Greg, being the snoopy, nosey, guy that he is (at times) read my text messages and learned about the surprise wedding shower.

Oh well… at least I tried.

But, now I can openly talk about it!

My cousin and I were emailing all day (love that I can check and reply to emails on my cell phone) about the guest list, food, theme, games, etc! It really helped while I scanned and archived so many papers today (and I’m no where near finished).  We talked about renting a swanky hotel room  and having the guests meet there and surprise Greg there, but we were concerned about costs (even though most rooms we found were $250 or less – perfect time of year to get a room – After Christmas/New Years and before Inauguration/Valentine’s Day)… eventually, we decided to forgo that idea and just plan to party at her house.

Hmm… new WordPress Dashboard… very different… not sure how I like it…

You know what the best thing is about our plans to elope, we’re not done! We still get to plan for our reception later; our ‘wedding’ isn’t over the day of the ceremony. I’m excited about planning the reception (probably going to be held towards the end of the year – hopefully before October 2009); during my lunch hour I was researching for reception venues and checking up on The Knot message boards (haven’t been there in ages)… found another potential spot. It would be nice to have a home and just hose the reception at our place… maybe I can borrow Mom’s place…

I’ve decided that I am going to dye my hair a nice, rich color – probably a brown – and add some highlights. Also, I am probably going to have my hair cut about… 4-6 inches shorter… I am debating if I want my curls/waves emphasized/enhanced, or just have someone show me how to add some volume. I just need to figure out they style I want to wear and what to add into my hair (flower; veil?)

Earlier this week and challenged myself to stop biting/clipping my nails for the next month (give or take on when I get my manicure/pedicure) and I’ve already failed. Biting my nails is such a hard habit to break!

Oh, and there’s 3 weeks until Christmas!!


Ketchup (and Mustard)

It’s after 11pm as I type and I am beat.

This week has really worn me down. I am still in (some) disbelief over the busyness at work; in the 2 years I’ve been there, it’s never, ever, been this busy, and the sudden increase in volume has taken everyone, managers, CEO, and President, aback! We were not prepared for this; staffing and mentally. I feel safe in saying that EVERYONE at work is worn out.

With that being said, I am SO looking forward to this three day weekend! And, it’s a busy weekend for us.

Saturday is Brooke’s baby shower that I completely forgot all about and, unfortunately, can not attend. Instead, Greg and I are going to be running a slew of errands and attacking the mountain of chores and laundry.

Sunday is Michele’s engagement cook-out/party. I still need to get the time from her…

On Monday, the day I am probably most excited about, we are having a mini-road trip to Pennsylvania! We’ve decided (because I somewhat insisted) to visit a state park in PA – to go somewhere different. Originally, I wanted to visit Philadelphia since I’ve never been (yes, I need to get out more). But, on Wednesday when we were talking about this, we went over our budget and determined we didn’t have the funds available (because we would spend a lot of money on food and we’re trying to cut back on our food spending habit) and decided to visit a park instead. So, we checked out PA’s Parks and decided to visit the Susquehannock State Park.

By Wednesday I was ready to run away and that is why I decided (read: insisted) that we (read: me) need to venture outside of Maryland – I felt the need to just get away from Maryland and all the stress related. So, that’s why we’re going to PA!

So, there is a logical explanation of why I was feeling like the world was crushing me while everyone was pulling at my limbs in all different directions: hormones. Stupid cycle started on Thursday morning – just like clock work. Emotionally, I am feel much better than I was yesterday (Berger Cookies could have helped – mmm… chocolate), thought not 100% back to my ‘normal’ self; I hope to reach that state tomorrow. It’s funny because I wasn’t even sure the cycle was going to start on Thursday since I didn’t have any ‘warning signs’; no mood swings, no lower back ache, no increase in appetite or weird cravings, I felt pretty good (aside from stressed). Well, until Wednesday night (at work when I was about to loose it) and then Thursday morning. Have I mentioned how much I dislike being on birth control?

