Adventure Weekend

I don’t even know where to begin!

Greg and I had a GREAT weekend! We drove 550 miles – as far west as Allegheny County and as far south as St. Mary’s County (that’s a lot of driving, believe me).


Saturday was full of exciting moments:

1. Dress shopping with Michele and her family

2. I finally found a Wii fit and bought it (and I LOVES it)

3. So many perfect picture opportunities

I haven’t uploaded the pictures of Michele’s dress shopping yet; I haven’t taken any pictures of my playing with the Wii fit (mainly because I didn’t get a chance to check it out until this morning), but I did upload the beautiful pictures from our travels of Western Maryland and parts of Pennsylvania.

Those are just a few of my favorites.

Greg and I also took a few self portraits; which are still on his camera and as soon as he uploads them, I’ll share. I feel they came out well.

The day started with the alarm going off at 6:30am; I was the first to get up and out of bed. We left the house around 8am and we’re off to Hagerstown. Greg was making such good time, that we decided to get the oil changed for his car.

Within 20 minutes we were at the bridal store with Michele and her crew (daughter and her friend, sister and niece, and Mom). Greg dropped me off; I had no expectations of him hanging around for 2-3 hours as we tried on dresses. Instead, he drove off to explore the land.

Michele tried on about 8 dresses and found 3 that she likes (even one that I suggested). The bridesmaids tried on a few dresses; not many. Michele’s sister and daughter are very picky. I told Michele that I would wear whatever she wants me to wear.

After the bridal store we headed over to the craft store. Michele wants to use silk flowers for her wedding. I told Michele about the lady I am going to use to make my flowers and how excited I am, and strongly recommended her to Michele.

Once we were done at the craft store, we headed over to Target. Out of habit, I wondered over to the electronics department (since Greg and I do this every.single.time we visit our local Target) and I was shocked to see a Wii Fit in their case (and it was the only one)! I immediately called Greg to tell him and plea to buy it. He caved and now I am the proud owner of a Wii Fit!

Just as we were leaving Target, Greg arrives! Perfect timing.

Michele treated all of us to lunch at Red Lobster. It has been decades since I’ve eaten there (I believe I was 5 years old the last time); I was thankful that they offer more than just seafood.

During lunch, Greg and Michele talked about Greg doing the wedding photos. Michele explained her expectations (very low) and Greg explained his hesitations. In the end, Greg accepted Michele’s offer! Greg has his first assignment! I’m so excited for him.

After lunch we parted ways. Michele had to go to work and Greg and I remained to explore.

And explore we did! We drove a total of 350 miles, from start to finish, and burned 3/4 our tank of gas (which we filled up just before we left). And, it was all worth it.

It was about 10pm when we were finally home. I uploaded the pictures from the camera and reviewed them, then I went to bed. I was exhausted!

You can view all the pictures here.


The plan was to sleep-in, at least until 9am. Nope. I was wide awake at 8am. I slept so sound and so deep; it felt great. So, I got up and showered (again, before Greg) then I came out into the living room and set up the Wii Fit and started to upload Saturday’s pictures onto Flickr. I have so fallen in love with the Wii Fit. I didn’t want to leave it this morning!

Around 9am I called Mom to see how she was doing and what the game plan was; then I called April to see how she was feeling and if she was doing anything today. Well, we both were free so we decided to visit Bowles Farm. We all met at a local parking lot and drove down together. The admission was $10 per person (those under 3 were free), a little more than what I was expecting…

The day was gorgeous; clear blue skies. It was a bit chilly, especially when the wind was blowing, but we were prepared.

Amelia and Olivia LOVED the “straw pool”:

Kids were literally “belly flopping” into a jumbo, enormous, “pool” of straw. Of course, Amelia and Olivia had par take in the fun:

After a while, we moved on to the pumpkin patch/field and picked out 2 pumpkins.

We also checked out the petting zoo and the “corn box”, which Amelia loved.

You can view all the photos here.

We were home by 5:30 and life returned to normal.


