Awesome Day!

This has been an amazing day; the best day (aside from Amelia’s First birthday) of 2008, thus far!!

Work was a little challenging but around 11:30am there was a delivery for me:

Ediable Surprise

It’s a Edible Arrangement complete with chocolate dipping sauce (and serving dish in the shape of a strawberry)!! The strawberries (or ‘roses’) were so freaking good! And the chocolate covered banana’s were delicious (though a little weird for me). Oh my god was the pineapple (‘dasies’) … just so freaking amazing (I love pineapple!!). I walked around the office sharing the basket with everyone (I didn’t want the fruit to go to waste) and that thing weighed about 10+ pounds! And this was all from Greg!

White and Milk Chocolate Dipped Banana

Wonder what held the fruit together?

Head of Lettus

a head of lettuce – not even pulled apart! I was thinking Styrofoam but I guess this think is completely edible!

Around 11:50 I receive a text message from my girlfriend, Michele, and she’s telling me that she’s in town (was at Arundel Mills Mall killing some time) and said she was going to stop by the office before heading home!

Michele in her car

Michele had a few birthday gifts for me and Amelia!! She bought Amelia a new outfit – for next year! – and a toy and Michele bought me a bag of Poppycock and beautiful necklace and an amazing card:

Poppycock and card
Best Friends

The rest of the work day was a nightmare! Too many people took the day off (don’t know why the supervisors allowed this…) and the rest of us were just overwhelmed. Then, around 3:30pm the remote server crashed and we weren’t able to access any of our NY or NJ customer accounts, and guess which customers were calling in. Yeah. The server wasn’t restored by 6pm!! We were telling customers to call back or to give us their information and that we would call them once service was back up. It was fun, like totally.

Greg calls me on my way to getting Amelia and tells me that we’re going out to dinner! Nothing special, just Bennigan’s. But, it was fun nonetheless! Amelia was being adorable and showed us her new ‘trick’ – she will shake her head to make her hair swoosh all over the place, and if I mimic her she will crack up! I caught it on tape:

Dinner was nice; I wasn’t really all that hungry so I only ordered some chicken tenders and shared them with Amelia.

Once we were home, Greg showed me what we’re doing for dinner tomorrow night:

Dinner Ticket

We have tickets to the Medieval Times restaurant!! I’ve been wanting to go here since the place opened a few years ago! I am so freaking excited about the show!!

I checked the mail and guess what was in there!!!

No, not the W-2 I’ve been waiting for but…


My divorce is final!!! It’s all done!!! I am ‘free’!!! FINALLY!!!!

Oh my god has this day been amazing!! Like a really amazing day!


I volunteered to leave early since the phones were still down around 2. I came home and started a load of laundry and then ran out to get my eyebrows waxed

Let the torture begin
Eyebrows BEFORE (the unibrow)No unibrow! 

yeah, it was a much needed waxing.

After my torture session (i hate the tweezing) I ran over to the AT&T store to talk about my phone; I was having issues with it already. It locked up twice the other day!!

Unsafe ATT Store

 My friend, Lisa (the one that works with me), was at this store when a robbery occurred! She and the other customers and employees were locked into a storage closet! And the robbers took all their cellphones so no one would call for help. I don’t remember how they got out but since then there as been a cop assigned to the store.

I decided that I am not going to just deal with the phone issues (moving forward) and if I am still within my 30 day return policy – I’m going for it. So, I ended up buying the newer Blackjack model.

New; On the Right: Old

The new phone is awesome! The layout is much nicer for me (has a wheelie thing in the center instead of the dial thingy on the side) since I use my left hand for just about everything phone related. Also, it comes in red – my favorite color!


Tomorrow we’re meeting my Mom down in Waldorf for my birthday lunch and Amelia is going home with her until the 10th. We’re going to miss Amelia so much; greg and I were talking about how we’re going to miss her during dinner tonight. It’s going to be so weird to not have her around; hearing her giggles and squeals of delight when she hears the bath tub water turn on. After lunch, we’re going to head to Arundel Mills Mall and kill some time at Dave and Busters (we have free play cards from Greg’s holiday party) and then head over to Medieval Times for the show!

Our plan for Sunday, so far, is to go up to Ikea and get the dresser and night stands we’ve been oogling for the last 6 months.

Sounds like a busy weekend but oh so much fun!


I’m Bored

So, the traffic heading home wasn’t as bad as Greg and I were expecting; actually, I didn’t run into any traffic which is so unlike Maryland drivers.

