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Father's Day 2007

Father's Day 2008

Amazing what a difference a year makes.


Father’s Day 2007

Today was Greg’s first Father’s Day! Boy, did we do a lot!

First, we arrived at Bill Bateman’s for their Father’s Day Brunch. The food was amazingly good; well, the stuff I ate at least. Greg’s only complaint was that the waffles were a little bland. Anyway, there was an amazing selection to choose from. I loaded up on the bacon for some reason; just something I have been craving lately.

After breakfast, we head over to Babies-R-Us to get Amelia a hat. The bonnet that we bought back in April is either missing or at my Mom’s. So, we bought Amelia her first baseball cap. While at the store, I asked Greg if we have a boy next, is he going to buy all sports related outfits and he said “Oh yes!” emphatically. It’s kinda weird to think about having another baby, but at the same time it’s kinda exciting.

Once we purchased the hat, we head to the ATM for Greg and then we’re off to Camden Yards for our first game of the season and Amelia’s first game ever. The ride to the stadium was nice. It wasn’t crowded at all and I got an amazing parking spot! When we arrived at the stadium, we picked up the tickets at will call and walked to the ticket checker stand thingy and the lady asked us if this was Amelia’s first game and we said yes and then she told us that we could get a certificate to remember the day! So, that’s the first thing we did once we were in the stadium. Then, we went potty. LOL Once we were all done and settled, we went to our seats and I was upset about the seats because I specifically asked for seats on the end of the row and we were 5 seats from the end, and there were people on both sides of us. Now, mind you, we have packed Amelia’s diaper bag, car seat, my purse, the snugglie, and Greg’s camera bag. That’s a lot! Next time we go to a game, I’m just going to buy another seat to put all the stuff we carry in. Amelia did pretty well at the stadium, for a while, and then she became really fussy and irritable. She was hot and sweaty and tired. She hasn’t napped much at all by this point. I tried to hold her and comfort her but she just kept screaming at the top of her lungs! Finally, Greg and I were like, ‘ok, we need to get her out of here’ and start to pack up. By now, it’s only the second inning! And, as soon as I put Amelia in her car seat, she was out cold! So, Greg and I stayed a little longer. After about 15 minutes or so, we decided to move our seats because it was so cramped. We made it through 5 innings and decided to head home. We both got a lot of sun and we wanted to beat the crowd. Next game is going to be a evening game.

Once we made it home, we fed Amelia and placed her in the crib, then Greg and I rubbed aloe lotion on each other for the sun burns, then Greg and I lied next to each other and chatted. Much about nothing really, but it just felt good to be in his arms.

This whole weekend, Greg and I talked about our future together. We talked about goals for us, rather than a goal for him or I. One goal that we talked about is buying our first house and what we need to do to get there. We both agree that we need to improve our credit scores. The last time I checked mine was either just before Amelia was born or when I returned to work. I can’t remember. And, when Greg opened up his checking account with Wachovia on Saturday, they game him his current credit score. So, we know where we stand and we’ve placed a goal of what number we want to achieve before we start looking for a house. We talked about how we are going to achieve this goal and how we’re going to do so for each other.

This relationship with Greg is completely different than any relationship I’ve ever experienced. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I just can’t seem to get over how much happier I am with Greg. It’s really like a dream or wish come true while I am with him. He’s so caring, compassionate, dedicated to Amelia, loving and so many other emotions that words can not describe. Greg is always more than willing to help me, even before I ask him to do so. Even though he doesn’t live with Aaron, Sean, and me, he helps clean the townhouse (like take the trash out, load and unload the dishwasher, straighten the living room, etc). When ever I am upset about something (and this happens more often than it used to), Greg always wants to talk about what’s bothering me and he means it. He wants to make me happy, even if he’s the reason I am upset. He tells me over and over how good our relationship is because we are so open with each other; and I agree with him. I believe what makes this relationship different and better than the ones we’ve experienced in the past is because 1. we’re completely open and honest with each other; 2. we have the same goals in life, separate and combined; 3. we have so much in common, in all aspects of life; 4. this is real. we are not settling to appease us or for Amelia. neither one of us is giving up something to be in a relationship to have that status. everything that I feel for greg and that he feels for me is true and not because either of us feel that ‘we have to’. We know the feelings are not superficial, as they have been with past relationships (on both sides), and that what we are feeling for each other is deep and not something that fades away; 5. we are not needy of one another, meaning that we both know we like time to ourselves and don’t cry when one of us isn’t paying attention to another. I know greg likes his gaming time and that’s something I’m not going to take away from him, or have him change, just like I like my tv time or reading time. Neither one of us expects the other to give up something that we enjoy to make the other happy.