Day at the Fair

I mentioned earlier this week that we were considering going down to the Charles County Fair this weekend. Well, last night I decided that we weren’t going to go; I didn’t want to spend any money (most of which would have been on gas). Well, my Mom called this morning to see if we were going and I told her that I decided against it and explained why and she then tells me that my Step-dad has a check for me, my commission from the last eBay sale. Woot! A couple hundred extra dollars is waiting for me in Charles County?! I’m there!

That conversation was at 9am. Greg was still asleep. So, I send Amelia into the bedroom to wake up Greg and tell him that we’re going to the fair! Get outta bed, get in the shower, get dressed and let’s go! We were out of the house in an hour!

The drive was boring, as usual, and Amelia and I napped on the way down.

We meet Mom at the livestock entrance and so begins our day at the fair…

Of course we start things off with the animals:

This Goat was trying to eat my shirt!

This Goat was trying to eat my shirt!

Amelia LOVED being able to pet all the animals! She loved the cows and goats the most. Personally, I enjoyed the piggies and have been begging Mom to get a pot-bellied pig, or something, for the house (hers, not mine) for years. One day she’ll cave in.

After we toured the animals, we headed over to meet up with April and her family to watch Olivia participate in the “Cutest Baby” contest. There were A LOT of participants! Sadly, Olivia didn’t win, but one of April’s best friends baby one first place (a whopping $5)!

Once the pageant was over, we headed to the pavilion for lunch and entertainment. The entertainment was provided by a band called The Wayward Street Players and they are good! If Greg and I decide to host the wedding reception at my Mom’s, I totally want to book them for fun (not dancing) and entertainment!

And, Amelia had a blast listening to them! Within 20 minutes (and after she ate some of her lunch), she was dancing around and trying to get onto the stage!

Once we were done with lunch and music, it was time for some rides! Mom and I went on two rides and then Greg and I went on a ride. Tickets are hella expensive! It cost $1 for each ticket and most of the rides had a requirement of 5 tickets per rider; which means it cost $5 per person per ride. Ouch!

The last ride we rode was the ferris wheel. I have a love/hate relationship with ferris wheels; while I love the views they can provide, I hate the … not-so-safe-sitting-in-here feeling. Either way, I wanted to ride the ferris wheel to take pictures of the entire fairground.

The weather forecast people were telling everyone that it was suppose to rain today. It didn’t and it was HOTTT instead! Needless to say, by the end of the day all three of us were exhausted! Amelia almost fell asleep on the way home, and thankfully didn’t. Greg was literally slapping himself in the face to stay awake during the drive (and repeatidly declined my offer to drive us home) and right now, I am the only person awake in the house; which won’t be for much longer.

Next up: We’re about 98% certain that we’re going to host a reception and we’ve found the spot! More on this next time.

Rainy Day

Rainy days lead to boredom.

And the constant desire to nap.

Except for toddlers, they are immune to Rainy Day Syndrome.

We received a nice bit of rain from Hurricane Hanna(h), but that was about it. Nothing exciting like Hurricane Isabel, so I was slightly bummed. Not to say that I wanted destruction; just a little something more.

Lots of Raining

Lots of Raining

Running Water on the Roof

Running Water on the Roof

I had a lot of fun playing with the shutter settings/speed to capture the rain. Have I mentioned how much I am loving the XTi?

Of course, I can’t go a day without taking pictures of Amelia…

Baby Face

Baby Face

Amelias Profile

Amelia's Profile

Those pictures were taken just after her nap, so she really wasn’t in the mood to smile for me.

Otherwise, the day was spent lounging around the house. I cleaned the kitchen and did 1 load of laundry while Greg cleaned and vacuumed the living/dining room; both of us were feeling pretty lazy today.

