Amelia’s First Birthday!

I should be in bed. I am so exhausted! But, I am sure all of ya’ll (I believe I am at 6 regular readers *confirmed* now) are dying to know how Amelia’s fist Birthday went, there’s the recap:

6:30am – Amelia is bright eyed and bushy tailed. Thankfully, she allows Greg and I to sleep for a few more minutes before we have to bring her into bed with us.

7:01am – Amelia is pulling my hair.

7:17am – ok, I’m getting out of bed; please stop pulling my hair, Amelia.

7:30am – feed the birthday girl! Yummy banana’s and some other fruit.

7:45am – Discuss the plan of action; whose doing what chores and errands. We decide that I am going to focus on the living room and kitchen while Greg works on the bedroom and laundry.

7:59am – Amelia is officially ONE YEAR OLD!!

9:00am – I get distracted by a movie and my momentum to clean and organize starts to leave me. Of course Amelia’s constant messing up everything I just cleaned has no impact whatsoever about my lost momentum to clean; the movie was just a bonus.

11:13am – bedroom is about 98% done (just need to make the bed and put the clean clothes away and Greg heads out to Super Fresh to pick up the party trays and other last minute items.

11:28amĀ – Feed Amelia lunch; receive a phone call from Mom, she’s in Bowie. Receive a phone call from Michele, she’s sick and won’t be able to come; receive a phone call from Greg, finally run through of the items we need.

11:47am – Amelia becomes insanely irritable and begins to act as if this is her Sweet Sixteen!

11:56am – Amelia falls asleep. Finally

12:07pm – Vacuuming is done; kitchen is done and I begin to decorate.

12:10pm – Mom and Van arrive! Their bummed to see that Amelia is sleeping. Mom and I work together on getting the table set and such

12:30pm – Greg arrives and he bought balloons! Complete the party decor, rearrange the furniture, and set up and now we just wait…

1:35pm – Decide to wake up Amelia and get her ready for guests. Mom dresses her up in a cute outfit I didn’t know I had until that morning as I was rummaging through her dresser looking for space to put her many other clothes.

1:38pm – Billy and Casey, with Gracie, arrive! Amelia and Gracie were a little shy at first but they ended up playing well together.

2:15pm – Receive a phone call from Tim and Brooke, they are not going to be able to make it.

3:00pm – Speak to Sean. He’s still shopping for his outfit for the Company party (the boy has been shopping since 11am). Doesn’t know when he’s going to make it.

3:30pm – Mom hints that she’s ready to leave as they have a long drive before them so we decide to have the cake. Below are the video’s of Amelia’s first experience with cake:

Overall, it was a nice day. I’m sure her second birthday is going to be more involved. Afterwards, Sean came over about 15 minutes after everyone left and he hung out for about a half hour. We played ‘model and phtographer’ as he was posing in his new attire for the company party. Also, he learned how to tie a tie.

Amelia crashed and was asleep by 7pm. Once she was in bed we began to clean up the mess and then I went to bed around 11pm.