And then there were…

6 Days until we fly.

This time next week we will be somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, making our way to the Caribbean Sea heading towards the Grand Cayman Island. I have no idea how giddy with excitement Greg and I (but, probably more Greg than me) will be by this point next week. Gah! I can’t believe I’ll be on a cruise ship NEXT SUNDAY!

And, it still hasn’t sunk in – my level of excitement is no where near where I feel it should be! Actually, I believe I am starting to feel a little bummed that the trip is here; I’ve been looking forward to this cruise since last February, and I won’t have anything to look forward to (vacation wise) once the cruise is said and done. Well, we are thinking of a few things but we can’t really focus on those things until March. But, still.

In other news, Greg and I will probably be attending 3-4 weddings for 2009; this past new years two co-workers (one at his office, and one at mine) got engaged  and are planning for a wedding in the fall.

Michele moved up her wedding to March 28 (from October 10); Greg is a little freaked because he’s their photographer and he doesn’t feel he will be ready (at least equipment wise) by then. I assured him that he will do fine.

This past Saturday was my wedding shower, and belive it or not Greg and I forgot our cameras! So, my cousin took at the pictures and I’m waiting for her to email them, or post them on her MySpace page – then I will share with the world.

Today we spent a few hours with Greg’s Mom. We also celebrated Amelia’s 2nd birthday with her and Greg’s brother, Ken.  It’s nice to feel comfortable around the in-laws; I didn’t feel so comfortable around my ex’s due to my ex’s father – i just hated the guy and didn’t want to within earshot of him… but, Greg’s family is nothing like my ex’s and it’s so nice and refreshing. Even Greg’s brother, Ken, has warmed up to me – giving hugs and chatting with me and Amelia! Greg’s other brother, Pat, warmed up to me at the very beginning –  we even text each other on the occasion … and it’s fun to make fun of Greg (and some of his stupid decisions from his past – like leaving his favorite job to move to NY state for a girl) – in the loving manor that we do.

So, this is the final week of ‘normal’ life before I leave for ‘vacation’ life.  Greg and I have sorta started to get our home ready – we took down the Christmas tree and other decorations! I expressed my desire to have the place clean before we leave so that when we return we won’t have anything to do other than laundry and grocery shopping (as well as copious amounts of sleep – as I am sure we’ll need it).

During the long drive home last night (from my Cousins house), I asked Greg if he was really, truly, ready to be a married man.  Of course he said yes, and I asked him how does he know. And, he said the most beautiful things to me that I actually started to tear up! Basically, he broke down his past 2 ‘serious’ relationships and why he ignored the red flags and he told me that, if he could create the ‘perfect, dream girl’ he can’t think of anything else that I already posses as a person (physical looks don’t count when you’re thinking of the ‘perfect person’). To Greg, I am his dream girl. Awesome! So, we talked a little more about being married (I was so tired and I need him to talk to me to keep my eyes open) and he says that he doesn’t feel anything will change, to him, once we’re married because, to him, we’re already married. I begged to differ and explained why (which lead to the next topic of how does he know he’s ready to be married) – Greg and/or I could walk away and leave the relationship and there wouldn’t be any ‘mess’ to clean up (read: divorce) – there’s no real commitment (a ultimate, higher level, commitment) to each other like there is to being married; to me, when we’re married it means that Greg (and I) are going to be together in every sense of the word.  To me, at least, there will be a different feeling once Greg becomes my husband and I become his wife – Greg is promising to spend the rest of his life with me (and I him). Greg has chosen me as the one that makes him the happiest and that he wants me continue to make him happy for the rest of his life. That means a lot to me. Of course, it helps to know that during our whole friendship/court-ship, as Greg and I were denying our feelings for each other; telling each other that we were not interested in a relationship, much less marriage… that we’re actually going to marry each other! I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again – Greg has fulfilled every dream I’ve ever had since meeting him. Something I’ve never, ever, experienced – during my nearly 30 years of life – before. Guess that Magic 8 ball really is magic! LOL

Oh look, it’s 11:30pm and I have to work this week (4 out of 5 days). Guess I should get to bed, huh?


Weekend Notes

First, I want to say that I think I found my wedding dress!

And it’s only $135 (and free shipping)!

Of course, I don’t know how it will look on me until I try it on (which means I need to order it first); but it has all the necessities for my dress: halter top, not too full, simple yet elegant! I shared the link to the dress with my Mom and she loves it too and feels I should order it as well. I just need to decide what color sash to order but in order to do that, Greg needs to find a shirt to wear.

