What’s New?

I’ve lost 60 pounds! Holy smokes, y’all. My clothes are too big, my bra’s are too big, even my underwear is too big. Yet, I haven’t gone shopping for new clothes because I hate spending money on myself; my psychiatrist thinks that’s unusual (me not spending money on clothes, etc.). Honestly, I don’t even know what size I am because I continue to wear my old clothes, and plan to do so until they’re literally falling off of me (in which case, they’re starting to do… I wore one of Greg’s belts yesterday for the first time). This whole weight-loss surgery has been a ‘hurry up and wait’ thing for me. I’m excited to see where it will take me, and I want to get there as soon as possible, but I know it’s going to take time.

Greg starts his new job in a couple of weeks. It’ll be an adjustment to him going back to work after nearly 5 years (since being laid off), but we’re both excited. His training is going to be 4 weeks long! Then, afterwards, we hope he gets the schedule he’s selected which he’ll be working a night shift (until midnight).

With Greg working, Sofia will be going to daycare full-time for the first time in her 3.5 years of life. Also, since the training is 4 weeks long, Amelia will be going to my Mom’s for a month.

My job has been going well. We’re going to be moving offices towards the end of the year. It’ll be weird with a new commute; I’ve been doing the current one for nearly 10 years! But, I’m excited about the new office. It’ll be in downtown Baltimore, right on the water, with amazing views and a lot of new amenities.

Amelia is graduating from the 3rd grade next week. Good grief time is flying by. I can’t believe she’s nearly 10 years old, and nearing the end of her years in elementary school. I soo don’t feel old enough to have a soon-to-be middle school-er. Not at all. Also, Amelia made honor roll this entire school year. So proud of her! She’s doing really well in math (probably better than me), and reading (she’s above grade level).

Sofia has finally graduated to big-girl status by being 100% in underwear. No more pull-ups and diapers for this gal! I’m so proud of her as well. Even at bedtime. And, we haven’t had a single accident in the past 3-4 weeks that she’s been wearing undies.

Greg has completed his final ‘step’ in terms of medical clearance for his turn at the surgery. We’re just waiting for his next appointment with the surgeon to schedule his date.

This summer is going to fly by. A lot of new changes and routines, and I can’t wait!


Baby Steps

Today is my oldest daughters birthday. She is now eight years old. I took a half day from work and surprised with with cupcakes at school; the whole class room was excited! Amelia asked me to stay longer and I told her that I had to go back to work. That was a lie. I had intentions of doing some other things, mainly surprising her yet again by being home when she got off the bus.

The ‘other things’ I had to do were to go to the gym and talk about membership. And, today, I now how a gym membership (as does Greg). This is the ‘baby step’ into my goals for 2015. I chatted with their personal trainer, whom was friendly and seemed to be “fat friendly” too. I explained that I like to workout in a group setting, such as the cardiovascular classes (read: Zumba) as well as some sort of ‘work out’ to build my endurance and stamina. The personal trainer dude totally got what I was saying. That was nice. And. the ‘sales’ dude was friendly. He knocked off some money ’cause I don’t have the need for the tanning booths, massage chairs, and half off water/bar items. And, Greg has no intentions of doing any of the classes. So, our monthly cost is $40 for both of us. Not too bad.

Tomorrow is my one-on-one with the trainer. I’m excited to see how things go and what he recommends. I’m debating if I should do a seperate journal for the Health 2015 mission… not like I’ve been updating this blog on the regular (except for this month – third post!). Plus, classes began today so we’ll see how much free time I have once everything goes into full swing.

But, I just wanted to put it out there that i’ve been actively working on my goals. Also, if anyone uses MyFitnessPal – look me up!

She’s Here!

**this post was started on January 12, 2013. So, some things my be a little ‘old’**


Sofia arrived on December 20, 2012 at 12:49pm weighing in at a healthy 8lbs and 9 ounces and 20.5 inches long. I wasn’t expecting such a big baby! Especially since Amelia only weighed 6lbs and 14 ounces and 18 inches. Nor, was I expecting a blonde/reddish-haired baby.

My anxiety and fears made me so freaked out about my csection, but in reality it wasn’t all that bad. The only ‘issues’ I’ve had have been with the JP Drain and the incision site (three weeks later and it still hurts).