I think I called Greg like 4 times at work today to see if the camera arrived (Dell has surprised us in the past), to which the answer was always: nope. We’re expecting the camera to arrive on Tuesday. Boo. I was hoping to break it in this weekend, especially at Susquehannonk Park. It was funny, last night Greg and I were talking about the new camera and our ‘rules’; he made me promise (which I technically haven’t) not to use the ‘auto-modes’, such as the “golfer mode” for action shots, or “moon and stars mode” for night shots, but to keep the camera on all manual all the time – like a real photographer. And, if I accepted his requirement, he had to accept mine: to allow me to take the pictures as I want to take them, meaning if I want to lay in the river to get a specific shot – then so be it. He can not ‘baby’ the camera. Either way, our lives are about the change with the addition of the new camera; I am more riskier, than Greg is, when it comes to capturing the picture that I envision.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned our photography blog: J&G Photography. Since Greg is placing some of his pictures up for sale (he’s received a few reviews, but no sales yet), I thought it would be a good idea for him to have a photography blog/site. Greg, of course, agreed and has taken over. Now, I just need to work on the watermark – not really liking the one he created.

I still haven’t looked for a wedding dress. Although, I think I am going to order a dress from PeriMart. I learned of the site from the message boards and checked them out – their prices are amazing. I’m not worried about the dress being a knock-off or if it has slight imperfections, as long as it fits and I look good in it – I’m happy. Plus, with the amount of money I am going to be spending on the dress – I’m probably getting what I paid for and that’s fine by me. Although, the person that shared the site said her dress was amazing, so who knows. Oh, and they ship for free.

The first wedding planning meeting, for Michele, went very well. I think. I don’t what we got out of the meeting other than the colors of the wedding party (clover and cream) and our first, of many I’m sure, dates to try on dresses. Michele tried to get me to try on wedding dresses with her, but I told her that this is her wedding and not to worry about me.

We also talked about having a girls night (which I guess is a bachorlette party) the night before her wedding. Apparently, Michele and D are leaving on a cruise, from Baltimore to the Bahamas, the morning after their wedding, so the night before the wedding, Michele and her girls (me, her sister, and Michele’s daughter) will spend the night at the hotel (suite) and the following morning, have our hair done and get ready. Oh, and the wedding is going to take place in DC.

Michele also talked about sending save-the-dates next month as most of D’s family is out of state. I offered a few websites and helping make the STD’s (gave her my picnik log in information since I have a premium account), and talking about her STD’s get me thinking about the wedding announcements that I get to make once we’re married (and then I started to go off into a day dream of sorts).

Have I mentioned how excited I am to be a part of Michele’s wedding?

Speaking of weddings, Greg band finally arrived! We picked it up over the weekend. I, personally, think it needs to be re-sized as it feels a little too big on his finger… and the fact that it slid off during testing. He’s in denial. I told him that he needs to make up his mind about the size before it’s too late.

I’m trying to think of anything else mention…

Oh, I am finally a Pro Flickr’er again, and I uploaded the pictures from the Inappropriate Haf’la we went to on Saturday. I really wish I wrote down the names of the performers since I don’t remember a think about them, other than the songs they performed to. Either way, the party was great. The sangria was amazing (and there is still some in the fridge. And, it’s mighty strong) and we, Greg and I, had an amazing time. We stayed until 10pm.

The following morning we left for the Renn Fest and had a good time. Pictures from the Renn Fest can be found on Flickr as well. I would do a picture post, but I’m feeling a bit on the lazy side. That, and it’s 12:17am and I should go to bed.

And, on the note… Good night!

No Title

Daddy's Big (little) Girl

Amelia is home!

Gosh, doesn’t she look so much older? I swear she’s grown another inch or more in the last week!

We picked up Amelia this afternoon and met at our ‘usual’ spot for lunch. Amelia is always the center of attention when we’re out and about. Can I blame her? Look at that beautiful smile of hers!

So, how was everyone’s weekend?

Saturday I washed every article of clothing we own and cleaned the house (except for the bathrooms, I left those for Greg). My brother came over because he was having an asthma attack and needed my inhaler (which I gave him since I have a back-up). I told Sean to make an appointment with a physician so he can receive some treatment, but being the male that he is, he’s stubborn and says “yeah yeah…” Sean hung out for a good bit and we caught up on family things (no gossip, just plans) and he tried to get me to go to the Columbia ‘Wine in the Woods’ event, to which I declined (I’m not a huge wine drinker and still having to pay $20 to get in as a DD seemed like a waste).