Now, onto the weekend – so far!

Saturday was lazy and boring; did some shopping at Target and then the grocery store. Oh, and we had lunch at Chick-fil-a. Oh, and on Saturday morning, Greg’s brother called to inform us that everyone is getting together at Mom’s (his Mom) as a farewell party because Pat is driving to Texas Tuesday morning (where he begins his 41 weeks of training). Greg doesn’t mention our plans about PA Parks. So, when Greg hangs up the phone with his brother… well, family before parks. I was bummed out.

But, there is some good news! There was a check from the local utility company in the mail for me!! It was for $200 and Greg received a separate check, also for $200, from his work because they miscalculated his bonus last month (so, its as if we received three bonus this weekend). W00t! Money for Philadelphia IF we were going.

So, my Saturday night was spent on-line chatting on the message boards, playing with Picnik, and looking at wedding dresses. So exciting.

Sunday started out lazy as well. Did more laundry, napped, cleaned the kitchen, and putted around. At 2pm we left for Michele’s party.

The party was nice, except for getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes. We met some of Michele’s fiance, D, extended family (ex-inlaws – long story) and some of D’s co-workers. The highlight of the party would have to be when the pig was dropped! Greg didn’t get a picture of that because he, along with everyone else, was laughing too hard and Amelia kept asking “what happened?”. But, there were pictures taken (duh):

literally SECONDS before the pig was on the ground

literally SECONDS before the pig was on the ground

Unfortunately, Greg wasn’t feeling all that well and we headed home a few hours after we arrived. I did taste the pig and it was pretty damn good! I only ate the meat as I was too afraid to try the skin… because… I know I would have gagged had I tried it; thinking about it now is making my stomach iffy. It’s too… un-nerving to know that I am eating the skin of an animal… nope, can’t do that. And yes, I even get squeamish when I eat fried chicken (which I rarely do for that reason).

Anyway, moving on…

So, we were home by 6pm. Baked a pizza, played around with Amelia, did more laundry (and it was for Greg – he has more clothes to wash than Amelia and me combined!), and just putted around the interweb and laptop.

Then, Greg receives a phone call from his Mom. We don’t know what the plans are for tomorrow, meaning when Pat is going to return from OC (where he is attending a bachelor party) – so, with that news we’re going to PA tomorrow morning! Yay! I’m excited. And, I should be going to bed… but instead I am here… and texting.

Nothing else to report for the day. I’m so uber excited about going to the park tomorrow… I’m excited about exploring a new area and the beautiful photo ops! I just wish I had my new camera! Oh well, get to practice with Greg’s!

PARTY time

We have a great weekend planned.

Tomorrow, Greg is going to be the photographer for a friends party, “Inappropriate Haf’la“. And, we’re SO looking forward to this party.

The party is a BYOD/F (bring your own drink and food) and I told Greg that I wanted to make a Sangria of some sort. So, tonight we went to the grocery and liquor store and bought all of our ingredients as well as food and snacks for the party.

Let me tell you, I am so freaking excited about this drink!

Chillin in da fridge

Chillin' in da fridge

That jug on the right, the one LOADED with fruit… that’s all mine, baby, and I can not wait.

Preparing the second jug

Preparing the second jug

I’ve been informed, because I am pretty much a virgin when it comes to alcohol and drinks, that the fruit, especially apples, soak up the alcohol (wine and brandy in this case) and are pretty much ediable (alcoholic) shots of fruit. With that knowledge, I loaded up on the fruit.

Stuffed with fruit

Stuffed with fruit

My fruits of choice:

2 apples

1 lb of strawberries

1.5 lbs of pineapple

2 oranges

1/2 lemon

The alcohols of choice:

YellowTail Merlot

Mr. Bostons Wild Cherry flavored Brandy (which tastes like kick your ass cough syrup)

The party is a ‘sleep-over/camping-in-the-backyard’ event. Greg and I are not going to be sleeping over… because we don’t have anything to sleep outdoors with. But, we’re going to stay as late as we can (but not too late).

Oh, and if you’re wondering where Amelia is, she’s with MiMaw. I told Mom of our plans and she was like “Oh! Well, you don’t want to take Amelia along, you want to enjoy yourself! So, why don’t I watch MiMi for the weekend?” Greg and I had all intentions of bring Amelia with us, but… couldn’t resist Mom’s offer – AND, it allows me to really enjoy myself (which is probably another reason why I am so frickin’ excited about the Sangria).