Oh, and we totally failed on our commitment to not eat out (either fast food or delivery) by ordering a pizza for dinner. I don’t think I mentioned the decision Greg and I made sometime in August to go the entire month of September with no fast food and delivery. We knew it was going to be a challenge for us, especially since there is this one particular pizza  place in Brooklyn, MD that we love (and is the only place we order our pizza from). Well, we lasted five days. Which is good because we both wanted to order a pizza this past Tuesday (cause we both had hellish days at work), but I was the stronger one and said no. Yesterday Greg wanted to order a pizza and I said no. Today, I was the one that wanted to order the pizza and Greg has no willpower – so, we had pizza. But, in all fairness, we spent less than $20 (including tip) to feed a family of three (Amelia LOVES pizza), which, in my opinion, isn’t all that bad… right?

I’ve been playing around with Photoshop Elements 5.0 (PSE 5) throughout the day. I have a lot of ‘project’ ideas and I want to become more familiar and comfortable with PSE 5 for when I am really ready to start working on the projects.

I really can’t express enough how much I am loving Scott Kelby’s book; it’s totally making this, PSE 5, so easy for me. The book is, literally, dummy proof!

We don’t have any concrete plans for tomorrow; I suggested another park (especially since I now have my amazing camera) and we’re considering visiting  Gun Powder Falls or North Point State Park) or the Union Dam. But, we haven’t really talked about it tonight.

Pogo is addictive. I started this entry mid afternoon and it’s now 11:30pm! I keep distracting myself.

Ok, I’m finally heading off to bed.

Amelia’s First Trip to Ocean City, MD

**yes, I’ve finally posted the long awaited beach trip**

This summer we, along with my Mom, took Amelia to Ocean City, MD. Her very first beach trip. Since my Mom had Amelia (babysitter was in the Bahama’s), Greg and I were able to leave extra early to do a few things before we went back into ‘parental mode’.

I believe we left around 7:30am. We wanted to get a head start in case we ran into Annapolis traffic. I packed a pillow, took two pain meds, and slept the entire way to Bridgeville, De. where our first stop was breakfast at Sonic, where we tried their new breakfast sandwich, Super Sonic Breakfast Toaster:

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Toaster

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Toaster

The sandwich is huge! I had a little difficulty eating it because I couldn’t open my jaw as big as it needed to take a real bite, so I was nibbling the sandwich.

Greg loves fast food breakfast (good thing we don’t eat fast food very often) and had the Toaster sandwich and another sandwich, Sonic’s version of an McMuffin:

Sonics version of the McMuffin

Sonic's version of the McMuffin

And one can’t go to Sonic without trying a new drink (while ordering the usual). Greg ordered an Orange Cream Slushie and it was amazing! It tasted like an Orange Julius and a cremsicle blended together. It was fantastic.

Sonics Orange Cream Slushie

Sonic's Orange Cream Slushie

And, we ordered our usual: Cherry Limeade.

Sonics Cherry Limeaide

Sonic's Cherry Limeade

After breakfast we were on the road again. I called Mom to see where she was and to figure out where we were going to meet. Turns out Mom was at least an hour behind us and we were about 30-40 minutes away from Ocean City, so we were in no hurry.

The drive was uneventful. It was cloudy and over casted with a little rain.

Eventually, we make it to Ocean City. We drive by the Lighthouse, where we stayed for our one year anniversary, and decided to stop by the off-the-road park by the bridge. When we got to the pier I saw 3 boats out with para-sailors.

There are 2 para-sailors in the picture; theyre just hard to find

There are 2 para-sailors in the picture; they're just hard to find

It started to rain a little while we were out there and the lighting wasn’t in our favor for picture taking, so we didn’t hang around too long. I did snag a picture of Greg and me:

Jess & Greg, OC 2008

Jess & Greg, OC 2008

Then it was back to the car. I called my Mom to get her location and to decide where to meet. By now it’s about 10:30-11:00am. It was decided to meet at the beaches at Assateague Island. The drive to Assateague Is. is about 20-30 minutes (depending on whose driving and what you’re driving behind). We passed the really unique trees that I like:

Taken Feb 2008 Taken in February 2008
Taken July 2008 Taken in July 2008

I don’t know what it is, but there is something so neat (to me) about that tree line.

