Retail Therapy

Today we did a little unexpected retail therapy.

Last week I had made an appointment to Apple’s Genius Bar to look at my MacBook Pro; the warranty is going to expire in about a week and I wanted to have the laptop looked at to make sure all is well. Also, the CD/DVD drive doesn’t pick up when I insert a disk, so I wanted that looked at too. Turns out there is an issue with the drive and Apple is going to replace it (for free) and I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

When we were done at the Apple store, we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch (and we didn’t get dessert). The corn fritters at this place are amazing! Also, their chicken salad sandwich is so good.

After lunch, Amelia wanted to ride the carousel. It has become a tradition to ride the carousel whenever we visit the mall.

After the carousel, we walked the long way back to our car but made a pitstop at The Disney Store. Greg initially said we were not to buy anything, but left spending $115. On 2 items. I bought some Pixie Dust lotion (which smells so nice and has glitter in it) and a gift card for our Disney vacation in 57 days! I’ve been wanting to buy a Disney gift card for a few months, specifically the ones that Sams Club was selling but Greg has always been hesitant. So, after talking to one of the Disney Store employees about where we can and can not use the card, Greg finally caved. We’re probably going to get another card, or add to this one before we leave.


Thanksgiving 2010

This year we were joined by my father-in-law, Steve, my uncle from Chicago, Tommy, and my cousin, Nate,and his wife, Kate,  from North Carolina made it up; so we had a lot of out of town visitors!


*missing are my Mom and brother… who knows where they went*

Amelia and Olivia had a great time feeding the birds bread.

And my cousin announced her pregnancy! Olivia is going to be a big sister! The baby is due at the beginning of July. I am so freaking excited for her. And, I totally have baby on the brain now.

This year I made chorizo and apple stuffing and it was so effing good and Greg made the cranberry sauce which he is addicted to.

*stuffing is in the center of the table*

and once the food settled a little in our bellies it was time for dessert! We also sang Happy Birthday to my grandma (Amelia and Olivia’s great-grandma) since her birthday is next week.


It was a great Thanksgiving. I am so happy I was able to spend the day with those that I don’t get to see regularly.



While the Cats away…

… the mice will play.


Greg and Amelia are ‘at work’ (Amelia is at the babysitters and Greg really is at work) and I have the day off (getting used to these 4 day weekends). What am I doing with a whole day to myself? Well, glad you asked:

  1. Get car emissions done (no go – apparently the state is closed; will try again tomorrow)
  2. clean and vacuum car √
  3. find water shoes(socks) √
  4. stop at the pharmacy √
  5. run to Target for Internet birthday club gift exchange (for Amelia) √
  6. laundry – in progress
  7. clean kitchen √

there are other items to add to the list that Greg and I will work on together (packing list, double check the packing list, start packing, etc) when he gets home (hopefully soon).

By the way, all the tasks that required me to run around town were completed in less than 3 hours! Awesome! And, the farthest I drove was to the pharmacy; basically, I did it all by driving 8 miles. W00t for living in the ‘city’.

It still hasn’t sunk in that Greg and I will be leaving in 2 weeks for the cruise; I just don’t feel excited yet. Well, I do in the sense that it’s two weeks away, but not in the sense that I’m going on a cruise. Greg and I still don’t know what we’re doing for Amelia’s 2nd Birthday, and we have the wedding shower next weekend (as well as my company holiday party). It’s like I’m too busy to be excited.

Also, it doesn’t help that Greg has officially gone into ‘bitch mode’. He’s warned me about how controlling and anal about travel related things he gets; I didn’t see much of it when we flew to Michigan, but it’s definitely coming out now. I don’t know if I deal with him and ‘bitch mode’ for the next two weeks… this might be a challenge.

Speaking of the cruise, Greg booked our one and only shore excursion for the trip. This is what we’re going to do while at Cozumel, Mexico at the beautiful Chankanaab National Park:

  • explore the botanical gardens
  • befriend an iguana or two
  • Play with some dolphins by: Belly ride; Handshake; Dolphin kiss; Dolphin song; Touch the dolphin
  • and, do some snorkeling

I think I am most excited about snorkeling in beautiful blue waters (and breaking in my underwater camera housing unit).  Ok, Ok… I just became a little bit excited thinking about the snorkeling….

