First Day of 2008

I wrote my first check for 2008 today at Giant!

And, that’s about it for excitement.

Greg and I stayed up until midnight last night; watched all the fireworks go off around us (Glen Burnie and Pasadena) and then went to bed. Such an eventful night, right?

Our first day of the new year was very uneventful. We took down the Christmas decorations and put them away; cleaned the kitchen only to mess it up again; washed about five loads of laundry; ran to the grocery store for a few items; tried a new recipe with mixed results and Sean and Aaron visited for about a half hour. I was able to upload the pictures from yesterday onto Flickr, and here are a few favorites:

mini martini line up
Sean and the giant Raspberry Long Island Tea
Brother and Sister
Amelia using her new sippy cup
Cabbage Patch Baby

Doesn’t that last picture look like a baby-doll head? Amelia was being goofy and resting her head on the table.

Greg and I have been talking about our travel plans for 2008. We’re considering more smaller trips than the one big trip to Seattle. The smaller trips would be to New York (to see a game at Yankee Stadium), Atlanta (to visit the new-ish aquarium), Alabama, and Michigan with Alabama and Michigan to visit family.

We were looking up airfare the other night to Atlanta and Alabama and it’s slightly discouraging that it will cost between $700-$900 in airfare alone! Yeesh. At least we have a little time for the travel planning and we’re thinking about contacting a travel agency for a few things.

Not much talk going on about our wedding. I’ve picked up two more magazines and a “weddings for dummies” booklet but I haven’t even touched them.

I really need to start working on Amelia’s birthday party. Actually, I should be working on the eVites right now… But, Greg and I are going to use this weekend to start planning the food and things related (we get paid this Friday so it will help us figure our budget).

With that being said, I am going to work on the eVites…