Greg and I arrive at Assateague Is. and we were told that the beach was closed, due to a *possible* thunderstorm, but should be reopened within the next 15 minutes. We were like “ok” because we haven’t heard any thunder today and didn’t know that a beach would actually be closed. Either way, it struck us as odd. Oh, and it took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get through the line (via car) to pay the admittance fee for the park; seriously, how difficult is it to hand a guy $6? So, Greg and I park and start to unload our items and change into our swim suits as we wait for my Mom. After about 15-20 minutes I spot my Mom in the line and it takes her about 15-20 to get through; it was really annoying.

Finally! We’re all together and at THE BEACH! I was getting pretty antsy (and annoyed) and ready to just grab Amelia and head to the beach. But no. Mom had so many things that she had to have on the beach. So, we collect all the items, wait for Mom to get into her swim suit, and then we’re walking up the hill to the beach!

We (read: Greg) carried Amelia up the hill. When we were out of the way of people traffic, we put Amelia down to walk. It was so funny! She didn’t know what to do about the sand between her toes or how to walk in the sand, muchless. we had to coax her and show her that it was safe and OK, then she got the hang of it.

We picked our spot and made camp.

Amelia at the Beach

Amelia at the Beach

Greg immediately began taking pictures; as you can see. I took a few pictures of Amelia on the beach and then she and I headed to the water!

Amelias first step into the Atlantic Ocean

Amelia's first step's to the Atlantic Ocean

Amelia testing out the water

Amelia testing out the water

It didn’t help that the water was actually cold (or chilly) and the weather wasn’t as hot or humid (which would have made the cold water feel nice).

Mom joined Amelia and I in testing out the water:

Amelia chasing the water

Amelia chasing the water

We didn’t stay down at the water too long due to the water temperature (for Amelia) and headed back to camp and played in the sand for a little while:

Amelia jumping in the sand

Amelia jumping in the sand

Amelia sitting in the sand

Amelia sitting in the sand

Amelia sitting on Daddys back

Amelia sitting on Daddy's back

Amelia and MiMaw having a snack

Amelia and MiMaw having a snack

After a couple of hours we were ready to check into our hotel room, drop off everything, and walk the boardwalk. So, we start to pack up camp and head back to the cars. But, before we left we took a few family pictures:

The S. Family

The S. Family

Three Generations

Two Generations

Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter

As Mom was going through her trunk looking for an outfit to change Amelia into a wild pony decided to help out:

Assateague Pony helping pick an outfit for Amelia

Assateague Pony helping pick an outfit for Amelia

Checking through all the bags

Checking through all the bags

It was kind of cool to have these two ponies visit us; but I was also a little apprehensive. After all, these are wild ponies, and just like any animal, are unpredictable. So, I snagged a few pictures while Greg dressed Amelia and kept her away from the horses.

I think he wants to come home with us

I think he wants to come home with us

Nope. He just wanted Amelias graham crackers

Nope. He just wanted Amelia's graham crackers

Not too long after these two ponies showed up, a small herd (of about six ponies) showed up!

Small herd of ponies

and one of the brown ponies started to fend off the herd by bucking and kicking (and pooping)! I was worried that Greg’s car, Mom’s car, or the car next to us was going to get kicked and damaged! Thankfully, the herd didn’t fight back and nothing really happened.

After the excitement from the ponies we were on our way to the hotel and to head to the boardwalk. The hotel room was par to our needs and expectations and not really worthy of pictures (shocking, I know). We drop off our bags, change, and head out to the boardwalk. We decide to walk while we wait for the tram, since there really isn’t a schedule. We didn’t have a destination in mind and decided to pick the first restaurant that we saw worth interest. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well, no one cared what the other wanted to eat or where to eat and it was getting on my nerves (can we say PMS?), plus Amelia’s diaper decides to break and we didn’t have a back-up (because we just changed her and knew we’d only be out for a few hours and I’m one of those “less is more” – the less to carry the more happier I’ll be – people. So, Greg goes all the way back to the hotel for a diaper and it took nearly a half hour. And, wouldn’t you know it, Amelia didn’t pee until Greg was about 15 feet from reaching us! Thankfully, her shirt also worked as a dress so all was well. So, back to dinner. Out of pure frustration I selected the first restaurant that I saw: Mug & Mallet.

