Awesome Day!

This has been an amazing day; the best day (aside from Amelia’s First birthday) of 2008, thus far!!

Work was a little challenging but around 11:30am there was a delivery for me:

Ediable Surprise

It’s a Edible Arrangement complete with chocolate dipping sauce (and serving dish in the shape of a strawberry)!! The strawberries (or ‘roses’) were so freaking good! And the chocolate covered banana’s were delicious (though a little weird for me). Oh my god was the pineapple (‘dasies’) … just so freaking amazing (I love pineapple!!). I walked around the office sharing the basket with everyone (I didn’t want the fruit to go to waste) and that thing weighed about 10+ pounds! And this was all from Greg!

White and Milk Chocolate Dipped Banana

Wonder what held the fruit together?

Head of Lettus

a head of lettuce – not even pulled apart! I was thinking Styrofoam but I guess this think is completely edible!

Around 11:50 I receive a text message from my girlfriend, Michele, and she’s telling me that she’s in town (was at Arundel Mills Mall killing some time) and said she was going to stop by the office before heading home!

Michele in her car

Michele had a few birthday gifts for me and Amelia!! She bought Amelia a new outfit – for next year! – and a toy and Michele bought me a bag of Poppycock and beautiful necklace and an amazing card:

Poppycock and card
Best Friends

The rest of the work day was a nightmare! Too many people took the day off (don’t know why the supervisors allowed this…) and the rest of us were just overwhelmed. Then, around 3:30pm the remote server crashed and we weren’t able to access any of our NY or NJ customer accounts, and guess which customers were calling in. Yeah. The server wasn’t restored by 6pm!! We were telling customers to call back or to give us their information and that we would call them once service was back up. It was fun, like totally.

Greg calls me on my way to getting Amelia and tells me that we’re going out to dinner! Nothing special, just Bennigan’s. But, it was fun nonetheless! Amelia was being adorable and showed us her new ‘trick’ – she will shake her head to make her hair swoosh all over the place, and if I mimic her she will crack up! I caught it on tape:

Dinner was nice; I wasn’t really all that hungry so I only ordered some chicken tenders and shared them with Amelia.

Once we were home, Greg showed me what we’re doing for dinner tomorrow night:

Dinner Ticket

We have tickets to the Medieval Times restaurant!! I’ve been wanting to go here since the place opened a few years ago! I am so freaking excited about the show!!

I checked the mail and guess what was in there!!!

No, not the W-2 I’ve been waiting for but…


My divorce is final!!! It’s all done!!! I am ‘free’!!! FINALLY!!!!

Oh my god has this day been amazing!! Like a really amazing day!


I volunteered to leave early since the phones were still down around 2. I came home and started a load of laundry and then ran out to get my eyebrows waxed

Let the torture begin
Eyebrows BEFORE (the unibrow)No unibrow! 

yeah, it was a much needed waxing.

After my torture session (i hate the tweezing) I ran over to the AT&T store to talk about my phone; I was having issues with it already. It locked up twice the other day!!

Unsafe ATT Store

 My friend, Lisa (the one that works with me), was at this store when a robbery occurred! She and the other customers and employees were locked into a storage closet! And the robbers took all their cellphones so no one would call for help. I don’t remember how they got out but since then there as been a cop assigned to the store.

I decided that I am not going to just deal with the phone issues (moving forward) and if I am still within my 30 day return policy – I’m going for it. So, I ended up buying the newer Blackjack model.

New; On the Right: Old

The new phone is awesome! The layout is much nicer for me (has a wheelie thing in the center instead of the dial thingy on the side) since I use my left hand for just about everything phone related. Also, it comes in red – my favorite color!


Tomorrow we’re meeting my Mom down in Waldorf for my birthday lunch and Amelia is going home with her until the 10th. We’re going to miss Amelia so much; greg and I were talking about how we’re going to miss her during dinner tonight. It’s going to be so weird to not have her around; hearing her giggles and squeals of delight when she hears the bath tub water turn on. After lunch, we’re going to head to Arundel Mills Mall and kill some time at Dave and Busters (we have free play cards from Greg’s holiday party) and then head over to Medieval Times for the show!

Our plan for Sunday, so far, is to go up to Ikea and get the dresser and night stands we’ve been oogling for the last 6 months.

Sounds like a busy weekend but oh so much fun!


He Sent It!

Adam really sent a check for $150.