Here’s the story of Sofia’s birthday:

The morning started out as normal; we got up and got Amelia off to school. Greg and I did a quick run to Target.

We arrived at the hospital a little after 9:30am and the staff was ready for us. I was taken to the recovery room and got hooked up to the IV and monitoring belt. I hate those baby monitoring belts more than anything else in the world (while pregnant). Fortunately, since baby girl was doing so well, they unhooked me after an hour or so.

Once I was off the machine, I got up and stretched a little and Greg took my last pregnant belly photo:


My csection was scheduled for 11am. Well, my OB was not on schedule (due to no fault of her own). As the time passed, my anxiety increased. Finally, at 12:02pm I was escorted into the OR room (there’s a clock on the back wall and I was watching it like a hawk). Then I went into overdrive. The nurses were amazing and tried their hardest to make me comfortable and calm… I was too far gone. My blood pressure, which the cuff was going off, like, every three minutes, steadily increased which made me panic even more (I was afraid I was going to literally have a heart attack because of my anxiety and panic). Plus, Greg wasn’t with me yet and that made me more scared.

The anesthesiologist was amazing. I hardly felt the needle going into my spine and the epidural and spinal block were 99% effective. Once the first part of my anxiety was over, I was more calm. However, the second part of my anxiety, the effectiveness of the medication, began.

Slowly I felt the medication working. It starts with a warming sensation in your legs. Mine started with the left side. It took a little longer than I would have liked for it to work on the right side. Slowly, but surly, I began to feel the numbness increase — which had the feeling of your legs falling asleep with the pins and needles sensation. I asked the nurses and who ever else was in there (still no Greg) if this feeling was normal and if I would constantly feel it. The answer given was yes. Well, this increased my anxiety again because I was afraid that I would feel the pins and needles with every cut.

By the way, once the spinal medicine was in my blood pressure dropped. A lot. I asked the room if this was normal as well and if how much it was dropping was normal (at times, I saw my blood pressure 94/7X when, prior, it was 18X/100). Again, the answer was yes.

The OB came in, did her prep stuff, and the next thing I hear is my skin being cut. I asked if she had begun and she said yes. Thank goodness I didn’t feel the cutting. And, as soon as this part began Greg was let in.

Once Greg was next to me everything calmed down. I was so happy to see him and have him holding my hand. Plus, he could give me the descriptions of what was going on (since I had a little curtain blocking my view).

Unfortunately, Greg got to see a lot more than he bargained for. He didn’t have a curtain to block his view. Unfortunately for me, Greg didn’t want to see what was going on and focused more on me. Greg did see when my water was broken; his comments were “it was like a geyser going off” and some did get on the doctor. Apparently, there was a lot of fluid.

Next thing I heard was Sofia’s feet were out and that she was pee’ing on the doc. There seemed to be a bit of a struggle to get Sofia completely out because she was in such an awkward position and so high up. Plus, she had the cord wrapped around her neck. Greg stated he was panicking a little because of how long she was head-in and was worried she wasn’t getting any oxygen. But, in reality, it took all of 30 seconds to get her out.

Once Sofia was out and in the warming station, Greg went to be with her. I kept asking what does she look like because I was expecting her to look just like Amelia. I was shocked when they said she was a strawberry blonde and that she weighed over eight pounds! It took days for me to wrap my head around this.


Eventually, once Sofia was given the all-clear I got too see her for the first time:


















They tested Sofia’s sugar and it was low (I was told they treat babies that are 45 or less and Sofia was 43), so they gave her a bottle and all was well.

Greg asked me if I wanted him to stay with me or to go with Sofia. I could tell by the excitement in his voice that he wanted to be with Sofia so I told him to go with her. While Greg was with Sofia, I was on the OR table getting stitched up. If you’re wondering, I did opt for a tubal so there will be no more babies for me (unless the tubal isn’t successful).

The rest of the stay was okay. We did learn, while trying to breastfeed Sofia, that she was ‘tongue tied‘ and it was causing some difficulties with her latching on. So, a specialist came and and examined her and decided she needed to have a minor cut done to allow her to stick her tongue more for a better latch. I was worried that it was going to be painful and Sofia wouldn’t be able to properly eat for days while it heals, etc. But, none of that was necessary. The had Sofia for less than a half hour and she didn’t even cry. Unfortunately, breastfeed wasn’t as successful as I hoped. Sofia needed formula to supplement because she was loosing too much weight. When we left the hospital, Sofia nearly lost a pound! By the time Sofia was 5 weeks old she was 100% formula fed. My milk never came in, or wasn’t enough to keep up with her demands.  And, we had to switch Sofia to a soy based formula due to her reflux (same with Amelia).