To distract my mind, I’m going over the 8 excel spreadsheets Greg just sent me over email; and I’m not exaggerating by saying there are 8.  We have a lot of planning to do before we leave…

Well, I’m off to fix some lunch….

Merry Christmas

Just a quick note.

Things have been incredibly stressful and …. just stressful.

Greg’s Grandma (his Mom’s Mom) passed away yesterday. Greg and I are paying for his Mom’s plane ticket out to Colorado to attend the funeral. She leaves tomorrow evening. Since we bought her ticket, we have to print the boarding pass and give it to her tonight (something about the credit card being in our name and not hers…) well, Greg and I don’t have a printer, nor does his Mom. And, Greg doesn’t have the key to get in his office to print the pass. Oh, and to add to the stress the boarding pass cant be printed until 6:30pm tonight or later.

So, as I type Greg is on his way to Best Buy for the second time today to buy a printer for us. Yep, we bought a printer just to print a boarding pass.

Our plan for the holiday is to stop by his Mom’s tonight (and Mimi is with my Mom) to give her the boarding pass and exchange gifts (I think) and then we’re going to head down to my Mom’s. Unfortunately, we won’t be arriving at my Mom’s until 10pm or so.

So, right now I have clothes in the washer and dryer and I’ve started some cleaning. I should be wrapping presents since we don’t have a single item wrapped, but I will get to that in a minute.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and I will try to post an update within the next 4 days.

Patience is a Virtue

Two months from today I will be in Florida, hanging out with my bestest gay friend Daniel. I am so freaking uber excited! I just have to wait 2 months!!

I am working on a surprise for Greg (the details will be password protected ’cause I don’t want him to find out) and I have to be patient with the planning. Ugh, I so want to tell him about the surprise but.. I can’t!!! I so want to surprise him – I’ve never been able to keep a surprise from him because I get so excited about it.

Greg can’t keep surprises from me either, and for the same reason. Right now, he’s working on something as well but I already know what it is; we’re just waiting for the right moment to do it. Greg told me he wanted to surprise me – it’s cruise related –  but I told him there would be no way he could keep ‘this’ surprise from me; especially during the next two months! Don’t worry, I have that post already written, I’m just waiting to share…

Um, so yeah… the next two months are going to feel so long, but I know they’re going to fly. Espeically since we’re starting our Christmas shopping and ideas for our friends/family; cruise shopping and just getting everything ready.

My luggage has been shipped (already!) and should be here by the end of the week! I’ve ordered my veil (for fun, not for the wedding) and should have that by the end of the week as well (maybe), and my flowers!! They’re not here, yet. The ‘florist’ should be finishing them up soon (I requested a few changes) and I hope to have them by the end of the month.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my girlfriend, Michele. We haven’t been able to chat since last month and we have a lot to catch-up on! So, I’m looking forward to her visit.

Well, I have a wicked headache brewing so I am going to go.

Random Stuff Part I

“Hey luuk! Yuoo’fe-a gut unuzeer intry tu reed!”

That’s Swedish Chef for: Hey look! You’ve got another entry to read!

Greg and I grew up on The Muppet’s and Sesame Street (rather than Disney) and the Swedish Chef is Greg’s all time favorite character. I’ve been searching through eBay to find something Swedish Chef related for Greg (and doesn’t include Disney’s signature “hidden mickey” on it) and, surprisingly, it’s not a popular item. I’ll more than likely end up getting the plush figure and the DVD’s, but I was hoping to find a little something more. BUt, then again, I have a little time on my side (though not much).

Oh, and here’s the site that does Swedish Chef translation; if any of ya’ll were interested.

My ‘florist’ sent me the pictures of my bouquet!!

She asked me what color ribbon I wanted and, of course, feedback. I don’t know… It almost needs a little something more… maybe yellow/white roses… fill the body a little more. But, I will say, I am impressed at how REAL the flowers look!!! I’ve emailed my ‘florist’ about adding more roses and a few other questions. Can’t wait to hear back from her!

