Update 5.10

Well, this pregnancy has started off with a bang!

I went for my first check-up & during the appointment the doc tested my sugar level & it was over 200! So, she said she wants me to go to the hospital to get it under control. I expected to be here for 1 day, this is day 3. But, I should be going home this (late) afternoon or evening.

Oh, the adventures I’ve had here; the 6 attempts to put an IV in; the 5am blood draws, the inability to wash my hair (’cause the hospital doesn’t provide shampoo), the horrible sleep… I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

On the positive side, Greg and Amelia can visit when ever they want for how long they want since there really isn’t any restrictions on the visiting hours.

While here, in the hospital, Greg and I came up with a nickname for the growing baby: bitmap. As in the old file extension of “.bmp”. We haven’t told Amelia yet and we needed so come up with something so we could talk about the baby when she’s around. Although, it was tempting to tell Mimi because when she first visited me in the hospital her first question was “Are we having a baby?” I looked at Greg to see what he was going to say.

Since I have gestational diabetes, I’m going to be on insulin. I’m not that scared. Of course, we’re concerned of the health of the baby, so it makes all this easy to accept. Also, I’m going to be on a pretty strict carb diet and Greg is joining me on this diet as well.

The endocrinologist and dietician, both, suggested this website called CalorieKing for nutritional information while we go out to eat. I’m pleased to see that I can still go to some of our favorite places and order my favorite meals and be within my carb limit. So, this isn’t going to be too bad.