Other than the above, Sofia has been amazing! She’s very alert and aware of her surroundings. She LOVES Amelia and giver her big sister the biggest smile when Amelia enters her field of vision or when Amelia reads to her.

My recovery was uneventful. I occasionally feel pain where my incision is but those are becoming less frequent.

My maternity leave went by way too quick. Greg and I enjoyed our time together with Sofia. We were both sad that I had to go back to work.

Greg is doing an amazing job being a SAHD (stay at home dad). He loves that he gets to spend so much time with both girls. Plus, it’s saving us SO much money since we don’t need daycare.







Baby Girl

Amelia was sickest she’s ever been earlier this week. So sick that Greg and I took her to the ER  because she would not stop throwing-up!


Of course, when Amelia is sick all she wants is her Daddy. And, Greg is more than happy to do whatever it takes to keep his baby girl happy.

The pediatrician on-call at the hospital gave Amelia Zofran to see if that helps stop the vomiting and it did. However, while we were waiting to make sure the medication worked, Amelia spiked a fever of 102.7 and the doc wouldn’t let us go until the fever was brought down. This took several hours, even after a dose of children’s Tylenol.

We didn’t get home until 3am. Amelia woke up at 6am and started throwing-up again and her fever was back with a vengeance. Greg, the doting dad that he is, went out to Walgreens and filled Amelia’s prescription for Zofran so we could give it to her. The medication helped a lot and Amelia was able to keep the Gatorade down, but then the diarrhea started. My poor baby girl; she cried every time she had to go because it burned. I felt so horrible.

Eventually, Amelia took a nap (and so did Greg) and I went out to run a few errands and go to the laundromat because our washer broke!

Today, Amelia is finally on the mend. She’s actually gotten out of bed (aside from when she needs to use the bathroom) and went into the living room, and she’s asked for something to eat for the first time since Tuesday. Hopefully, Amelia will fully recover over the weekend and will be ready to return to her normal self by Monday.


I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

I’ve decided to stop birth control pills (well, technically I stopped back in January) and have an IUD inserted.

The doctor told me it was going to be… uncomfortable (read: hurt)… during the procedure AND it is strongly recommended the IUD be inserted during a cycle because, apparently, the cervix is softer.

I’ve taken the entire day off.

Also, as of this afternoon, I am coming down with a cold or something. I’ve got that nagging itchy/sore throat, sneezing spells, watery eye, and runny nose thing going on (and, oddly, the watery eye and runny nose are on the same side of my face).

So, tomorrow could be interesting.

My Little Mimi

She’s sick.

Probably the sickest I’ve ever seen her (in her short 25 months of life).

She has croup — again; isn’t this, like, the third time in just over a year?

In addition to her croup, I think she has a stomach bug because she’s thrown up 3x’s in the last 24 hours; the most recent (a little over an hour ago) was the biggest — as in volume. Thank goodness I didn’t witness it (although, I did hear it), otherwise Greg would have two puddles to clean (and I’m getting queasy just thinking about it).

I took her to the doctor’s this evening. I asked him if it’s ‘normal’ (meaning common) for toddlers to get croup as often as Amelia does (because, I’m thinking croup is one of those things that died with polio or something) and he said it’s still a common thing, and Amelia is just hyper-sensitive to it. I guess I should read up on croup (is it a virus, bacteria, etc)… So, she is on a round of prednisolone to reduce the inflammation in her vocal cords.

Oh, and last night, Amelia had a fever of 103.7! Greg and I were torn about what to do; we had a pretty good idea that she had croup and, really, there isn’t a  ‘cure’ for it, other than the prednisolone medicine, yet, at the same time, we knew that she was miserable – despite the smile she kept on her face – and got as far  as getting dressed to take Amelia to the ER. However, we decided to call the “ask a nurse” line and get a second opinion/calm our worries about Amelia’s condition and symptoms. So, long story short, we stayed home and Amelia had a rough night of sleep; and so did Greg.