Well, this is a surprise and now we can get more fun things for Amelia’s party and I get buy some new bra’s!


p.s. i checked his bank balance and he’s not poor (for my standards)

Final Day of 2007

I’ve had one of the best days today!

The day started with Amelia being as cute as ever while feeding her. She;s begun to try and feed herself and I captured some of her adventure this morning:

While uploading to Vimeo and YouTube, Mom called to let me know she was in Upper Marlboro so I started to get Amelia and myself ready. Within a half hour, Mom was here. Mom brought her new camera and I was playing around with it while she called Sean (mt brother) to see if he was coming and he said he was on his way over.

By 9:30am, we were on our way to the bank and then to the lawyers office!

I was so excited.

We got to the lawyers office without any issues (as I didn’t know exactly where they were located), go in, fill out the paper work, get called into the conference room and within 10 minutes we were done! It was that quick (and Adam can’t request alimony (as some people in my family thought he would) after today). I should be receiving my divorce decree in a couple short weeks!

After the hearing, we came back home and printed a few pictures for Mom and decided where to eat for lunch and as a celebration. Well, since Greg wanted me to stop by his office to show off Amelia I suggested Houlihan’s, the restaurant that Greg and I fell in love with back in October and I knew Mom and Sean would love it too. Of course, they did. Lunch was great with just the four of us (Mom, Sean, Amelia, and me). At the end, Sean and I decided to try a few drinks, so I ordered the mini martini drink (any three martini’s of my choice) and Sean ordered the biggest Raspberry Long Island Iced Tea – seriously, the largest glass (as in tall and round) I’ve seen. One sip of Sean’s drink nearly knocked me out of the chair but it was damn good. My three mini martini’s were interesting but not great (I tried the Key Lime Pie, Chocolate, and Blue something or other), though they did have a slightaffect on me. Also, before we left Sean ordered some of the restaurants Tai Chile wings for Greg (isn’t my brother awesome!)

But, before we had lunch at Houlihan’s we stopped by Greg’s office because Mom and Sean wanted to inquire about enlarging a few of the pictures they printed at my place. Well, Mom and Sean ended up getting a full blown tour of  where Greg works (mainly graphic design and the reprographic departments) – Sean was fascinated by the enormous printers. Mom and Sean ordered a print job and they got an employee discount for their order (“C” was being nice).

There are pictures but my brother has the camera. As soon as I get the camera (or CD) from him I will post the pictures (of course).

It was about 2:30 when we left Houlihan’s. We were there for nearly two hours! We went separate ways after lunch; Mom and Sean went back to Sean’s place and I went back to Greg’s office to give him the wings and then headed over to Arundel Mills to meet up with Michele.

Michele and I chatted for a good hour and a half this afternoon. We were talking about her ‘boys’ and about my wedding, and about her kids (ages 17 and 14) and so many other things. It was great to catch up with her one to one (well, one and a half to one as Amelia was with me). While at Arundel Mills, we went over to Wal-mart and I got a few items that Greg and I weren’t able to find at Target (Christmas Tree storage bag and Holiday ornaments-storage-box-thingy) and other small items (my diet mountain dew for instance).

And through this adventurous day, Greg had to work. Even though he went to work uber early (7:30am when his shift doesn’t start until 9:30) he wasn’t able to leave at 4 as he was hoping. Poor Greg. But, at least I was able to visit him a few time throughout the day.

As for the rest of the day, it was uneventful. I was home a little after 5pm and Greg was home by 5:30. Amelia was very cranky towards the evening as she didn’t get to take a nice long nap today. Greg fed her and bathed her and she was asleep by 7pm – as was Greg.

Greg is still asleep as I type (8:13 at this exact moment). I’m debating if I should wake him up or not. I probably will since I know how he is when he falls asleep too early (he’ll wake up around 1am and stay up until 7am and that will mess up his sleep schedule). As for tonight, we don’t have any plans. I’d rather stay at home than be out. I was never mich of a New Year’s party girl – too crowded and those in the crowd are always stupid drunks. Not my type of crowd.

Ok, here’s a question for all those brave enough to answer (including the lurkers out there): My brother and I debated over a bit of terminology this afternoon – here’s the scenario:  Amelia’s birthday is on Saturday, January 12. To me, I tell those that it’s next Saturday; whereas the Saturday that’s approaching, January 5th, I refer to as this Saturday (because it’s the Saturday to come). My brother, on the other hand, uses next  in reference to the 5th (his reasoning is because it’s the next Saturday) and states the 12th as the following Saturday. I know my terminology isn’t as those of around me (I use off load, rather than upload, when I am going to take the pictures off – as in load them off – the camera), but in my world it makes sense. So, the question is – which do you use (next and this vs. next and following) or which do you think is the correct form of use?