**PS: I’ve been sipping this Brandy for the last hour… no effect… yet. Greg, on the other hand, felt ‘something’ after 4-5 sips – that light weight**

On Sunday we’re going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival! It has been years since I’ve attened the RennFest and I’m pretty excited about this too.

So.. yeah… totally looking forward to this weekend.

Oh, and sleeping in tomorrow (err… later today) morning!

Stuff about Stuff

Oy! What a weekend. It seems that the nasty cold that attacked Amelia and me in December has spread like wildfire amongst my friends and family. Michele, along with April, Olivia, and Clayton were not able to attend due to the cold. Greg is the only person that I know that hasn’t felt the wrath of this cold (until now because I probably jinxed him). So, we had a small turn out for the party and that’s fine. We were worried about not having enough space anyway.

Greg’s Mom and Ken came over this afternoon and stayed for a little over an hour. I get the feeling that Greg’s family have ‘accepted’ me into their family (I know Greg’s Mom didn’t like any of his previous finacees and she made it known to him). I know his Mom tries to include me in conversations and she’ll tell us stories of Greg’s childhood if I ask (like on Christmas day when she pulled out the old VHS tape of Greg’s middle school performance in the concert band).

OMG, we have so much birthday cake left over! As our guests were leaving (yesterday and today) we tried to have people take some cake with them but no one wanted any; so the plan of action is to take the left overs to work. The cake was alright; I’m not much of a cake eater – especially when it comes to the icing (the worst part of the cake in my opinion). The only think I liked about this cake was the chocolate mousse filling in the center (and the paperwork stated there was 2lbs of this yummy stuff).

Last night, after I loaded up the pictures onto Flickr, I bought a new phone for myself (and renewed my AT&T contract) and I am excited about my new phone (I am obsessed with cell phones – weird interest, I know)! I bought the Samsung Blackjack! It has some features that I don’t really need (at this point in my life) but I felt that I needed something a little more than the regular phone; something to keep track of appointments (mine and Amelia’s), and anything wedding related. Plus, I only had to pay $39.99 and I couldn’t pass it up! The phone should arrive tomorrow (as I received the email that it was shipped today); I just hope FedEx will be able to deliver without signature…

Greg and I haven’t returned the furnature as it was prior to the party; we kinda like it the way it is now but we’re not sure if we like it enough to keep it this way. The layout of the condo is weird, it’s a big L with a fireplace in the corner.  Before, we had the couches and tv by the fireplace and now they’re apart and we have a huge open space…

eh, i’ll post pictures for a side by side comparisson later. I am tired and heading to bed. Unlike someone (greg), I have to work tomorrow but I have Tuesday off (though booked with appointments every 2 hours, literally). Oh, if FedEx needs a signature, Greg will be here! yay!

 Nighty night

Amelia’s First Birthday!

I should be in bed. I am so exhausted! But, I am sure all of ya’ll (I believe I am at 6 regular readers *confirmed* now) are dying to know how Amelia’s fist Birthday went, there’s the recap:

6:30am – Amelia is bright eyed and bushy tailed. Thankfully, she allows Greg and I to sleep for a few more minutes before we have to bring her into bed with us.

7:01am – Amelia is pulling my hair.

7:17am – ok, I’m getting out of bed; please stop pulling my hair, Amelia.

7:30am – feed the birthday girl! Yummy banana’s and some other fruit.

7:45am – Discuss the plan of action; whose doing what chores and errands. We decide that I am going to focus on the living room and kitchen while Greg works on the bedroom and laundry.

7:59am – Amelia is officially ONE YEAR OLD!!

9:00am – I get distracted by a movie and my momentum to clean and organize starts to leave me. Of course Amelia’s constant messing up everything I just cleaned has no impact whatsoever about my lost momentum to clean; the movie was just a bonus.

11:13am – bedroom is about 98% done (just need to make the bed and put the clean clothes away and Greg heads out to Super Fresh to pick up the party trays and other last minute items.

11:28am – Feed Amelia lunch; receive a phone call from Mom, she’s in Bowie. Receive a phone call from Michele, she’s sick and won’t be able to come; receive a phone call from Greg, finally run through of the items we need.

11:47am – Amelia becomes insanely irritable and begins to act as if this is her Sweet Sixteen!

11:56am – Amelia falls asleep. Finally

12:07pm – Vacuuming is done; kitchen is done and I begin to decorate.