Greg was home by 4-ish and I tended to him and his sunburn (see the redness on his face?). I soaked him in aloe vera gel.

We leave for Michigan in 4 days! Earlier tonight we were looking at our flight information and the morning flight is BOOKED! We’re going to have a stranger sitting next to us on the flight in… I just hope the person has a lot of patience.

I was reading Brooke’s blog and I’m so relieved that their baby is doing well. When I went to update Greg (and to tell him that they’re having a girl; because everyone’s first baby has been a girl at his office; this is the 4th baby) about what Brooke wrote, I told him that I want to have another baby. I’m ready. But, together, we’re not ready; we have a few goals to accomplish before we have Baby #2, and the first is to own a house. But, we did agree (and I have this is writing in case he denies this later) that when Amelia is about three and a half years old, we will stop with the birth control and let nature take its course.

Time to hit the hay and start a new week!


I don’t know why I didn’t think/realize this before!!

I want to have our wedding on a weekday to save on costs; the problem was that too many people from his job wouldn’t be able to attend (plus it could be an issue with all the other guests that work).


Have the wedding on a holiday! And, why not Labor Day (and be cheesy and have a theme of “Labor of Love”)!! And, what’s best, everyone will have a PAID DAY OFF from work! So, it’s like our guests will be paid to go to our wedding. Ha ha ha!!

In the meantime I am looking at local venues to get any information about their prices for weddings on the weekday instead of the weekend.

Also, it looks like Greg and I might be moving our wedding date up to September 2009!

First Day of 2008

I wrote my first check for 2008 today at Giant!

And, that’s about it for excitement.

Greg and I stayed up until midnight last night; watched all the fireworks go off around us (Glen Burnie and Pasadena) and then went to bed. Such an eventful night, right?

Our first day of the new year was very uneventful. We took down the Christmas decorations and put them away; cleaned the kitchen only to mess it up again; washed about five loads of laundry; ran to the grocery store for a few items; tried a new recipe with mixed results and Sean and Aaron visited for about a half hour. I was able to upload the pictures from yesterday onto Flickr, and here are a few favorites:

mini martini line up
Sean and the giant Raspberry Long Island Tea
Brother and Sister
Amelia using her new sippy cup
Cabbage Patch Baby

Doesn’t that last picture look like a baby-doll head? Amelia was being goofy and resting her head on the table.

Greg and I have been talking about our travel plans for 2008. We’re considering more smaller trips than the one big trip to Seattle. The smaller trips would be to New York (to see a game at Yankee Stadium), Atlanta (to visit the new-ish aquarium), Alabama, and Michigan with Alabama and Michigan to visit family.

We were looking up airfare the other night to Atlanta and Alabama and it’s slightly discouraging that it will cost between $700-$900 in airfare alone! Yeesh. At least we have a little time for the travel planning and we’re thinking about contacting a travel agency for a few things.

Not much talk going on about our wedding. I’ve picked up two more magazines and a “weddings for dummies” booklet but I haven’t even touched them.

I really need to start working on Amelia’s birthday party. Actually, I should be working on the eVites right now… But, Greg and I are going to use this weekend to start planning the food and things related (we get paid this Friday so it will help us figure our budget).

With that being said, I am going to work on the eVites…

Mind Musings

I have so many thoughts going through my mind!

  • I’m thinking about my upcoming divorce hearing and saying good bye to Adam (mentally);
  • The odd dream I had last night about Greg’s ex;
  • Wedding stuff, mainly finding our site for the ceremony and reception;
  • The slow realization that Greg is going to be my future husband;
  • Van’s offer to pay for my tuition so I can finish my medical assisting/nursing certification/degree;
  • And much more…

Mainly, I am thinking about my wedding and divorce with little bits of the dream I had last night; which I’ll start off with first…

Last night, I dreamt that Greg and I were living with his ex temporarily. It was very awkward for me in the dream, even though we (Greg’s ex and I) were rarely home at the same time. Then, at some point in the dream, the exes sister spies on me and tells the ex what I’ve been doing (supposedly) and then the ex leaves all these notes around the house for me (and they weren’t very positive notes). The same day I discovered the notes around the house, she comes home while I am there and I confront her about the stuff she’s writing to me. And, somehow, after talking about everything we become friends. And, I recall thinking in the dream how odd it felt realizing that we’ve basically ‘made up’ and were actually talking as friends. Very strange dream, no?

