With This Ring…


Here’s my wedding band:

Wedding band and engagement ring

Wedding band

I am so in love with it!

It’s not too flashy, and definitly unique because I’ve yet to find a ring, anywhere, that is similar!!

Oh!! I can’t wait until Greg puts that ring on my finger as he and I become husband and wife.


Good and Bad

The good:

First Picture with the new camera

This is my first picture taken with my NEW CAMERA!! Yeah, Greg can’t keep surprises from me. Oh! I don’t know which I luv more, the new camera of my new cell phone!! … camera is in a slight lead…

I can’t wait to take the camera out tomorrow and take some pictures (hopefully of the snow we might receive). I am so giddy!!

Now, onto the bad:

At this exact moment, I don’t know where the Sony camera is. I last had it when I was at the jewelery store taking pictures of the engagement ring (more on that later) and I don’t know what I did with it afterwards; I think I put it in the stroller. But, I don’t recall it being in the stroller as I was folding it and putting it back in the car. And, the camera isn’t in my purse and I don’t think it’s in the front seat of my car (I believe Greg would have seen it as he was getting a few things out of my car). Part of me isn’t so concerned about it but part of me is. I could run down the three flights of stairs and walk half way down the parking lot and check the car but I am too lazy and have so much to do (reading the books that came with the Canon, do my taxes as I am so freaking excited to see how much I might be getting back, etc).

Now, my engagement ring. I am honestly disappointed in the repair. Who ever worked on my ring did a horrible job – the soldering went over the diamond (one of the itty bitty ones on the side)! The sales guy that was assisting me even agreed and offered to take it back but I told him that I would keep it (I missed my ring so much) and will return on Monday when I can talk to the manager. And, it seems my fears about the small diamonds in the ring have come true. *sigh* I knew I shouldn’t have fallen in love with this ring, but I just loved how the little diamonds made it extra sparkly without being so obvious (meaning no big diamond) and gaudy. But, it looks like I am going to get a different (most likely the same ring without all the small diamonds in the channel) ring. I am feeling a little heartbroken, but I don’t want to have to keep returning to the jeweler for minor replacements/repairs (I am so rough on my jewelery). So, while we were at the store I was looking at their current display and commented on how the selection was so sparse compared to before and the sales guy said their supply is in the safe at the moment and suggested to come back on Monday (as the manager and I will have some talking and negotiations to do).

Other than that, the day has been uneventful. Greg’s loan is all said and done and we have a pretty good chunk of money to play with – we’re going to open a savings account this weekend, pay off one of my credit cards, and then we’re going to do some shopping (weather permitting) for me (new clothes and bras; oil change), Amelia (second car seat) and Greg (tires, car inspection (for exhaust) and clothes) and then next weekend we’re thinking about heading up to Ikea in White Marsh for some furniture (dresser and night stands) shopping! So, really not that much planned.

 Ok, going to work on my taxes – wish me luck for a huge refund!

Ring Ring (& Other Things)

This afternoon my engagement ring had a boo-boo so it’s now at the jewelers being repaired (I knew it would only be a matter of time before I ‘broke’ some part of the ring), and while they were at it I asked them to resize the ring as it was slightly too big, so we went down half a size (though now I’m paranoid about my fingers getting fatter in the future – say by the time we buy our wedding bands!!)

While the jeweler was filling out the paper work for the repair order, Greg and I started to look at wedding bands (for me of course – he already knows what he wants). I want something unique but not too flashy or gaudy. Also, the band has to ‘fit’ the engagement ring by setting type (channel vs. pave), so it was a little more challenging to find what I liked (as we’re more than likely going to go to the same jeweler to purchase our wedding bands). The one ring that I thought was unique enough (for me, though Greg didn’t care too much for it) was about a half carat in weight and set in platinum (which they could order in which gold). Here’s a picture similar to the one I liked:

Option 1

I made the picture big so all can be seen.

Greg wasn’t too big on this one and he wouldn’t give a valid reason. So, we looked at others and this is my second consideration:

Option Two

This one isn’t all that unique (by my standards at least) but it almost matches the begets on my engagement ring. Again, these two rings are not the exact ones from the jewelers; these are from Blue Nile.

