Nothing in Particular

Nothing big to talk about. Although, I am a little tickled to share that Greg had a dream last night; a dream that we had another daughter! Greg didn’t want to tell me about the dream because he knows I am suffering from BOTB. I thought it was ‘cute’ that Greg dreamed of us expanding our family. Greg denies that he wants another baby (right now), but i feel the dream is saying something else ( and I am slightly teasing him about it).

Speaking of BTOB, I have found some relief through distraction; I have begun the planning of our trip at the end of the year! Greg and I are about 90% positive this trip is going to happen and we plan on making our deposit at the end of April. However, we’re not 100% positive on which trip to choose.

Also, Greg and I have talked about planning another cruise for late 2010 or early 2011; and if we play our cards right, we plan on booking the cruise this summer!

And, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to have some sort of trip in progress to ease my BOTB … I need to have the timeline of anticipation (similar to waiting 9 months to see your baby) in my life… apparently. Or, I could be reading too much into my mind.

Tomorrow night is Michele’s wedding rehearsal and dinner AND the bachlorette (sp?)!!! it’s going to be a busy night.

Greg is getting very nervous about his first photography gig -Michele’s wedding. He’s rented a couple awesome lenses, a nice top mount flash, and he’s bought a remote trigger (which is fun to play with) all for the wedding. Greg wants to make sure he exceeds Michele expectations, which I feel he will.

I can’t believe March is pratically over! This year is flying by so quickly. I recently realized that Greg’s 31st birthday is only a few weeks away. Oh, and Easter is about 2 weeks away!

The year 2009 is the year of weddings. One of my cousins recently eloped (did I start a trend LOL) and we recently received an invitation for the reception party, which is being held in South Carolina! I looked up airfare and it’s hella expensive for May, so my only female cousin and I are talking about doing a road trip!

There are 4 other wedding coming up in the year!

Alright, I am finally heading to bed


None of This, Some of That

The weekend went by way too fast (what else is new?), but it was a good fast.

Sunday was spent at Greg’s Mom’s place to visit with his family. I had a nice time. I like Greg’s family better than I liked Adam’s Family (yes, start humming the tune…) although, to give credit, Adam’s Moms side of the family was a lot better than his Dad’s side (but, then again, I only had issues with his Dad and everyone but his grandparents). It’s kinda funny, in a sense, to hear Greg’s bothers make fun of Greg (and some of his exes) and tell embarrassing stories of each other; as the saying goes: Boys will be boys.

Pat adores Amelia and it’s so cute to see them together; he was constantly taking pictures and video clips of Amelia while we were there.

Amelia and Pat

Tickle Baby

Chit Chat

Pat leaves next Wednesday and won’t be back until August, when he’s being reassigned and heading out to Texas for 41 weeks; which brought up a subject: our wedding. I asked Greg if he’d like to get married in August, before Pat leaves, to make sure Pat can be in the wedding. So, the wedding date might be moved up, again.

In other news…

Two of our friends (that are married), Tim and Brooke have just announced that they are expecting their first bundle of joy!! Greg and I are so excited over this news! We’ve watched how much they enjoyed Amelia’s company at each RSC (the first one was when Amelia was two and a half months old) and Brooke said, many times, how Amelia’s personality and happiness makes her want to have a baby (nevermind all the negativity in the world).

Which is kind of weird because I had a pretty surreal dream that I found out I was pregnant (by blood work and a home pregnancy test) and when I awoke, because I had to pee really bad, I was slightly hesitant to go thinking I had a home pregnancy test and was thinking about using it, only to realize that I didn’t have the hpt so I could pee without thinking about “it”. But, I haven’t been able to shake the dream and now I’m considering buying a hpt just to put my mind at ease (or at least I hope so). Isn’t it annoying when dreams feel so real you can’t tell the difference (of life and a dream)?

Otherwise, there isn’t much to write about (well, there is but I am being too lazy). It was a slow and boring Monday in my world. How about yours?

Mind Musings

I have so many thoughts going through my mind!