Surprises and Father’s Day

This weekend is Father’s Day, as you may know. Along with buying Greg his ice tea maker, I’ve bought 2 tickets to the Orioles for Sunday!! The seats are in Section 98 Row B and on the end. That’s as close to the field as I could get. Greg doesn’t know that I’ve bought the tickets, so they are a surprise. Sssshhhhh!! LOL I am also planning on treating him to all food and drinks as well. I did confirm that I can bring my own water for Amelia’s bottles and that I don’t have to buy a ticket for her. This should be interesting; Amelia’s first game. I am going to see if I can Nick Markakis or Tejada to ‘sign my baby’. If I could get one of their autographs for Greg, I bet that would make his day!

A surprise that I learned from Greg was that he was telling/showing a co-worker of his, Brooke, of where we, as in Greg and I, are going for a honeymoon! This leads me to believe that Greg, 1. is sharing personal information with his co-workers, such as feelings for me and our future, and 2. he is looking forward to marrying me; even so that he’s sharing the honeymoon plans with co-workers! This amazed me last night because Greg is one of those people that likes to keep family, friends, and co-workers separate from each other. I learned that a long time ago. But, after last night’s discussion, he’s changing and integrating everyone! This makes me happy. Besides, Brooke told Greg that we are perfect for each other because we’re both smart asses. Oh, that silly Brooke!

Ok, there are about 2 weeks left until the move. I am getting more and more excited! Unfortunately, these next two weekends are already busy. On Saturday, Greg and I are going to open the new checking accounts at Wachovia and Sunday is the Baseball game. Next Saturday is my cousin April’s baby shower down in Waldorf. So, I am thinking that after Greg and I go to the bank on Saturday, we’re going to start bagging, boxing, and tubing things. There really isn’t all that much to move since we’ve both moved in the last 12 months. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about my 1200lb couch and Greg isn’t taking his couch-like things because Pat, Greg’s other brother, is giving us his couches! So, out of the townhouse, I am moving my bedroom stuff and the dining room table and chairs as well as a few kitchen items (plates, pots/pans, microwave, etc). We should be able to do it all in the afternoon.

Last night, I moved all my private posts from my Y! 360 blog to my ‘secret garden’ as I’m calling it, and re-opened the Y! 360 blog. It was interesting to read all the stuff I wrote about in March and April. My god, was I emotionally nuts back then. I feel, that with each month/cycle, my emotions are becoming a little more stable. So far, *knock on wood* I don’t feel as insecure about some things that I did last month, but at the same time, I haven’t started my cycle, yet (and I know it’s on the way because my appetite has increased significantly, my lower back hurts, especially on the left side, I am feeling a little crampy, etc). So, we shall see how the week goes. At least my cycle will be over in time for moving; I hope. I didn’t take my active pill on Sunday and I still haven’t started. But, no matter what, I am going to start my new pack this coming Sunday.

Yesterday, at work, I ran across a very fascinating blog about infertility. The lady has an amazing writing and story telling style! I was completely engulfed in her blog and was reading from the very beginning. I plan on finishing up today (thankfully, we’re fully staffed and the calls have died down some).

For a while, after the doctor told me that it would be nearly impossible for me to conceive on my own due to PCOS, I researched infertility treatments and Adam and I even talked about seeing a specialist just to get an idea of what our options would be when we were ready. Obviously, something changed from 2002 to 2006. It’s ‘weird’ to think, but Adam and I were together for nearly 8 years and we never became pregnant; Greg and I were ‘together’ for 8 months and I become pregnant. Hmm, makes one think … guess we’ll never know… Anyway, there is hope for those out there that have been told ‘you can not conceive naturally.’