Either way, I have plenty of time to pick out the perfect ring.

In other news…

I was bored today and decided to clean out my cell phone contact list. There were over 50 numbers of people that I haven’t talked to in over a year, so I deleted them. But, there were a few that I had a split second of hesitation about deleting; one of them being RD. I don’t know why I saved his phone number. I haven’t called him in about two years (nor have we exchanged any emails or messages online). I guess keeping his number was a ‘token’ or reminder of him and the feelings I had. And I thought to myself why I kept his number and I didn’t have a reason; I have no desire to know what happened between us; how’s he’s doing or any of the sort (I know I’ve mentioned that when I lived in Pasadena, I was within a mile of his house and we never ran into each other – not that I was hoping it would happen). It took a few weeks to get over him even though there wasn’t actually anything between us. He was just one of those people I really connected with and it’s so rare to feel a connection as strong as we did (until I met Greg), so I was a little depressed when he, out of the blue, stopped talking to me (in January 2006). Greg knew about RD (as we were friends at the time) and he helped console me when I was blue and we continued our growing friendship and eventually I rarely thought about RD. Then I came to Cop’sphone number; we haven’t seen each other in over a year and a half and he is married (and had a baby this past summer). Cop was someone fun (back then) and he told me he felt a connection with me and asked me if I wanted to leave his wife (they were having problems) so we could be together (as Cop and I only chatted when he was working (6pm to 2am or 2am to 10am; or we would text each other throughout the day and we only got to see each other maybe twice a month due to conflicting times and schedules). I told him no (but when I told this to Greg (aka CopyGuy) he felt a little jealousy). I liked Cop, but it was just physical. I didn’t see him as someone I could really be with. Then there was one other person that I haven’t really thought about, much less talked to, since 2005 – Lee. I’ve never mentioned him in any of the blogs I’ve started (and there are about five). Lee and I go back to 1996!! Just when the internet was becoming insanely popular with chatrooms and the sorts, Lee and I met and our friendship grew over the years. We would chat on the phone and email hourly! Lee is a native American Indian and was living in Arizona and New Mexico (for school) and he had an accent that reminded me of Ed from Northern Exposure (I loved that show). Lee was amazing and I felt that if we ever met in person (and we talked about it) we probably would have been together. Mind you, this was over 10 years ago. Around 2004, Lee found my email address and contacted me! Our friendship rekindled and there were a few sparks going off, but given our schedules and time zone differences (and the fact he was still taking classes part time), we weren’t able to really catch-up and eventually we faded apart… again. I deleted his phone number as well.

Surprisingly, deleting those numbers wasn’t as hard as I thought it could have been. Yes, there was a slight hesitation but no second thoughts after I did it. And thinking about it now, as I write this all out, I don’t have any feelings of “maybe I shouldn’t have deleted his number…”; my future is with Greg and theres no second guessing that; if I were with anyone else (for example, Adam) I would be feeling completely different and probably have a few more new numbers in the phone book. Greg has changed my life. For the better. And it’s great.

While cleaning out my phone book, I came across a number from a guy that I met at Weis. He was a customer that would come in with his Mom and we totally hit it off and exchanged phone numbers. Yeah, the dude is gay so there were no romantic sparks or anything. The guys name is Tony and he was a riot! When ever he came to the store we would gossip about people neither of us knew and talk about so many things! We drifted apart after I left Weis. This evening I sent him a text message and he replied! So we exchanged a few texts and I told him that I would call him tomorrow night to catch-up. I can’t wait to chat with Tony!

Anyway, it’s way past my bed time (12:22am!!) and I should go to bed…

Engagement Ring: My Choice

This evening Greg and I went out and looked at engagement rings. I wanted to show him the one that I liked and I was able to take a few pictures of it:














The others are on Flickr. The pictures didn’t turn out too good because I was kinda in a hurry (don’t know why) and I wasn’t paying attention to the focus. But, you get the idea of what the ring look likes.  It’s a simple, yet not busy, three stone ring with channels. Yes, the diamonds in the channel are small (and are probably easy to loose) but that’s ok.