Oh, and one other thing – while talking about grammar and such, I have one pet peeve about spellings and proper word use that I’d like to voice:

It annoys me to no end when people spell ‘weird’ as wierd. Seriously, that really irks me. Also, when people use the incorrect word, for example: “head over heals” when it should state “head over heels” or “I walked in the sand with my bear feet” instead of “I walked in the sand with my bare feet”. And then of course there’s the improper use of “than” and “then” or “your” and “you’re”.

Hey, I’m no grammar or spelling queen and I’m sure there are a few non-grammatically correct paragraphs within my blog – but it’s the things that should be common sense in writing that stand out to me.

Mind Musings

I have so many thoughts going through my mind!

  • I’m thinking about my upcoming divorce hearing and saying good bye to Adam (mentally);
  • The odd dream I had last night about Greg’s ex;
  • Wedding stuff, mainly finding our site for the ceremony and reception;
  • The slow realization that Greg is going to be my future husband;
  • Van’s offer to pay for my tuition so I can finish my medical assisting/nursing certification/degree;
  • And much more…

Mainly, I am thinking about my wedding and divorce with little bits of the dream I had last night; which I’ll start off with first…

Last night, I dreamt that Greg and I were living with his ex temporarily. It was very awkward for me in the dream, even though we (Greg’s ex and I) were rarely home at the same time. Then, at some point in the dream, the exes sister spies on me and tells the ex what I’ve been doing (supposedly) and then the ex leaves all these notes around the house for me (and they weren’t very positive notes). The same day I discovered the notes around the house, she comes home while I am there and I confront her about the stuff she’s writing to me. And, somehow, after talking about everything we become friends. And, I recall thinking in the dream how odd it felt realizing that we’ve basically ‘made up’ and were actually talking as friends. Very strange dream, no?

My second thought is about saying good bye, permanently, to Adam.  Honestly, I am not that upset about saying good bye as I have no emotional attachment to him what-so-ever; but I thought I would be able to send an email every once in a blue moon to say ‘Hi’ and see what he’s up to (just as I’ve done since 2005 when he moved out). But, I confronted him (via email as that’s the only means of communication I have to him) about the impression I had that he doesn’t want to be hearing from me for non divorce related stuff. You see, I’ve always remained friends with all my exes, even if I started a new relationship or if they started a new relationship; it just wasn’t odd to me. But, Adam is different; he’s a very private person and even though I’m not asking him private questions, I got the feeling that he doesn’t want to be hearing from me after the divorce. Which, as I’ve mentioned, is fine. After all, we need to close certain chapters from our past and move on to start the new chapters. I don’t think I’ll ‘miss’ him in any sense. I guess, in a sense, I received closure from him when he, more or less, confirmed what I thought. So, that is that.

Now, onto the wedding stuff! Last night I bought my first wedding magazine!! I bought the winter edition of The Knot, the magazine version of the website for things in the DC, VA, MD area. And, today, I read that magazine from cover to cover! I highlighted things of interest and worth looking into and checked out a few vendors and potential wedding/ceremony websites.

Even though, as of today, I have 653 days until my wedding, I want to pick out my location; and it’s slightly difficult because I don’t know how many guests we’re going to invite vs. attend. Greg thinks we’ll easily have 150 attendees; I think he’s wrong. Plus, if we have a wedding with that many guests, it’s really going to be financially stressful for us (I, without mentioning anything to my family – as in asking, am not expecting help from our families for our wedding, especially since I’m a repeat bride (sorta)). I am expecting something smaller, like around 75 guests. The second topic of discussion is where to host our wedding and reception. Greg said he wants to do something exotic and feels that if we hold our wedding and reception at a park, that it’s too traditional. Greg and I view the word ‘traditional’ in terms of a wedding completely different; to me, a traditional wedding is a wedding that is held in a church and the reception in a banquet hall. So far, Greg and I have added Ripkin Stadiumas a possible ceremony/reception site. My Mom, on the other hand, would like us to have our wedding reception (as least) at her house. Granted, there are 20 acres to fit everyone, and there is a small beach where we could have the bon fire, but I feel it would be too much of a drive for everyone, and that there are no hotels near by for the guests (since EVERYONE would need a hotel room); if Mom lived closer, then I would seriously consider it (after all, my other wedding reception was held at home in Churchton). I believe the planning would be easier on me if I knew how much money I had to work with. But, I want to know how much everything is going to cost before I set my budget… it feels like I’m in a ‘catch 22’ regarding this part of the planning. Eh, as Greg says, we have plenty of time. Oh, and another item we dicussed was our “save the date” notices – we’re going to send them out this summer. We’re thinking magnets so everyone can put it on the fridge and, hopefully, not forget.

