Weekend Notes

First, I want to say that I think I found my wedding dress!

And it’s only $135 (and free shipping)!

Of course, I don’t know how it will look on me until I try it on (which means I need to order it first); but it has all the necessities for my dress: halter top, not too full, simple yet elegant! I shared the link to the dress with my Mom and she loves it too and feels I should order it as well. I just need to decide what color sash to order but in order to do that, Greg needs to find a shirt to wear.

Now, onto the weekend – so far!

Saturday was lazy and boring; did some shopping at Target and then the grocery store. Oh, and we had lunch at Chick-fil-a. Oh, and on Saturday morning, Greg’s brother called to inform us that everyone is getting together at Mom’s (his Mom) as a farewell party because Pat is driving to Texas Tuesday morning (where he begins his 41 weeks of training). Greg doesn’t mention our plans about PA Parks. So, when Greg hangs up the phone with his brother… well, family before parks. I was bummed out.

But, there is some good news! There was a check from the local utility company in the mail for me!! It was for $200 and Greg received a separate check, also for $200, from his work because they miscalculated his bonus last month (so, its as if we received three bonus this weekend). W00t! Money for Philadelphia IF we were going.

So, my Saturday night was spent on-line chatting on the message boards, playing with Picnik, and looking at wedding dresses. So exciting.

Sunday started out lazy as well. Did more laundry, napped, cleaned the kitchen, and putted around. At 2pm we left for Michele’s party.

The party was nice, except for getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes. We met some of Michele’s fiance, D, extended family (ex-inlaws – long story) and some of D’s co-workers. The highlight of the party would have to be when the pig was dropped! Greg didn’t get a picture of that because he, along with everyone else, was laughing too hard and Amelia kept asking “what happened?”. But, there were pictures taken (duh):

literally SECONDS before the pig was on the ground

literally SECONDS before the pig was on the ground

Unfortunately, Greg wasn’t feeling all that well and we headed home a few hours after we arrived. I did taste the pig and it was pretty damn good! I only ate the meat as I was too afraid to try the skin… because… I know I would have gagged had I tried it; thinking about it now is making my stomach iffy. It’s too… un-nerving to know that I am eating the skin of an animal… nope, can’t do that. And yes, I even get squeamish when I eat fried chicken (which I rarely do for that reason).

Anyway, moving on…

So, we were home by 6pm. Baked a pizza, played around with Amelia, did more laundry (and it was for Greg – he has more clothes to wash than Amelia and me combined!), and just putted around the interweb and laptop.

Then, Greg receives a phone call from his Mom. We don’t know what the plans are for tomorrow, meaning when Pat is going to return from OC (where he is attending a bachelor party) – so, with that news we’re going to PA tomorrow morning! Yay! I’m excited. And, I should be going to bed… but instead I am here… and texting.

Nothing else to report for the day. I’m so uber excited about going to the park tomorrow… I’m excited about exploring a new area and the beautiful photo ops! I just wish I had my new camera! Oh well, get to practice with Greg’s!