After we looked at the ring above, we looked at another store and saw a few that I liked (they wouldn’t let me take pictures) but nothing stood out to Greg (at least not like the one above). So, it’s up in the air as to what Greg is going to get. I’d rather be surprised anyway, but I also wanted to show him what styles and cuts I like.

Here It Is – Friday!

This day flew by!

I had an two hour meeting from 12-2 and I believe that is the perfect time of day to hold a meeting. To me, it makes the rest of the afternoon zoom.

I am very thankful that it was slow enough that I was able to read a good chunk of Airframe. The book is pretty good; and that’s a high rating from me considering my low attention span and even more so considering this book is pretty much about an airplane and all it’s parts and components and history. Surprisingly, I’m able to follow it and understand all the descriptions. Weird, I know.

Damn! I just remembered that I wanted to call the court house to follow up on the mailing of the order of default and divorce papers! D’oh!

Last night, Greg was acting all weird. Around 8pm, as the fire started to pick up (in the fireplace) Greg moved the coffee table – I thought he was moving it to the computer to put the printer, that I am borrowing from Lisa, on it and give it a test drive. I was wrong. Then , he comes out with the blue fuzzy blanket and lays it on the floor… ???… I am confused as to what he’s got up his sleeve. Then, he turns off the tv, walks around and turns off all the lights. Now, it’s completely dark except for the light provided from the fire. What is Greg up to?? I ask him what’s he planning (a proposal maybe?) and he says nothing. Then he grabs my hand and lures me to the floor, on top of the blanket, and we start to make out and before you know it… I’m sure you can let your imagination finish the rest. It was a very passionate moment; with the fire in the fireplace, seeing each other only in the light from the fire – very nice indeed.

Well, I’ve got the pictures from JC Penny! They turned out great! And, I paid the $14.95 for the other three sheets and they turned out pretty good too (one is a calendar with Amelia’s picture being the main; another is a picture in various sizes with a winter themed border; and the third sheet of various sizes without a border). Mom is going to be so excited with the results of the picture. I was getting so many compliments from the other parents, who were waiting in line, on the way Amelia’s pictures turned out. I’m collecting a mailing list, if you’d like a card just send me an email (I’m surprised at how many have sent me an email)!

I’ve got the laundry going; washing all of Amelia’s clothes, bibs, and anything else she might need while at my Mom’s. I’ve packed her food and bottles and everything else in between. Amelia has begun saying actual words, though I don’t know, for certain, if she’s associating  the words with people or objects. She can, and will, say “Dad” a lot. It is a little freakish to hear Amelia saying “Dad” as we walk around Target or as soon as she sees Greg pop around the corner. Amelia will also call the bottle “Bob” on occasion. Amelia has begun to mimic the sounds that I make; such as if I say owe (usually because she’s pulling on my hair), she’ll mimic the sound I made, though it doesn’t sound exactly like she said owe but its more the pitch and such. Also, when Greg and I say “Uh-Oh” she’ll respond with a ‘Ack-Oh”, kinda like a small cough (ack) and then oh. So freaking adorable. Seriously. I should try and record her for ya’ll to see.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY; dropping Amelia off with Mom until Thanksgiving. I will miss Amelia. I will feel guilty by not having her here and enjoying the ability to sleep in (if I can) and get up and go without her. But, Greg and I need this time off from work and being parents. We’re going to spend three solid days alone and together. I don’t think we’ve spent that much time, alone and together ever. Well, the three solid days that is. I think.

Oh, while I was at the mall picking up Amelia’s pictures, I stopped at one of the jewelry stores (the one Greg was at when Mom and I ‘found’ him) and I was looking at their rings and I saw one that I like. It’s unique and not in the ‘gawdy’ way, yet elegant. The band wasn’t thick and the setting wasn’t ultra high. Basically, all the things I’m looking for in a ring where there. When I got home I told Greg about it and handed him the business card (with the tag number off the ring) that I got from the store. Let’s see if he follows my hint…

Well, it’s about 10:40 and I’m heading to bed. Night.