12:10pm – Mom and Van arrive! Their bummed to see that Amelia is sleeping. Mom and I work together on getting the table set and such

12:30pm – Greg arrives and he bought balloons! Complete the party decor, rearrange the furniture, and set up and now we just wait…

1:35pm – Decide to wake up Amelia and get her ready for guests. Mom dresses her up in a cute outfit I didn’t know I had until that morning as I was rummaging through her dresser looking for space to put her many other clothes.

1:38pm – Billy and Casey, with Gracie, arrive! Amelia and Gracie were a little shy at first but they ended up playing well together.

2:15pm – Receive a phone call from Tim and Brooke, they are not going to be able to make it.

3:00pm – Speak to Sean. He’s still shopping for his outfit for the Company party (the boy has been shopping since 11am). Doesn’t know when he’s going to make it.

3:30pm – Mom hints that she’s ready to leave as they have a long drive before them so we decide to have the cake. Below are the video’s of Amelia’s first experience with cake:

Overall, it was a nice day. I’m sure her second birthday is going to be more involved. Afterwards, Sean came over about 15 minutes after everyone left and he hung out for about a half hour. We played ‘model and phtographer’ as he was posing in his new attire for the company party. Also, he learned how to tie a tie.

Amelia crashed and was asleep by 7pm. Once she was in bed we began to clean up the mess and then I went to bed around 11pm.

Birthday Party

I have no idea what to plan for Amelia’s birthday party this weekend!

Should I get ice cream? Balloons? Banners? Other Birthday Party themed decorations? I just don’t know.

There probably isn’t going to be other children at the party (Olivia will be there but she’s only 6 months old and we don’t know if Gracie is going to attend (she’ll be two in April)). The party will be mostly adults (who act like kids if that counts). We’re anticipating about 15 people, give or take (some people haven’t RSVP’d to my email and I’m looking at someone in northern MD), but I don’t have an exact number.

I talked to my Mom last night and she asked me if I was going to have any balloons and other decorations and I told her that I wasn’t planning on it and she said I was being a ‘mean mommy’. I don’t think Amelia is going to remember her first birthday (I don’t remember mine, do you remember yours?) so I don’t want to spend money on unnecessary things (like balloons and such; plus things that could be a choking hazard), but at the same time I don’t want to down grade the importance of this milestone (but, at the same time, I don’t need to spend a lot of money to ‘show off’ this milestone). I feel torn between the two. I mean, this is exciting; Amelia is turning a year old – I’ve been a mother for a whole year (and survived), but this isn’t something to go ‘balls out’ and celebrate, in my opinion. And, if I were to do anything ‘fancy’ it would be due to others (my Mom) influence, or ‘peer pressure’, to make this event more than necessary.


So Soon!

This time last year (date and day of the week) I was at home. I was in agony from the chest pains due to the pneumonia; I was cranky because I haven’t been able to sleep for a week; I wasn’t eating because I had no energy, much less desire, to even drink soup. And, to top off all my agony and complete crankiness my Mom was with me and kept telling me to keep moving “You have to keep moving, Jess. Otherwise you won’t feel better.” I kept telling her to shut up and she doesn’t know how much pain I am in. I’m sure she chocked it up to the pregnancy.

And, who would have known that in a few days (4 to be exact) my water would break and I would be in labor.

Amelia’s first birthday is only FIVE DAYS AWAY; five short days. This year has truly flown by and I can’t believe her first birthday has arrived so soon!

Honestly, I couldn’t wait until she was a year old but at the same time (now when I look back) I wish that she was still only a few weeks old so that I can enjoy the ‘itty bitty’ ness of her and to re-watch all the small smiles and cute faces she would make (even though I have loads of pictures from that age) and to re-hear all the little noises she would make. I’m still trying to figure which was easier, 0-5 months or 6-12 months. Both have their pros and cons and I don’t really think there is an answer.

Amelia has been a pretty easy baby. We’ve had our minor adjustments (going to a soy based formula), especially sleep; but over all it’s been pretty uneventful. Which kind of makes me fearful of baby #2 (my Mom has told me that I was the easy baby and that Sean was the difficult (constantly crying) baby), unless I have another girl – because boys are more difficult, right?

In any event, I have taken a half day on Friday to get the cake and other small errands as well as clean the condo (as I will be more focused without anyone distracting me – *ahem – Greg*

My mood is still a mystery; I’ve been feeling so exhausted these past few days and my appetite has been almost non-existent. But other than that I feel alright. Who knows, maybe this will pass (and soon!).

Got to get back to work…