong directions), we did the run through and Greg is slightly concerned about the lighting for the ceremony and reception. He’s decided to rent a top mount flash and 2 lenses to ensure Michele will have amazing pictures. Oh, and I am going to be the “head coordinator” for Michele’s wedding; meaning I am going to be the one that makes all the final decisions and all the vendors are going to come to me with any problems. I am a little nervous about this; fortunately, Michele only has one other vendor (aside from Greg) and that’s the DJ. Michele’s family is making the dinner for all of the guests!

After checking out the church we headed home. Once we were home I ran back out to AT&T to get my iPhone; I was determined! And, I was so relieved that the phone was only $399 without a contract! So, I bought the phone and then sat in my car for about 15 minutes just in awe of it’s… awesomeness. This phone is freaking neat! Once I had recovered from shell shock, I ran over to my brothers because he wanted to see the phone as well. I hung out for about a half hour and then went home. Greg is drooling with jealousy. He loves the iPhone just as much, if not a little more than me. He’s told me that he doesn’t want to get ‘attached’ to the phone because it’s not his. I told him to go ahead and get ‘attached’ because he’s getting one in June when I am eligible for renewal and then I can buy another phone at the discounted price.

Saturday night was, otherwise, uneventful. Greg and I watched TV and chatted for a little while. Later, he went to go play computer games and I went on an App shopping spree (though, all the apps I’ve downloaded have been free). This phone is way too addictive.

Sunday has been just as busy as Saturday. The morning didn’t start off well with Amelia throwing-up in her chair. She and I were scared! I didn’t know what was going on and she … poor girl, was just as scared. Amelia was shaking and started to cry. I felt so bad for her (as I tried to keep myself from puking as well). Eventually, she calmed down and I cleaned her up and we layed in bed for a few minutes. After a half hour, Amelia was back to her normal self. Later, we met my brother at Best Buy and he bought me a few accessories for the iPhone. One of which was a car charger (because this phone uses battery power live I’ve never seen before) and my brother didn’t listen to me when I told him we should buy the items that say “iPhone compatible” but did he listen… no, and the result is:

(on a side note; how freaking awesome is it that i can take screenshots on the phone?!)

So, I sent a text of the image and asked for the receipt and that I will go exchange the item for one that is meant for the iPhone.

After Best Buy, Greg and I ran over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to spend some gift card money (work threw a surprise wedding party for me on Friday and I received a pretty nice gift card to BB&B); Greg and I made out pretty good with the items we bought! New cooking pan, a toaster, some kitchen accessories/utensils, steak knives, etc. After BB&B we headed over to McDonald’s for lunch (Amelia kept saying she was hungry) and I took a few more pictures of her:

trying to ‘paint’ with her ketchup. After lunch we went to Costco to get some much needed groceries. We were home around 3:30, to which Greg and Amelia decided to take naps. I, on the other hand, started dinner (BBQ pork in the crock-pot) and started researching/learning more about the iPhone, and decided to write an update.

We don’t have any plans tonight, despite it being SuperBowl Sunday (I don’t care for football). I just hope Desperate Housewives is on tonight and is a new episode, though I doubt it.

I hear Amelia calling… time to go!

Spoiled rotten

Greg spoils me rotten!

For my 30th birthday, Greg has bought me an iPhone! And I am in electronic love!

I’ve had to hold out on the exploring until Amelia went to bed, but so far I am loving it!

I am going to use the carry-out finder to order Chinese tonight!

Happy Birthday, Amelia

I’m not going to write a sappy, lovey-dovey, letter via blog … just not my style.

However, I really can’t believe Amelia is 2 years old today. I can recall minute by minute details of all the events that occurred two years ago … vividly. I remember where I was when my water broke at 6pm on Jan 11 2007 and where my Mom and I would have been had we actually done what we were thinking about (getting out of the house and going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner – my water would have broken at the restaurant); I remember how I was more scared to tell Greg that my water had broken and we were heading to the hospital than what was actually happening (kinda funny now, huh); I remember thinking how weird the contractions were every 5 minutes – on the dot – as we were driving to the hospital. I remember how painful it was when the doctors/nurses ‘checked me’ when I arrived – to which I was 2.5 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced and how after 2 hours of contractions I wasn’t progressing fast enough and they wanted to give me pitocin – to which I replied that must have an epidural if they’re going to go that route. And, as big as my fear of needles is (and it’s HUGE), I actually went through the whole epidural process without freaking out (which amazed my Mom); I remember how sick I was the 11 days leading up her birth – I was going through a pretty strong bout of pneumonia and was already in the hospital for 4 days prior (Jan 1-5) and was worried that I wouldn’t have the strength or energy to actually go through the physical part of labor (the pushing); I remember the delivery doctor, at just after 7am, saying that I can not go into active labor right now because she has a scheduled hysterectomy at 8am; I remember thinking … hoping that her time of delivery would be an airplane number, like 727, 737, 747, 757 in hopes that Greg might warm up to the idea of being a parent (little did I know he was already excited – since the moment I told him my water broke). I remember all the phone calls from Greg that I didn’t answer and how, around 10am, and after numerous text messages from Greg (he was getting really worried by this point) and the persistence of my Mom, I finally told Greg that she was here and he was so happy and proud to be a Daddy (which took a lot of getting used to from me) and that he couldn’t wait to come see us.  I remember the doctors putting “possible adoption” on her paper work (which I still have) and offering to take Amelia to the NICU if I did decide to place her up for adoption. I remember, holding her for the first time – alone – and thinking  and wondering if I could do this, raise a baby, possibly by myself (I still wasn’t sure where Greg and I stood with each other), if I would be able to provide everything she’ll ever need and… what was the next step. I remember feeling so … excited and elated… when Greg arrived at the hospital and seeing his reaction when he saw Amelia for the first time and how, after all her hospital papers and photos were done, he didn’t want to put her down and he didn’t want to leave us. I remember leaving the hospital TV on during the entire time (and on the Food Network or Comedy Central) in hopes that she would get used to noises and talking (it seems to have worked – she could sleep through anything). I remember trying to breastfeed and how… non-user-friendly it was (that time around, hoping the second time will be easier).