Fun Times

These past 24 hours have been so much fun!

After work, on Friday, Greg and I met at Bennigan’s and invited Aaron to join us. We were there for 2+ hours!! The food was good and so were the laughs. I tried to get a hold of my brother but he wasn’t answering his phone. Turns out he’s working some serious overtime for work (everything past Wednesday was all OT; same for last week); Sean is hoping to have enough OT money to buy a projector! We made it home around 9pm and Amelia went to bed (after a bottle) and I was asleep by 11pm.

Today, Saturday, has been full of activity! First, Amelia was up at 7am so Greg brought her into bed with us and we kinda fell back asleep until 8-ish. Then, we ate breakfast and took showers and gave Amelia a bath. Around 11:30am, we head out to Hagerstown. On the way we decide to stop and get my oil changed. While driving Greg and I talk about our future wedding and he’s confirmed that October 10th, 2009is going to be our date (I knew it would be all along). We talked a little more about his proposal idea (which I already know what he’s going to do; but he can still surprise me) and our honeymoon ideas which, so far, includes Greg and me getting away for a few days after the wedding and then having all our friends and family join us for a Christmas cruise. I’m really starting to get into this honeymoon planning stuff – sorta.  The next topic of discussion was what to do for our week off; I bought the The Post yesterday and was flipping through their Weekend section and saw that the National Air and Space Museum has a few exibits coming up and thought Greg might be interested in seeing them (Duh! Of course he is), so we’re thinking of spending a day in DC, a day in Delaware, and going back to Baltimore for the Science Center and another trip to Valley View Farms (this time we won’t go on a Monday as the Science Center is closed). I do know the Sunday before (Nov. 18), we’re joining a group of Greg’s co-workers/friends at some bar in Columbia to hang out and watch a football game. I’m actually looking forward to this get together. Greg’s friends/co-workers are so freaking funny!

We didn’t wait long for Michele, Bob and Chrissy to arrive at Prime Outlets; while Greg was eating a slice of pizza (which was after I had some chinese food), Michele and Bob were playing with Amelia (as usual, all pictures are on Flickr). Once we were all fed and warm, we headed out to the stores. First, we stopped at Carters and bought Amelia a few new outfits, then we headed over to the bookstore where Greg bought three Dr. Seuss books, then we headed over to Lane Bryant where I bought myself a new shirt and pants (which I am wearing as I type and they are so freaking comfortable), then we looked at Big Dogs (I’ve never been into one of these stores before – it was ok), then we headed over to the Timberland store where I bought Greg an early Christmas gift and told Michele about the cruise idea that Greg and I are considering and hinted that she should start saving up (at least I am giving everyone two years advance notice), then we headed over to the Big and Tall store where I bought Greg two new shirts. It was at this point (and nearly three hours later) that we decided to head over to Ryan’s for dinner. On our way to our car (since Michele and them parked on the opposite of where Greg and I parked), I saw a jewlery store and we decided to stop in and look. Whew! was this place expensive (even though they were promoting a 70% of ticketed prices) and the ring that I looked at was nearly $9,000!!! Good thing, for Greg, that I didn’t see anything that I liked.

It was at dinner that Amelia decided to let us know that she was done for the day. Everything started out fine if not great, then all of a sudden Amelia was done. She started crying and screaming and there wasn’t anything that Greg and I could do to sooth or calm her down. So, we left and we were home by 7:30.

This week went by so fast yet so slow. My Grandma kept me busy with the emails by asking a thousand and twelve questions about Amelia and my pending divorce. Grandma told me that she bought Amelia the Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra; I think Amelia will like it.

I can not wait until Friday, the 16th, to pick up our Christmas photos from JCPenny! I still haven’t received the email from SmilesbyWire to inform us of with the pictures will be available. And, of course, with my employer blocking just about every website there is (except for Y! and eBay of all things) I can’t check anymore.

Eh, it’s almost 11pm and I’m getting sleepy. It’s been a long any action packed day. Time for bed.