What I’m NOT Doing

And that is sleeping.

As soon as I posted the last entry, I took my prescribed pain meds (2) and laid in bed. Too afraid to move because I was in some pain. More than I was expecting/remember. Greg laid in bed next to me, holding my hand and petting my hair as I started to fall into sleepy-land. Greg ended up taking a nap as well. Greg woke up before me, a few hours before me. I slept from 3:30-ish to just before 8pm. I could easily go back to sleep right now. But, I’m not.

Nope. I did some MORE laundry (just the clothes I wore over the weekend and some towels); we cleaned out the refrigerator (and it’s now COMPLETELY empty – no joke) and the cabinets and threw away anything and everything we haven’t touched. Yeah, that was about three bags of food (unopened or expired). Greg switched out the car seats and transferred the water and drinks from my trunk to his (I was going to do the driving to Ocean City, but after today’s events it was decided he should drive… just in case I need to sleep). I played a little Guitar Hero. Basically, I’m pushing off bedtime until absolutely necessary because I want to be able to sleep as deeply as possible.

Greg, for some unknown reason, wants to LEAVE the house around 6am. Our plan is to head up to Sonic’s for breakfast, go through Delawere and Rehobeth Beach before reaching our hotel. Also, we plan on getting to Ocean City as early as possible to get some pictures before the crowds come.

**on a side note about photography, Greg submitted 7 pictures onto a professional site for selling. After the site reviewed the submitted pictures, 4 were approved to sell!! And, when we used their calculators for price suggestion, one photo alone had a price tag of $750!! that the Site suggested! So, Greg has four photos up for sale!! Cross your fingers that we sell something and soon**

Since we’re going to get there uber early we’ve already decided on what places we want to visit for photo ops (and Greg is bringing the tripod). I have a few photo suggestions in my mind as well and the tripod is going to make the pictures so nice!

I talked to my Mom this afternoon, when I got home from the appointment (sometime around 1:30pm) and asked if there was anything she specifically wanted to see or do in Ocean City and her only answer was: Beach and Boardwalk. So, she’s going to be easy to please. I haven’t decided on what I want to see or do. Greg’s main objective is to get sunset/sunrise pictures. So, basically it looks like we’ll be lazy and play in the sand.

I’m debating if I want to bring along the laptop or not. I know we’re only going to be gone a day and a half, so the only real reason I would bring it is for Greg to have a place to upload his pictures and clean out his memory card… he can fill up his 4gig cards really quickly (and he has 2 of them plus the 1gig that came with the camera). I, on the other hand, rarely use up all my gigs, unless I take a lot of videos.

I don’t know how many other Flickr fans there are (that read my blog) but I have a vent about Flickr. Their newest uploader, the 3.05, sucks! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and last night was the last straw for me. The uploader freezes, a lot, and tends to always have some weird issue for me. So, last night I said good bye to Uploader 3.05 and reinstalled the 2.5 version. I was writing and trying to post pictures about the family reunion last night, but I… just gave up on the uploading. The only thing I liked about the 3.05 uploader was that I could mark the pictures I wanted non-public prior to uploading, which I can’t do with 2.5 (it’s either all or nothing).

Ok, so it’s now 12:02am. The dryer just went off so that means my clothes for the beach are done. The gum is starting to hurt again, so I am going to take this as a sign to take more meds and crash for the rest of the night.

Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday and Wednesday!!


One day down…

Ok, I am really starting to get excited about going to Ocean City, MD and Delaware this weekend. Even though I really don’t want to spend the money, it is something that Greg and I need; a mini vacation, even if it’s only for two days (Sunday and Monday). I’m more excited about playing on the beach and hoping the water is still warm (my Grandma went last weekend and she said the water was still warm, so who knows), which reminds me that I need to find my swim suit… hmmm… where did it go?

Anyway, work is going well. It’s actually on the slow side. So, I’ve spent some time looking at the shops in Rehobeth Beach, DE and seeing what activities are open. Greg wants to go to a putt-putt course, I want to play in the arcade and rides, we both want to be lazy and lay on the beach, walk on the boardwalk and other usual activities.

Let’s talk about the weather, shall we? You gotta love Maryland’s weather; in a two day span we had temperatures in the mid 90’s with lots of humidity to mid 60’s with low humidity. Tuesday’s temperature was a new record of 94 and today, Thursday, the temperature is a cool 68. Personally, I prefer the cooler weather. And yes, I am one of those people who loves the snow and winter and has no issues with driving in the snow or ice. I love it! I can not wait until we have our first snow of the season. This could be due to me being a winter baby (and so is Amelia). I’ve had a headache all freaking day. It’s going on, now, for at least four hours. I hate headaches that don’t go away even if I drug myself (product placement: Aleve). Headaches=Grumpy Jess Halloween is approaching and Greg and I haven’t talked, much, about what we’re going to do with Amelia. We have confirmed that we’re not taking her trick-or-treating since she is way too young. We haven’t confirmed if we’re going to dress her up; the main reason being is why. We, as of yet, don’t have any plans on doing anything for Halloween with any of our friends or family. I do know that my Mom wants to get pictures taken with Amelia and Olivia and she may do that while she has Amelia next week, I don’t know, so I don’t see any reason to go out and buy a costume for her; secondly if we do have an event to go to with Amelia, Greg and I can’t agree on a costume for Amelia. So far, Greg wants to dress Amelia as a pumpkin (yuck, too traditional or common in my opinion) or a lobster (I don’t know if he’s being serious when he says this, but if he is: N.O.). If I had to choose a costume for Amelia, I would want it to be something unique and clever. But, that is just me.I’ve been killing time by writing a nice long letter to a girlfriend, Michele. She sent me a card earlier this week and rather than send her an email I decided to write a letter.

I’m debating if this is a compliment or not: When Greg and I went to Target on Saturday, a gentleman who was obviously a few bulbs short of a Christmas Tree came up to Greg and me as we were walking back to my car. The guy asked when my baby was due. Then he saw Amelia is the cart and was like “Oh, you already had a baby” and went on and on about Amelia and such in a very loud volume (practically shouting). Where’s the confusion about the compliment? Well, in my mind when someone is pregnant, they are still ‘skinny’ but have just a belly – meaning their overall body is in proportion to each other (arms, legs, face, etc). So, I took it that my body looks good – normal – except for my belly. Compliment? I think so even though it was directed as such. Greg has told me many times that my body shape isn’t like other ‘big girls’ because I have fit/muscular arms and legs. He’s has also mentioned that my ‘problem area’ is my belly – which is true and runs in the family. Since having Amelia and all the weight loss I have noticed that I have lose skin (not to be gross or anything), which I take as a good thing as well. Ones body does go through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy.

Speaking of Amelia, I can’t believe tomorrow will mark her 9th month of life. Nine months since her birth; nine months of having her physically in my life; nine months of watching her grow and develop; nine months of adjusting to being a Mom (and there will be many more months for this adjustment); it’s still an eerie experience. Not eerie in a bad way, but more along the lines of watching someone grow day by day and all the little achievments that occur with each day is not what I or anyone who has never had kids before is used to.

Nine months… I can only wonder what the next nine months are going to be like.