My second thought is about saying good bye, permanently, to Adam.  Honestly, I am not that upset about saying good bye as I have no emotional attachment to him what-so-ever; but I thought I would be able to send an email every once in a blue moon to say ‘Hi’ and see what he’s up to (just as I’ve done since 2005 when he moved out). But, I confronted him (via email as that’s the only means of communication I have to him) about the impression I had that he doesn’t want to be hearing from me for non divorce related stuff. You see, I’ve always remained friends with all my exes, even if I started a new relationship or if they started a new relationship; it just wasn’t odd to me. But, Adam is different; he’s a very private person and even though I’m not asking him private questions, I got the feeling that he doesn’t want to be hearing from me after the divorce. Which, as I’ve mentioned, is fine. After all, we need to close certain chapters from our past and move on to start the new chapters. I don’t think I’ll ‘miss’ him in any sense. I guess, in a sense, I received closure from him when he, more or less, confirmed what I thought. So, that is that.

Now, onto the wedding stuff! Last night I bought my first wedding magazine!! I bought the winter edition of The Knot, the magazine version of the website for things in the DC, VA, MD area. And, today, I read that magazine from cover to cover! I highlighted things of interest and worth looking into and checked out a few vendors and potential wedding/ceremony websites.

Even though, as of today, I have 653 days until my wedding, I want to pick out my location; and it’s slightly difficult because I don’t know how many guests we’re going to invite vs. attend. Greg thinks we’ll easily have 150 attendees; I think he’s wrong. Plus, if we have a wedding with that many guests, it’s really going to be financially stressful for us (I, without mentioning anything to my family – as in asking, am not expecting help from our families for our wedding, especially since I’m a repeat bride (sorta)). I am expecting something smaller, like around 75 guests. The second topic of discussion is where to host our wedding and reception. Greg said he wants to do something exotic and feels that if we hold our wedding and reception at a park, that it’s too traditional. Greg and I view the word ‘traditional’ in terms of a wedding completely different; to me, a traditional wedding is a wedding that is held in a church and the reception in a banquet hall. So far, Greg and I have added Ripkin Stadiumas a possible ceremony/reception site. My Mom, on the other hand, would like us to have our wedding reception (as least) at her house. Granted, there are 20 acres to fit everyone, and there is a small beach where we could have the bon fire, but I feel it would be too much of a drive for everyone, and that there are no hotels near by for the guests (since EVERYONE would need a hotel room); if Mom lived closer, then I would seriously consider it (after all, my other wedding reception was held at home in Churchton). I believe the planning would be easier on me if I knew how much money I had to work with. But, I want to know how much everything is going to cost before I set my budget… it feels like I’m in a ‘catch 22’ regarding this part of the planning. Eh, as Greg says, we have plenty of time. Oh, and another item we dicussed was our “save the date” notices – we’re going to send them out this summer. We’re thinking magnets so everyone can put it on the fridge and, hopefully, not forget.

So, not too much going on.

Although, I really should be planning Amelia’s First Birthday Party, as I only have 2 weeks (eek!!). Guess Greg and I will work on that this weekend…

Engagement Ring: My Choice

This evening Greg and I went out and looked at engagement rings. I wanted to show him the one that I liked and I was able to take a few pictures of it:














The others are on Flickr. The pictures didn’t turn out too good because I was kinda in a hurry (don’t know why) and I wasn’t paying attention to the focus. But, you get the idea of what the ring look likes.  It’s a simple, yet not busy, three stone ring with channels. Yes, the diamonds in the channel are small (and are probably easy to loose) but that’s ok.

After we looked at the ring above, we looked at another store and saw a few that I liked (they wouldn’t let me take pictures) but nothing stood out to Greg (at least not like the one above). So, it’s up in the air as to what Greg is going to get. I’d rather be surprised anyway, but I also wanted to show him what styles and cuts I like.