Mug & Mallet

Mug & Mallet

We ordered an assortment of items for the four of us. Dinner was… eh at best. I’m pretty certain we won’t be visiting this restaurant again. And, apparently this is something new, but they, the restaurant, started ADDING and 18% gratuity to ALL checks; so we feel like the servers don’t really have to work for their tip since the know it’s going to be included. And, the reason we won’t be returning is because of the service! Our server had to be reminded of orders we placed and never brought out Amelia’s water (even after 2 requests). So, … yeah… no more Mug & Mallet for us. But, here are pictures of our food, which was alright:

Moms Shrimp

Mom's Shrimp

BBQ Wings, Grilled Salmon, & Steamed Crabs

BBQ Wings, Grilled Salmon, & Steamed Crabs

Steamed Crabs, Grilled Chicken, and Amelias kiddie meal

Steamed Crabs, Grilled Chicken, and Amelia's kiddie meal

Amelia had fun while we were at the restaurant:

Future Pole Dancer

Future Pole Dancer

But, then again, she always has fun when we’re out.

Once we were done with dinner, we headed over to the games and ride section of the Boardwalk. We wanted to put Amelia on a few rides because one can’t come to Ocean City and not ride the rides on the Boardwalk!

We only put Amelia on two rides, a flying doggie and Carousel:

Amelias First Ride

Amelia's First Ride

Amelia on the Carousel

Amelia on the Carousel

As you can see, Amelia wasn’t too thrilled about the rides and that is why we stopped at two.

It was pretty warm in the ride area (it is indoors), so we headed outside and back towards the hotel since it was getting close to Amelia’s bedtime. On our way back, Mom and I talked about going on the “Sling Shot”:

Sling Shot

Sling Shot

Where two people sit in this ball and then you’re flung into the air; kind of like a reverse bungee jump + being in a steel ball.  The only reason Mom and I didn’t get on the ride was the cost, $20 per person. Otherwise, we would have been on it and I would have more interesting pictures and probably a video clip to share at this part of the story.

We were lucky enough to catch the Tram early on the Boardwalk and rode it the rest of the way to the hotel:

Sun setting behind the Boardwalk sign

Sun setting behind the Boardwalk sign

Amelia attacking the bag of Cotton Candy

Amelia attacking the bag of Cotton Candy

We get to the hotel and decompress. When we arrived, there was a lot of smoke coming out of one of the rooms at the hotel net to us; then the firetrucks arrive!

Firetrucks in the alley

Firetrucks in the alley

We never really knew what happened.

It’s been a long day. Mom does a little shopping, Greg runs out to the store to pick up milk for Amelia, and some aloe gel because we are burnt, and Amelia and I just hang out in the hotel room. This girl fought off sleep until 9pm! Greg returns to the hotel only to have to go back out because he left his cell phone at one of the convenience stores (they called me and I missed the call, so I call Greg back and another girl answered the phone – throwing me off guard. I asked who this was and it was then that I was told that the phone was found in the parking lot. Later, it was learned that the only reason it was found was because Pat, Greg’s brother, was calling him and someone saw the phone lighting up. Greg was lucky that there are still honest people out there). So Mom returns and we hang out on the balcony just talking about the days events and some other topics.

Evening on the Balcony

Evening on the Balcony

After about 15 minutes she heads into the room and goes to bed. Not to long after, Greg returns and we get back into our swimsuits and head out to the pool. The outdoor pool was cold. But, we were alone. I adjusted to the water but Greg never did, so we went inside to swim in the indoor pool, which wasn’t empty and was only five feet deep. We only hung out at the pool for about a half hour. We get back the hotel room, Mom is sound alseep and Amelia was in a deep sleep. We get undressed, drown each other in aloe gel and go to bed. Sleep wasn’t as good as we hoped; we already missed our bed.