I don’t understand why it’s difficult for me to accept that Amelia is now 2 years old. Maybe it’s because so much has happened in these past two years that I feel I am still adjusting to it all (shit, I’m still adjusting to the fact that Greg and I are actually getting married NEXT WEEK!) – if only I could share the emails that Greg and I have exchanged during our … obstacles… maybe that would provide some understanding, but there’s really no point – what we said and what we do are two completely different things – i should focus on what we’re doing – which is being a family; and a very happy and healthy family.

So, here we are two years later…

Amelia - Four Minutes Old

Amelia - Four Minutes Old

Amelia - less than 12 hours old

Amelia - less than 12 hours old

Amelia - 2 days old; Going home!

Amelia - 2 days old; Going home!

Amelia - the morning of her first birthday

Amelia - the morning of her first birthday

Amelia - 4 days shy of her 2nd birthday

Amelia - 4 days shy of her 2nd birthday

Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of Amelia today, the day of her birth; Again, I forgot my camera. But, we did go out and celebrate – we went out to dinner and Amelia enjoyed her birthday hotdog.

I Can Haz Kake

Greg's Birthday Cake

We can haz kake!

I can not wait to taste this!! The sucker is heavy too. It’s in the fridge as I type. I would have a better picture if my batteries hadn’t of died, so they’re charging right now. But, I wanted to show the cake as I won’t be able to write once we wake up Amelia, and bathe her (she was a sticky nightmare) and head off to Gracie’s 2nd Birthday party and then off to Greg’s 30th Birthday gathering. Busy, busy, day.


Also, in wedding news: We’re going to elope (well, we’re about 90% sure we’re going to do this)! I’ll tell you where later…

30th Birthday

Today is Greg’s 30th Birthday!!

I wish I had a picture of him from his childhood (I could go get one from his moms…), he was such a cutie back then, and even more so today.

Anyway, we had a great day! Amelia gave the best present: Sleeping in; She didn’t wake up until 7:30! Which gave Greg and me some time to ‘celebrate’… *wink wink*

We left the house around 8:45am; I to work to show off Amelia and Greg to LabCorp to get some blood work done (glucose test where he had to sit in the office the entire time – nearly 4 hours!). Amelia was a doll at work, she received lots of “aawww’s” and “That hair is gorgeous” comments. I was rather surprised at how shy she was being; generally she’s very social. She didn’t want anyone to hold her. Must be a phase. Anyway, I left within a half hour and we were off to the babysitters. I called Greg and learned when his ‘appointment’ was going to be over – which was nearly 2 more hours – and decided to check out the new Wal-Mart Supercenter in Glen Burnie. I was in awe! I had to call Greg and tell him how H.U.G.E. this place was and C.L.E.A.N.!!! I generally don’t shop at Wal-mart due to the ickyness of the stores, but this was place nice AND it had a grocery store. I stocked up on yogurt because it was only .47 a cup versus .79 at Giant.

I was home by 11:15am, where I caught up on tabloid ‘news’ (I didn’t know Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins) and within 20 minutes Greg was home as well.

We chatted for a bit; I showed him all the new yogurt flavors I bought; he tried on, and liked, the pair of shorts I picked up for him (Greg has lost a little under 20lbs and is wearing a size he hasn’t worn since 2004. He’s pretty excited, just as I am, for himself) and decided where to go for the Birthday Lunch, On the Border.

Celebrated Greg

This was our first time going to the restuarunt. The food was amazing. Here are some pictures from the trip:


Enjoying the Raspberry Rita

The Birthday Boy!

Yummy Lunch

Once we were done with lunch we headed over to Greg’s office to pick up his birthday present (it arrived today), the O’s M&M’s and dispenser:

Birthday Present

Greg loved the gift! He thought it was so thoughtful and cool. All his co-workers enjoyed it too.

After the visit we headed over to my surgeons office for my follow-up. The visit was short and sweet and everything is healing well. I asked about the gallbladder and the report stated that I had multiple gallstones, all about a 1/4 inch big, and that the gallbladder was infected. So, it needed to come out.

We were home just before 3 and hung out. I ended up taking a nap and Greg transferred pictures and video’s from his current hard drive to the new external hard drive that he bought (the second box, below the M&M box, contains the new hard drive). Around 5:45 we left to pick up Amelia and decided to head over to Damon’s Grill for dinner.

Dinner was nice. Amelia was being cute as ever

Daddy's how old?!

and I was able to embarrass Greg by having the staff sing “Happy Birthday” to Greg and they gave us a cake!

Singing to Greg

Birthday Cake from Damon's Grill

Amelia didn’t know what to think about the singing and clapping – she just stared in bemusement. Then she started clapping. Once the singing was done a few other patrons told Greg happy birthday as well.

All in all, it was a great day! And, the celebration isn’t over – we still have Saturday night!