Have I mentioned how awesome of a father Greg is? He goes above and beyond my expectations as a father and husband. Greg didn’t get much sleep because he was worried about Amelia and attended to her when she would wake. I remember, at some point in the early morning, hearing Greg take Amelia into our bathroom and turn on the shower to get the (bath)room as steamy as possible to ease Amelia’s coughing (which worked).  Greg is so… dedicated to Amelia.  She is a total “Daddy’s Little Girl” and I believe she knows it because she has Greg wrapped around all her little fingers – which Greg admits to.

Amelia is sleeping comfortably, for now. We gave her a nice warm bath with new strawberry scented “Dora bubbles” and let her fall alseep in our bed. I hope she sleeps well for the rest of the night.

Recently, I was thinking about how, pretty soon, Amelia will be too big to fall asleep in my arms; she’s ‘out-growing’ that need to snuggle into me. And, I am going to miss that … bonding. Honestly, I already miss it; but there are the few occasions where Amelia will lie with me in our bed and snuggle into my arms any lay with me until she falls asleep. And , last night, I picked her up as I sat up in the bed and she fell back asleep into my arms… it’s a moment like that gives me such an emotional feeling … a feeling like: I am the one person that makes her feel well; I comfort her when she’s feeling at her worst… honestly, I can’t describe how I felt last night as I held Amelia in my arms… but, I just know I won’t have too many of the moments in the upcoming future; Amelia is growing up, fast.

Work in Progress

My little report on Amelia’s first trip to the beach is a work in progress. Three are A LOT of pictures (Greg took most of them and I’m waiting for him to upload his to Flickr or until I can ‘steal’ them from his computer… which ever comes first) to share (all of mine are up for friends and family to see – for now). Also, I’m not feeling all that well. I believe I over did it with the tooth extraction and now I’m paying for it; plus I gave my Mom my current supply of antibiotics for her own tooth issues (she doesn’t have health insurance), albeit I have a rx for a new supply (and MORE Vicodine  – I swear the dentist gives this stuff out like candy!). Oh, and that I am recovering from my sunburn:
I still feel like this

I still feel like this

There’s a picture for HNT (half-nekkid Thursdays).

Can you believe I had over 50 emails waiting for me at work?! I was only out for three days, people! I was able to catch-up to about 80% of the emails, which is surprisingly good, considering how much they hinder my ability to actually work on things. Oh, and they (my manager and supervisor) moved my desk while I was out. This morning, I was walking towards my old spot and was informed by J (the training manager, he’s really cool) that I’ve been moved – I now sit right in front of the manager and supervisor. So much for getting away with all that I could at my old spot (which I LOVED… I had the window and was alone). Greg views my new spot as a good thing being that I can “get in”, as in buddy buddy, with the people it matters for future promotions (as compared to what I previously wrote about); I don’t see it like he does. Either way, my first day back wasn’t all that stressful, thankfully.

My girlfriend, Michele, text’d me this afternoon asking me if I was available on Saturday. Well, Saturday is Olivia’s first birthday and I told April that we would be there, but now (prior to getting the text from Michele) I’m reconsidering; Greg and I have done so much driving in the last 5 days and spent so much money in gas. We need a break! So, I’ve been debating about driving ALL THE WAY DOWN to La Plata, again, for the birthday party. I feel bad that I’m seriously considering not going, but it’s going to be hot and humid, it’s a long drive, Amelia is probably going to be cranky, and we want a day to relax. Anyway, I told Michele about the birthday party and she told me she wants to come down, see me, and go out for crabs (our spot on the Eastern Shore that has all-you-can-eat). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Michele (earlier this year I believe, when I went with her to her docs appointment when she felt a lump in her breast… I know I mentioned it, but I’m too lazy to find it and link it) and now that she’s engaged I know she wants to talk wedding (plus she sends me all these cute texts about things she’s looking at, wedding related, and how she’s always thinking of me), and it would be nice to talk wedding with someone. We’ve set a tentative date, Aug 17, to get together and possibly wedding dress shop (we have the same style in mind), which is something I really need to start doing… time is running out! Anyway, I’m torn between going to Olivia’s  (who I saw this past Sunday) first birthday or seeing one of my bestest friends (that I haven’t seen in quite some time)…

I’m beat. I’m thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY and PAYDAY (not like I have extra spending money) and I have two days to unwind (hopefully). Having no plans for the weekend is sometimes the best plan!