So, not too much going on.

Although, I really should be planning Amelia’s First Birthday Party, as I only have 2 weeks (eek!!). Guess Greg and I will work on that this weekend…

Can I Get A Witness??

My divorce hearing is scheduled for DECEMBER 31, 2007!!!!

My divorce will be final 30 days after the hearing.

I will be divorced before I am 29.

I am so freaking excited!!!!!

As I was scheduling the hearing, I was informed that I would need a witness with me, someone who has been or known Adam and I before or during our marriage, or someone who has known me since being separated. I thought about Greg but I don’t know. So, I called my Mom and she said she would come up for the hearing, after all (and I quote her words exactly) “I was there when you got married, I might as well be there when you get your divorce.”


Thank Goodness!

The company I work for has given all their employees a paid half day so we can catch-up on any holiday errands. I am so thinkful that my half day is today and that I am able to lay in bed, watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air while the washer and dryer are running and upload the videos from the limo ride onto YouTube so I can finally complete the post about the Holiday Party this past Sunday.

Also, while I am working on all of the above, I am going to try and make a few DVD’s with this amazing laptop of mine for Christmas presents. I just hope my plan works.

Another reason that I am so thankful today is because my cold, or whatever I seem to have, is getting a little better. Not a whole lot, but enough for me to notice a slight difference. I still have the stuffy nose and sore throat (as well as a voice that is about an octive deeper than normal) but my over all well being is better.

Oh, and ANOTHER reason I am thankful today is because my follow-up visit with the dentist this afternoon was great! The healing is going along fine and it looks like everything is great. I scheduled an appointment for a cleaning in Januay and then I am going to schedule an appointment for a few fillings after that. I can only deal with one dental thing at a time after what I just went through.

Also, ANOTHER thing that I am thankful today is my divorce update!!! I called the court house this morning to check on the status of my order of default and the judge granted it on 12.17.07!!! Now, I just wait for the letter with the Master of Something-or-other, shedule a hearing and then I’m pretty much done! Adam will have 15 days to respond (Accept or Decline) what the hearing declares (divorce final or needs more ‘work’) and if he doesn’t repond then I am granted the divorce! Isn’t that great!! Just when I thought this was never going to end…

So, today, dispite the cold I have, has been a pretty good day.

Divorce Drah-ma


I swear, sometimes I think that I’ll never marry another person in my life time. This divorce shit is ridiculous; especially for a case as simple as mine!

I received a letter from the Circuit Court stating the following:


which further states:

Pursuant to Maryland Rule 2-507, this preceeding will be “DISMISSED FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION OR PROSECUTION WITHOUT PREJUDICE”, 30 days after service of this notice unless, prior to that time, a written motion showing good cause to defer the entry of an order of dismissal is filed”

And, being that I live in Maryland, of course the following was added:

Costs will be assessed in accordance with Maryland Rules

It’s a good thing that I tend to not overreact to letters as such, and that I document everything I send out to the courts and have saved every email Adam and I have exchanged, and of course, made copies of every single form I’ve filled out and sent to the court or Adam.

So, what did I do this morning after dropping Amelia off? I called my Mom and then the court house. The Civil Department wasn’t of much help and were rather confused as the person that I spoke with stated that on 11/26/07 my affidavit was entered (and commented that it was entered way late after it was received – sometime on 11/11/07 or sometime along that week). Gee, wasn’t it 11/26 that I called the court house and spoke with a LaVonne and she confirmed that the order of default was received?! Hmmm….

Then, it was suggested that I call the Family Law department as they may have my file since Civil didn’t, and to confirm that the affidavit will override the dismissal. I spoke with a nice guy, Jim. My case is going to remain open – no dismissal.

Earlier this week Adam and I were exchanging a few emails regarding a form the court sent him proving that he sent a copy of the papers with his signature to me to fill out. Adam told me he has received it and mailed it back on Saturday, which I did inform Jim and the other person I spoke with in Civil. So, now we just wait.

It’s beginning to look like I am going to be one of those people that are going to be calling the court nearly every other day just to see what is taking place for the divorce.