The following morning, Mom waked up around 5:30am and heads down to the beach to get pictures of the sunrise. Greg was going to go with her, but the morning was so foggy, he didn’t feel the pictures would turn out well, so he didn’t go. Mom was able to get a few good ones.

Around 7am Amelia wakes up:

Amelia. Always a morning person

Amelia. Always the morning person.

We take our time getting up and adjusting to our sunburns and being in ‘parental mode’ again. Mom was still outside, somewhere on the beach. Eventually, around 7:30, she comes back and says she’s going to set up camp because spots are going quick. She comes back around 8:30 and takes Amelia to the beach. Greg and I pack up the room and head upstairs to the, paid, breakfast buffet. Totally not worth the $28 we paid. I was rather upset about the lack of food and the high cost; I was in real PMS mode by this point.

So, Greg takes all the bags to the cars and completes the check out while I head over to the beach to find Mom. I really had a no patience by this point; even the sand was pissing me off. But, I suck it up and try to make the best of it.

The morning was still really foggy:

Our Hotel, from the beach.

Our Hotel, from the beach.

The water was still cold (and I wasn’t expecting it to be warmer) and the tide was way out. I’ve never seen the tide so far out at Ocean City, so it was kinda neat to me.

We chased Amelia all over the beach.

Amelia running into the water

Amelia running into the water

Amelia kicking the water

Amelia kicking the water

Amelia watching the water

Amelia watching the water

Me. Taking a break and probably getting all the sand off of me.

Me. Taking a break and probably getting all the sand off of me.

I was only knocked down by one wave and I didn’t loose my glasses.

By noon-ish I was done. I was very irritable; in pain from both the tooth and the sunburn; and just wanted to get out of the sand. I know my Mom wanted to stay longer, and I would have but at another time. Greg and I wanted to take Mom out to lunch, but again, no one could think of a place and Mom was like “I don’t care, you pick” which just irritated me. So, we head back to the hotel to rinse off with their little hose thing, Mom goes in and changes and I take Amelia into the restroom and rinse her off in the sink and change her. I didn’t get to rinse off and I got to change ALL of my clothes in the stairwell of the parking garage. Yes, I got buck-nekkid, in public. And I didn’t care if someone saw me.

The plan was to spot a restaurant on the way home, the first one either of us found of interest. Didn’t happen. Mom ended up stopping at all the roadside veggie stands and antique shops, while Greg drove and Amelia and I slept. We did stop in Easton, when Amelia woke up, for a potty break and lunch at a Dairy Queen.

We were home around 4pm and I immediately started on the laundry.

I did a lot of Twitter’ing during the trip; figured I’d try it out since I’ve been a member for sometime (although I didn’t start ‘using’ it until May).

Sunday Driving

I drove to the tippy top of Maryland (Conowingo, MD) today for Jay’s 30th Birthday.

Jay and Me

The party was a small, informal affair. I got to catch-up with Jay’s grandma and on his side of the family as well as meet some of his in-laws. We all had a good time.  Greg took all the pictures since I spent most of my time chatting and tending to Amelia (and letting her pour water all over me and herself).

The drive was fun-ish. The reason I say that is because people in upper Harford County and Cecil County drive the.exact.speed.limit and that drove me crazy.

Greg took some really nice pictures:

Here’s one of the Conowingo Dam:

Conowingo Dam

And here are some of my favorite pictures, all taken by Greg:

And here are some pictures of the Birthday Boy and his cakes:

Jay\'s Birthday Cakes

As we sing \"Happy Birthday\"

Cutting the cake

once the festivities quited, Jay and I sat outside and chatted for a few minutes:

Jay and Me chatting

Me with my Big Cheezy Smile

and, last but not least, a cute picture of Leslee (Jay’s wife) and Amelia:

Leslee and Amelia

Leslee snagged Amelia as she was running towards the steps.

All in all, it was a great day (warm and humid, but great). It was nice to get out and drive around to new places.