Anyway, here are the pictures of my new phone (as Claudia requested):

Palm Size... almost

first thing I downloaded was Apologize from OneRepublic, the song I’m obsessed with (if you look closely,you can see it on the upper left on the phone)


Checking the email

have my Y! email all set up on the phone


Ready for my close-up!

 ignore the bushy eyebrows and pay attention to the cool phone


Greg and I went out to dinner tonight; he was in the mood for Chinese so we went to a local buffet place. The place was so empty it was kinda erie. Amelia ate a lot of food while we were there! It is so nice to be able to take her places and be able to share our meals with her; it’s so nice to not have to carry a kitchen in a bag anymore!                                                                                                                                                                    


Yeah, very uneventful day of writing here. Oh, Greg and I have decided to change our wedding date to 09-07-07 – yippie! When I suggested next February he had the same feeling as me – we’re not mentally ready! We have so many other things we’re trying to get through at the moment that planning a wedding would be too much for us. At least I was able to move the date up a month! That alone has gotten me very excited.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Oh, and “IT” surprised me today! The last two months I was 2 days ‘late’ so I was rather surprised to see a little ‘present’ this morning when I went to the bathroom at work. I had no warning signs that “IT” was going to start; none at all and that is somewhat unusual for me. On the other hand, it’s nice to not have any cramps, aches, pains, or any of that emotional craziness that I get (at times). Plus, all that shit I was feeling on Monday has, more or less, left me. I’m still tired as all hell but emotionally I am better (not that I felt I was bad to begin with).                       


Oh, Greg bought me this:

for my new phone

for my new phone. It was on sale at Best Buy for only $20 (retail price, according to their website, was $35). I couldn’t pass up a sale! And, me being the lazy person that I am ordered it online to be picked up later; origionally I was going to have it mailed (as there was free shipping) but since I literally live across the street from Best Buy, i figured it would give me a reason to go and coax Greg into buying me more goodies (for my laptop, cellphone and new camera). Oh, my love treats me so well (more than any other person I’ve been in a relationship with).                


Anyway, it’s after 10pm and I have somethings to set up on the cellphone (such as my bank account at Wachovia has some special thing for AT&T customers) and other goodies to play with. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more exciting things to write about.                                          



So Cool

Ok, I think I am in luv with my new phone! The best feature is that I can load pictures from the phone onto my Flickr account! That’s so freaking awesome.

Also, I can post onto wordpress from the phone! I tried doing so this morning but I’m still adjusting to the QWERTY keypad and the keypad in general and I lost my entry.

In the mean time, i updated my media package and for $5 more I have unlimited internet access on the phone (meaning I won’t be charged .01 per KB when I go over my alloted usage – which was 5MB).

Did I mention that I was in luv with this phone?

Stuff about Stuff

Oy! What a weekend. It seems that the nasty cold that attacked Amelia and me in December has spread like wildfire amongst my friends and family. Michele, along with April, Olivia, and Clayton were not able to attend due to the cold. Greg is the only person that I know that hasn’t felt the wrath of this cold (until now because I probably jinxed him). So, we had a small turn out for the party and that’s fine. We were worried about not having enough space anyway.

Greg’s Mom and Ken came over this afternoon and stayed for a little over an hour. I get the feeling that Greg’s family have ‘accepted’ me into their family (I know Greg’s Mom didn’t like any of his previous finacees and she made it known to him). I know his Mom tries to include me in conversations and she’ll tell us stories of Greg’s childhood if I ask (like on Christmas day when she pulled out the old VHS tape of Greg’s middle school performance in the concert band).

OMG, we have so much birthday cake left over! As our guests were leaving (yesterday and today) we tried to have people take some cake with them but no one wanted any; so the plan of action is to take the left overs to work. The cake was alright; I’m not much of a cake eater – especially when it comes to the icing (the worst part of the cake in my opinion). The only think I liked about this cake was the chocolate mousse filling in the center (and the paperwork stated there was 2lbs of this yummy stuff).

Last night, after I loaded up the pictures onto Flickr, I bought a new phone for myself (and renewed my AT&T contract) and I am excited about my new phone (I am obsessed with cell phones – weird interest, I know)! I bought the Samsung Blackjack! It has some features that I don’t really need (at this point in my life) but I felt that I needed something a little more than the regular phone; something to keep track of appointments (mine and Amelia’s), and anything wedding related. Plus, I only had to pay $39.99 and I couldn’t pass it up! The phone should arrive tomorrow (as I received the email that it was shipped today); I just hope FedEx will be able to deliver without signature…

Greg and I haven’t returned the furnature as it was prior to the party; we kinda like it the way it is now but we’re not sure if we like it enough to keep it this way. The layout of the condo is weird, it’s a big L with a fireplace in the corner.  Before, we had the couches and tv by the fireplace and now they’re apart and we have a huge open space…

eh, i’ll post pictures for a side by side comparisson later. I am tired and heading to bed. Unlike someone (greg), I have to work tomorrow but I have Tuesday off (though booked with appointments every 2 hours, literally). Oh, if FedEx needs a signature, Greg will be here! yay!

 Nighty night