My Amazing (future) Husband

I’ve been having a shit-tacular week. Yesterday was the worse, thus far; I don’t know what tomorrow is going to be.

Greg has been very supportive with my bitching about work, the reason my week has been horrible.

So, today Greg surprised me with a gift:

Gift from Greg

Gift from Greg

Greg bought me a  Canon Digital Rebel XTi!!! How awesome is he?

Now, I just need to buy my Pro Flickr account again (and let me tell ya’ll, I’m going through some SERIOUS Flickr withdrawl! I hate not being able to create sets for my pictures!!!).

Also, as a treat, Greg bought me a package of Berger Cookies, which are so freaking amazing! I can totally see myself getting addicted to these.


I’m all giddy and excited about my new camera!! I can already predict Greg and I will be ‘fighting’ over who gets to use which lens; I’ve already claimed the ‘nifty fifty’ and the wide angle. Also, I’ve been rummaging though Canon’s website, as well as B&H, Amazon, Adorama, and of course eBay for all kinds of goodies.

I think I am going to buy Greg this; it’s a “photo studio in a box”. It has some pretty good reviews on the message boards I frequent and it seems like something Greg, and/or I, would use – especially if he continues with his ‘food porn’ and Simply Carbonated blogs (Ha ha ha). Also, I have decided that I am going to buy Greg one of the lenses he (and I) have been lusting after: a macro lens. I just hope that I’ll be able to save enough money to buy it on my own, as I want it as a surprise – meaning not to be placed on the Dell card or on the bank/credit cards.

Also, tomorrow I get to leave work EARLY because the babysitter has to drive somewhere, I think in NY, to visit her sister, and I am so unbelievably thankful that I get to leave the dungeon early.


Here Comes The…

… W.E.E.K.E.N.D!!

Not like I have a ton of social activities planned or anything, I’m just happy that I don’t have to work for two days!

That, and I’m looking forward to seeing Michele on Saturday and meeting her ‘friend’, Bobby (Michele told Bobby that in order for him to date her, I have to approve of him – so he’s treating us out to dinner, although I don’t know how serious she was when she told him that).

Still don’t know what the details of Sunday are since Greg hasn’t called his Mom to talk about the plans.

Work is going nice and slow. I’ve spent a lot of my time flipping through pages of as many magazines I can find from my co-workers; talking to a co-worker who is a travel agent on the side (getting ideas and costs about the honeymoon) and playing Tetris on my cell phone. Such an exciting day, I know.

Greg and I had a minor disagreement last night regarding the storage unit. Greg was stating that he refuses to pay the account (we owed $225 at this point) and I told him that we have to because he finallygot all the bad stuff on his credit report removed (a lot of stuff from his younger years) and that his credit score actually improved by 66 points and if he ignored his responsibility to the storage unit then that would effect his credit all over again and we’re trying to avoid that. Greg was just pissed that the balance accumulated as it did. In any event, the account is paid and closed.

Moving on…

I believe next weekend, the first weekend of November, is when we’re going to have Amelia’s photos taken. I’m looking around to see where I can get the most for my money (Sears,  JC Penny, Wal-Mart, Target, etc) and the hunting for the coupons is a little challenging. It’s the sitting fees that are getting me and they’re per person in the photo! Yeesh!

We’re still trying to figure out what to do for the Holidays; we haven’t really come to any confirmed plan of action.

Oh well, one day down 29 more to go!

The day of Nothing

Greg and I did absolutley nothing today. We didn’t even leave the condo! And, we only got dressed when the pizza delivery person arrived… around 4:45pm. Yeah, we didn’t do a damn thing other than play with Amelia, clean the kitchen, did the laundry, and watch loads of tv. For tv watching, it’s been Top Chef (the catch-up the episodes we missed) and Bridezilla, which has left me speechless. Do girls really act like that?

While watching Bridezilla, Greg and I talked about some of the cpuples and how they were all saying that they have met their soulmates (yet are treating their soulmate like that?!) and bla bla bla… so I asked Greg if he feels that I am his soulmate and he said yes and I asked what made him feel as so and he explained how we have so much in common, agree on a lot of important issues, and we’re both willing to compromise for each other. Greg stated that he’s never felt that either of his other relationships were as deep as ours and that he didn’t feel that until now he’s never met his soulmate. Do I feel that Greg is my soulmate? Yes. Why? Because I feel deep down in my heart, mind, and body that Greg and I were ment to be together, we compliment each other very well and neither one of us has to change who we are to make the other person happy.

Greg and I are thinking/planning another trip to Hagerstown in October to do some more Outlet Shopping. Amelia will need some winter clothes and I could use more clothes as well. Plus, it would be a good trip with the fall seasons change of colors, so that will make some pretty pictures for the Memory Photo Book. Also, I am hoping to visit my friend Michele who lives up there.

Until then…