  • I’m thinking about my upcoming divorce hearing and saying good bye to Adam (mentally);
  • The odd dream I had last night about Greg’s ex;
  • Wedding stuff, mainly finding our site for the ceremony and reception;
  • The slow realization that Greg is going to be my future husband;
  • Van’s offer to pay for my tuition so I can finish my medical assisting/nursing certification/degree;
  • And much more…

Mainly, I am thinking about my wedding and divorce with little bits of the dream I had last night; which I’ll start off with first…

Last night, I dreamt that Greg and I were living with his ex temporarily. It was very awkward for me in the dream, even though we (Greg’s ex and I) were rarely home at the same time. Then, at some point in the dream, the exes sister spies on me and tells the ex what I’ve been doing (supposedly) and then the ex leaves all these notes around the house for me (and they weren’t very positive notes). The same day I discovered the notes around the house, she comes home while I am there and I confront her about the stuff she’s writing to me. And, somehow, after talking about everything we become friends. And, I recall thinking in the dream how odd it felt realizing that we’ve basically ‘made up’ and were actually talking as friends. Very strange dream, no?

My second thought is about saying good bye, permanently, to Adam.  Honestly, I am not that upset about saying good bye as I have no emotional attachment to him what-so-ever; but I thought I would be able to send an email every once in a blue moon to say ‘Hi’ and see what he’s up to (just as I’ve done since 2005 when he moved out). But, I confronted him (via email as that’s the only means of communication I have to him) about the impression I had that he doesn’t want to be hearing from me for non divorce related stuff. You see, I’ve always remained friends with all my exes, even if I started a new relationship or if they started a new relationship; it just wasn’t odd to me. But, Adam is different; he’s a very private person and even though I’m not asking him private questions, I got the feeling that he doesn’t want to be hearing from me after the divorce. Which, as I’ve mentioned, is fine. After all, we need to close certain chapters from our past and move on to start the new chapters. I don’t think I’ll ‘miss’ him in any sense. I guess, in a sense, I received closure from him when he, more or less, confirmed what I thought. So, that is that.

Now, onto the wedding stuff! Last night I bought my first wedding magazine!! I bought the winter edition of The Knot, the magazine version of the website for things in the DC, VA, MD area. And, today, I read that magazine from cover to cover! I highlighted things of interest and worth looking into and checked out a few vendors and potential wedding/ceremony websites.

Even though, as of today, I have 653 days until my wedding, I want to pick out my location; and it’s slightly difficult because I don’t know how many guests we’re going to invite vs. attend. Greg thinks we’ll easily have 150 attendees; I think he’s wrong. Plus, if we have a wedding with that many guests, it’s really going to be financially stressful for us (I, without mentioning anything to my family – as in asking, am not expecting help from our families for our wedding, especially since I’m a repeat bride (sorta)). I am expecting something smaller, like around 75 guests. The second topic of discussion is where to host our wedding and reception. Greg said he wants to do something exotic and feels that if we hold our wedding and reception at a park, that it’s too traditional. Greg and I view the word ‘traditional’ in terms of a wedding completely different; to me, a traditional wedding is a wedding that is held in a church and the reception in a banquet hall. So far, Greg and I have added Ripkin Stadiumas a possible ceremony/reception site. My Mom, on the other hand, would like us to have our wedding reception (as least) at her house. Granted, there are 20 acres to fit everyone, and there is a small beach where we could have the bon fire, but I feel it would be too much of a drive for everyone, and that there are no hotels near by for the guests (since EVERYONE would need a hotel room); if Mom lived closer, then I would seriously consider it (after all, my other wedding reception was held at home in Churchton). I believe the planning would be easier on me if I knew how much money I had to work with. But, I want to know how much everything is going to cost before I set my budget… it feels like I’m in a ‘catch 22’ regarding this part of the planning. Eh, as Greg says, we have plenty of time. Oh, and another item we dicussed was our “save the date” notices – we’re going to send them out this summer. We’re thinking magnets so everyone can put it on the fridge and, hopefully, not forget.

So, not too much going on.

Although, I really should be planning Amelia’s First Birthday Party, as I only have 2 weeks (eek!!). Guess Greg and I will work on that this weekend…