Jay said to me “you’re the youngest 30 year old I know.” I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not – I think it is. Maybe it’s because I haven’t changed since high/middle school (personality and all that – and actually, my physical appearnce hasn’t aged that much either (just 15lbs heavier)); which has its faults – I think. When compairing myself to those that I graduated with – I’m no where near where they are on the ‘grown-up ladder’ – I’m not married (yet), I don’t own a house, I don’t have 2.7 children, I don’t have a career (so to speak) and really… I don’t feel ‘settled’ – or that I’ve ‘dug in my roots’. And, I don’t think I’ll ever feel ‘settled’; it’s not something that I want to accomplish and, really, I don’t know if I have things that I want to accomplish (aside from the obvious: home owner and things related) – things that will advance me up the ‘grown-up’ ladder. I don’t feel I need to achieve a certain ‘status’ in life. Greg used to feel like that; he had to have this ‘status’ by a certain age (marriage and things of the sort) and that’s why he ‘settled’ on his ex: it was what he was suppose to do at that age in his life. He’s since opened his eyes and learned that’s not how one is suppose to live their life (but more like you’re suppose to live life as it’s provided to you), and I deeply feel that’s why Greg and I are going to be together ’til death do us part’ – because we live life as it’s presented to us. There’s no schedule, no status, it is what it is and we’re happy with what we have. Maybe that’s why I’m “the youngest 30 year old” to Jay – my outlook on life hasn’t changed since we became friends 16+ years ago; therefore I’m forever young (at heart).

Hope Floats

Today Greg and I, along with Amelia, went to the Columbia LakeFest  to support Greg’s company in their participation in the cardboard boat regatta.

It was hhoott and humid today; I’ve never sweated so much in life for doing nothing.

We had a good time, nonetheless. Amelia had fun and was wise enough to stay in the shade with me while Greg did all the photo taking.

Anyway, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here we go!

The Scene - stage and humidity

It wasn’t even noon and the humidity was thick.

The Competition

Some of the competition – a little creative.

The Competition

eh, a little better

The Competition

my favorite boat – a paper hat!

And here’s our team, The Green Beards:

Team Green Beards

I didn’t get a really good picture of the boat. Greg has been taking many pictures of the boat all week (during the assembly) and today. Eventually, he’ll upload his pictures onto Flickr (which reminds me, I need to renew his pro membership).

I really don’t have much to write about the events: teams created a cardboard boat and had to be able to make their way to the finish line – 200 meters away – without sinking or falling out of the boat. Surprisingly, the few races we watched (because as soon as The Green Beards “sailed” we left), there were only two sinking’s; which I bet felt really good.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of the day:

"pirate" flag

Amelia eating a popsicle

Amelia hogging the lemonade

Amelia sporting a new hat

The runners up

and, as to be expected, all the pictures can be found over here.

A Day at the Park

This afternoon we went down to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. This was our, each and every one of us, first time to the park and we loved it! It wasn’t nearly as crowded as Kinder Farm Park and there was so much open space to run around.

As Greg and I were wondering around the park and taking pictures (though not as many because Amelia is becoming such a handful!) I was thinking outloud at how perfect this place would be for an outdoor wedding and began to wonder if it would be possible. As I was uploading the pictures, I checked out the parks website and sure enough, weddingsare allowed! Just need to do more reasearch and talking to Greg, but this place is on my list!

There really isn’t much to write about; we ran, swung, slid, tumbled, wiggled in the grass, climbed all over the place, and took pictures. After the park we went out to dinner at Chick-fil-a (ate at home), gave Amelia a bath and she went straight to bed without a complaint! All pictures are here, but I’ve attached a few of my favorite:


Amelia about to go down the slide


Amelia at the bottom

Climbing up to get to the slide

Amelia climbing back up


Running through the tunnels

Magnolia Blooms

baby intermission



Apple of Daddy's Eye

The look of love

Daddy's little girl

no caption needed

Time for my close-up!

in deep thought

Warn Out

the end!