Just Stuff

I decided that I am going to pay off one of my credit cards and close the account with my commission check next week. I only opened the credit account to help improve my credit score and had all intentions of closing the account before it renews due to the high annual membership fee. November is when the account renews – just in time for the huge commission check.

As Greg and I were talking about this on the way down to Waldorf I mentioned that with the amount of money we’re going to spend on paying off the credit card (about $400), we could buy a Nintendo Wii and a few games, which he acknowledged before I did. Oh, the joys of being responsible adults…

Greg and I talking a lot on the way down to Waldorf, especially since we took route 301 all the way down which meant we had a lot of stop lights and slow drivers. Mainly, we talked about our wedding ideas. What brought this on was that I have received a few fliers in the mail about wedding expo’s and other things. Greg was looking at the one I received about the Harbour Cruises and the prices.¬†Greg has been engaged twice and only once did the wedding planning go into place. Greg was telling me about a few of the things discussed with his ex and the prices they were told and such. Keep in mind, their wedding was going to be over 100 people whereas our wedding may have 50 – tops. So my argument with the Harbour Cruise was that it was all inclusive, including an open bar (where Greg and his ex were told it would be around $3,000 for an open bar), wedding cake and all foods and Greg was thinking that we could do something better and cheaper. I disagreed with him and continued to try and explain my point of view as to why I disagree but I don’t think I was clear with my reasons.

Which brought up another conversation about his ex and the wedding they were planning. I asked him if he liked the plans of their wedding and he replied with “yes and no” and the reason to the yes was because he felt that he hadto like it because it was what he needed to feel. Greg’s previous engagements were something he felt he needed to do for the status of where he was in life and age (more so with his first fiancee). I’ve asked Greg if he felt the same with me, meaning he feels he needs to marry me because he’s nearly 30 years old and that we have a baby and he said no. As I’ve mentioned before, Greg’s feelings for me are deeper and stronger than he’s ever felt for someone before, and my feelings for Greg are the same; I’ve never been in love before or had feelings so deep and strong. These feelings for Greg freaked me out a little when I first realized them. Maybe that is why I am getting a little excited about the wedding Greg and I are going to have and how and when Greg is going to propose to me; what Greg and I have is real and something you only read about or see on those eHarmony commercials – we knew that¬†after we met we had developed a strong connection that neither of us felt for anyone else before, and no matter how hard we tried to ignore what we felt for each other neither of us could not be together.

Weird what fate does to people.


The day of Nothing

Greg and I did absolutley nothing today. We didn’t even leave the condo! And, we only got dressed when the pizza delivery person arrived… around 4:45pm. Yeah, we didn’t do a damn thing other than play with Amelia, clean the kitchen, did the laundry, and watch loads of tv. For tv watching, it’s been Top Chef (the catch-up the episodes we missed) and Bridezilla, which has left me speechless. Do girls really act like that?

While watching Bridezilla, Greg and I talked about some of the cpuples and how they were all saying that they have met their soulmates (yet are treating their soulmate like that?!) and bla bla bla… so I asked Greg if he feels that I am his soulmate and he said yes and I asked what made him feel as so and he explained how we have so much in common, agree on a lot of important issues, and we’re both willing to compromise for each other. Greg stated that he’s never felt that either of his other relationships were as deep as ours and that he didn’t feel that until now he’s never met his soulmate. Do I feel that Greg is my soulmate? Yes. Why? Because I feel deep down in my heart, mind, and body that Greg and I were ment to be together, we compliment each other very well and neither one of us has to change who we are to make the other person happy.

Greg and I are thinking/planning another trip to Hagerstown in October to do some more Outlet Shopping. Amelia will need some winter clothes and I could use more clothes as well. Plus, it would be a good trip with the fall seasons change of colors, so that will make some pretty pictures for the Memory Photo Book. Also, I am hoping to visit my friend Michele who lives up there.

Until then…