This year, for the holidays, I am participating in two Secret Santa Exchanges! One on the wedding boards and the other on the mommy boards. I’m excited. on the wedding board, I was paired up with someone that is almost my date twin on both wedding days and birthdays! Freaky. And on the mommy board, i was paired up with a little boy that is Amelia’s date twin!

Today was pretty low key; ran over to Costco for a few things and then came home. Amelia’s cold gives her some mood swings and by late afternoon she was pretty irritable. Oh, and gas prices were as low as $1.99/gallon! I haven’t seen gas that low since May 2005 (I actually remember when I filled a tank of gas for $1.98/gal in May 05; I remember the location and date as well. I have no idea why I remember this, but I do).

Tomorrow we’re going to go to a few parks to get more pictures of the Fall scenery. Man, I love the Fall colors. This is the whole reason why I wanted to be married in the Fall.  We’re just hoping the weather will cooperate.

Ok, is anyone else weirded, a little, about the weather we’re having for November? It was hot today. It was hot in the condo and we haven’t turned on our heat in nearly 2 weeks (electric bill was less than $120 this month!).. when is the Fall weather going to kick in? I remember, not too long ago (ok, it was nearly 20 years ago), that we had snow on Thanksgiving! Oh, how I wish for those days.

So, Amelia is actually getting excited about Christmas! She doesn’t know about Santa and all the other characters, but she knows about Christmas Trees. While we were walking through Costco, Amelia was commenting on how pretty the tree’s on display were. So, I was asking Amelia is she was excited about our Christmas Tree and she said yes, and then I asked if she was going to help Daddy and me decorate the tree this year and she said yes and the lady that was standing by, obviously over listening, went “aawwww…. she’s so precious”.

Have I mentioned that Greg and I have talked about getting a kitty when we return from the cruise? We feel Amelia is mature enough (for a 2 yr old) to have a pet and know how to treat said pet. Plus, Greg and I really want a kitty.

I’ve got more, but I need to save it for future posts…

Good Friday

Today was a very good day!

I am 100% caught up with the correspondence. That is a relief!

Greg and I received something amazing that has alleviated all financial stress for the upcoming cruise, holidays, birthdays, and wedding. It’s a new credit card with a $5k limit. Yes, putting everything on the credit card isn’t the greatest idea; but it has a very low APR and we plan on transferring balances from our higher APR cards (and closing them out) onto the low APR in hopes of saving on payments and paying off debt sooner. Our plan of action is using the new credit card for the cruise (mainly) – we’re happy that we’re going to be able to really enjoy ourselves without worrying about going over our budget (which was going to be about $300 – including everything; excursions, tips, specialty restaurants, etc). After the cruise, we’re going to use our tax refund to pay off (or down) the credit card (which would also have the transferred balances from the higher APR cards). Also, Greg and I are planning out our paychecks and what we’re going to pay leading up to the cruise. If our calculations are correct, by the time we leave (which will also be a payday), we will have one whole check (well, 2 if you’re counting our individual employees) where we won’t have anything to pay (as everything for that month will already be paid for)! So, the money from the “free” paycheck is going to be our on-board credit (we’re going to put cash, about $300, on the account), anything we use over the initial deposit will go onto the new credit card. On paper, it looks like a good idea. We’ve given this a lot of though, let’s just hope it all works out.

Amelia has a cold. She’s hardly eating anything and what she does eat is cold; she will not eat anything warm (like oatmeal). Weird, but at least she does eat.

I can’t wait to go shopping. I am so looking forward to shopping, which is weird. But, what I am looking forward to is shopping for Greg’s new wardrobe! I love shopping for men’s clothes; I don’t know why because I hate shopping for myself.

Greg has started to hint about my Christmas  and Birthday gifts! As if the cruise isn’t enough to be excited about, he’s adding this! I don’t know how he could top last Christmas, after all he bought me my lovely lap top, in my favorite color, AND asked me to marry him!

I think I’ve been random enough on my good Friday.