Clean Up

For the last two hours I’ve been burning all photos and video clips onto DVD’s.

The amount of files I copied over is… kinda startling and… sad. I am such a photo whore and I need to control my shutter finger!

I transferred nearly 5,000 photos/video’s !!!

And, that’s just from Dec 2007 to Sept 21, 2008!!!! not even a full year!

Yeah, don’t even look at my Flickr account… cause I will tell you how many photo’s I’ve uploaded… 9,037. I’m so ashamed.


I’m cleaning up my hard drive in preparation for the cruise (a little over three months to go!!); I’ve been meaning to do this for like the last month and a half, but I keep getting distracted. I was only able to do it tonight because we had no cable or internet (the things we do when we are without TV and Web). But, while the DVD’s were burning, I cleaned up a little and Greg and I talked, at length, about the cruise and what we’re looking forward to.

While talking to Greg about the cruise, I asked him a few personal questions (though, not really personal) about our cruise vs. his past cruise (that was with his ex, but not comparing our cruise, as in relationship and with his ex, but about the different cruise lines and entertainment/events/itineraries… things of that nature) and he feels this cruise is going to be far better than his previous cruise for many reasons. Mainly, this cruise is going to be longer, as in days at sea. There are specialty restaurants, enough that we could try a different place each night – for lunch and dinner! There are more activities on the cruise (he’s most excited about the casino), plus the two completely different destinations that are awesome!

I did express my concern to Greg about him comparing every minute detail (cabin size, bathroom size, customer service, etc) of our cruise to his previous cruise (and I used the examples “On the cruise that **** and I took…” or “The beds were so much more comfortable on the ****** Cruise”), and he assured me that that wasn’t going to happen, and stated that the cruise he and I are taking is completely different, in all aspects, from his previous cruise, and there’s no way he could compare our cruise to his previous cruise (as it’s like comparing a lemon to a kiwi).

My next, expressed, concern was that Greg was going to be a “schedule control freak” and that every minute of all 5 days were going to be planned out; as, you may or may not know, Greg and I are somewhat planners and like to know certain things in advance (I’m already bugging Daniel about our arrival in January!), but I do not want this cruise to be … so controlled. I want to be able to do things on a whim (especially on the ship) and just be carefree for the five days we’re on the ship. Greg assured me that it’s not going to be like that, as that was one of the negatives about his last cruise – it felt rushed; which is what I don’t want to feel.

I’m just getting more and more excited each passing day. Usually, the excitement lasts a few days then it fades (because I keep telling myself “stop thinking about it, there’s still XX months to go”), but this past week it’s been nonstop thinking, researching, shopping (for clothes, shoes, etc), message boarding, etc. The cruise is starting to take over my mind. I’ve marked my calendar at work (that’s posted on my wall), each month we’re closer (the 17th is the fly out date – that’s highlighted in yellow, and the 18th is the cruise date – that’s highlighted in green) as my countdown.  I am slightly thankful September has flown by (although, as Greg and I were talking earlier tonight, we can’t believe it was only 3 weeks ago that we went to PA for the day, as it feels like it was last month) and I am secretly hoping October is the same. I know November and December are going to zoom due to the holidays and then, it will be Amelia’s 2nd birthday and five days later we head out to Florida.


End of the week – End of the year (almost)

So, as I was sitting at my desk today – staring at the calendar that I made – I realized that I haven’t worked a full week this entire month! So far, I’ve missed five days! Two were scheduled days and the other three were call outs. I’ve never missed that much work in one month!

Today was payday and there was a little unexpected bonus money!! Who doesn’t like extra money when you’re not expecting it?! Also, as I expected, my commission payout was horrible – but some is better than none.

Ok, so I am finally starting to get a little excited about Christmas. I know I’ve been writing for nearly two months about how excited I am getting about Christmas, but this excitement feeling is different, it’s like a realization excitement. It feels like this is something I can’t explain in words on here. Grr. I need to take a class and learn how to express my thoughts and feelings with words.

Moving on…

So, I couldn’t wait to get out of work today. I had a lot to do! The plan was to get my nails done and head over to Target to get Aprils gift (since I didn’t go during lunch today). But it took way too long for me to get my nails done. But, Greg was planning on going to Target anyway to finish up a few last minutes gifts for me as well to get Amelia’s first stocking and a stocking for me. Well, as I mentioned, I never made it to Target, so I called Greg to tell him to get the crock pot and to get something for Olivia. Well, he got the crock-pot. Nothing else.

My nails, on the other hand, are great! I had the technician cut them way short for a few reasons: 1) so I could type with much fewer errors; and 2) so I can pick up Amelia without scratching her.

So, with the recent realization (earlier today while at work and staring at the calendar) that Amelia’s FIRST BIRTHDAY is only three short weeks (from tomorrow) away, I have begun the invitation creation. I don’t have the time to work on hand made invitations so we’re going to use eVite. It’s a pretty cool website (been using it for many years); now I just have to hunt for all my email address and collect the ones from work.

OMG! Amelia is turning one in three weeks! Yes, I’ve been watching the count down on the front page but I guess I haven’t really been paying attention with all else that’s been going on these past few weeks (baby being sick, me recovering from the tooth extraction, etc). Wow! A year already! It’s really been a year. A full circle of time. Damn. I can’t believe it (sorta). I remember all that I was going through this time last year as if it was the other day!! All the anxiety and fears, taking the insulin shots before bedtime, opening all the presents from my Mom and each thing was for Amelia and nothing but a package of underwear for me. Oh my god, where there so many emotions going through me – more than I can share on here. I had so many fears (more than just giving birth); even after Amelia was here. I had no idea what to do. But, all is well and we’re now going to celebrate one year with the knowledge of many more to come (and maybe with future additions).

I have that nervous/excited butterfly feeling in my stomach. Maybe it has something to do with the excitement about my divorce finally coming to an end; maybe the fact that this our, Greg and me, first Christmas together as a couple and that we’re a family, maybe there is something magical about this Christmas or just the conclusion of 2007 nearing and all the events, good and bad, that I and we, have experienced are just another chapter in life, something to ‘chock one up to…”

Greg and I have begun to discuss our goals for 2008; things we want to accomplish (the standard debt reduction, weight reduction, savings increasing, etc) and what special trips or things to do to make 2008 memorable (such as going to see a game at Yankee’s stadium before it’s demolished). One thing is for sure, I can’t wait until 2008 arrives!