Retail Therapy

Today we did a little unexpected retail therapy.

Last week I had made an appointment to Apple’s Genius Bar to look at my MacBook Pro; the warranty is going to expire in about a week and I wanted to have the laptop looked at to make sure all is well. Also, the CD/DVD drive doesn’t pick up when I insert a disk, so I wanted that looked at too. Turns out there is an issue with the drive and Apple is going to replace it (for free) and I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

When we were done at the Apple store, we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch (and we didn’t get dessert). The corn fritters at this place are amazing! Also, their chicken salad sandwich is so good.

After lunch, Amelia wanted to ride the carousel. It has become a tradition to ride the carousel whenever we visit the mall.

After the carousel, we walked the long way back to our car but made a pitstop at The Disney Store. Greg initially said we were not to buy anything, but left spending $115. On 2 items. I bought some Pixie Dust lotion (which smells so nice and has glitter in it) and a gift card for our Disney vacation in 57 days! I’ve been wanting to buy a Disney gift card for a few months, specifically the ones that Sams Club was selling but Greg has always been hesitant. So, after talking to one of the Disney Store employees about where we can and can not use the card, Greg finally caved. We’re probably going to get another card, or add to this one before we leave.


Patience is a Virtue

Two months from today I will be in Florida, hanging out with my bestest gay friend Daniel. I am so freaking uber excited! I just have to wait 2 months!!

I am working on a surprise for Greg (the details will be password protected ’cause I don’t want him to find out) and I have to be patient with the planning. Ugh, I so want to tell him about the surprise but.. I can’t!!! I so want to surprise him – I’ve never been able to keep a surprise from him because I get so excited about it.

Greg can’t keep surprises from me either, and for the same reason. Right now, he’s working on something as well but I already know what it is; we’re just waiting for the right moment to do it. Greg told me he wanted to surprise me – it’s cruise related –  but I told him there would be no way he could keep ‘this’ surprise from me; especially during the next two months! Don’t worry, I have that post already written, I’m just waiting to share…

Um, so yeah… the next two months are going to feel so long, but I know they’re going to fly. Espeically since we’re starting our Christmas shopping and ideas for our friends/family; cruise shopping and just getting everything ready.

My luggage has been shipped (already!) and should be here by the end of the week! I’ve ordered my veil (for fun, not for the wedding) and should have that by the end of the week as well (maybe), and my flowers!! They’re not here, yet. The ‘florist’ should be finishing them up soon (I requested a few changes) and I hope to have them by the end of the month.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my girlfriend, Michele. We haven’t been able to chat since last month and we have a lot to catch-up on! So, I’m looking forward to her visit.

Well, I have a wicked headache brewing so I am going to go.

Random Stuff Part I

“Hey luuk! Yuoo’fe-a gut unuzeer intry tu reed!”

That’s Swedish Chef for: Hey look! You’ve got another entry to read!

Greg and I grew up on The Muppet’s and Sesame Street (rather than Disney) and the Swedish Chef is Greg’s all time favorite character. I’ve been searching through eBay to find something Swedish Chef related for Greg (and doesn’t include Disney’s signature “hidden mickey” on it) and, surprisingly, it’s not a popular item. I’ll more than likely end up getting the plush figure and the DVD’s, but I was hoping to find a little something more. BUt, then again, I have a little time on my side (though not much).

Oh, and here’s the site that does Swedish Chef translation; if any of ya’ll were interested.

My ‘florist’ sent me the pictures of my bouquet!!

She asked me what color ribbon I wanted and, of course, feedback. I don’t know… It almost needs a little something more… maybe yellow/white roses… fill the body a little more. But, I will say, I am impressed at how REAL the flowers look!!! I’ve emailed my ‘florist’ about adding more roses and a few other questions. Can’t wait to hear back from her!

This year, for the holidays, I am participating in two Secret Santa Exchanges! One on the wedding boards and the other on the mommy boards. I’m excited. on the wedding board, I was paired up with someone that is almost my date twin on both wedding days and birthdays! Freaky. And on the mommy board, i was paired up with a little boy that is Amelia’s date twin!

Today was pretty low key; ran over to Costco for a few things and then came home. Amelia’s cold gives her some mood swings and by late afternoon she was pretty irritable. Oh, and gas prices were as low as $1.99/gallon! I haven’t seen gas that low since May 2005 (I actually remember when I filled a tank of gas for $1.98/gal in May 05; I remember the location and date as well. I have no idea why I remember this, but I do).

Tomorrow we’re going to go to a few parks to get more pictures of the Fall scenery. Man, I love the Fall colors. This is the whole reason why I wanted to be married in the Fall.  We’re just hoping the weather will cooperate.

Ok, is anyone else weirded, a little, about the weather we’re having for November? It was hot today. It was hot in the condo and we haven’t turned on our heat in nearly 2 weeks (electric bill was less than $120 this month!).. when is the Fall weather going to kick in? I remember, not too long ago (ok, it was nearly 20 years ago), that we had snow on Thanksgiving! Oh, how I wish for those days.

So, Amelia is actually getting excited about Christmas! She doesn’t know about Santa and all the other characters, but she knows about Christmas Trees. While we were walking through Costco, Amelia was commenting on how pretty the tree’s on display were. So, I was asking Amelia is she was excited about our Christmas Tree and she said yes, and then I asked if she was going to help Daddy and me decorate the tree this year and she said yes and the lady that was standing by, obviously over listening, went “aawwww…. she’s so precious”.

Have I mentioned that Greg and I have talked about getting a kitty when we return from the cruise? We feel Amelia is mature enough (for a 2 yr old) to have a pet and know how to treat said pet. Plus, Greg and I really want a kitty.

I’ve got more, but I need to save it for future posts…

Tis the Season

for the sniffles, sneezing, watery eyes, coughs, and COLDS.

Amelia has a cold and is all around miserable. Until the Tylenol kicks in, then she’s a little better.

We hung low today; ran only a few errands. I finally got my eyebrows waxed (the last time was MAY), got the oil changed in my car, visited my brother for a few minutes, and did a semi-short trip to Target. We also looked for some wedding attire for Greg; didn’t find anything we liked. I believe Greg’s wedding outfit is going to be harder to find than mine (which I think I found a new dress I want).

All the while, Amelia’s nose was running like a waterfall (but thicker) and she managed to get snot all in her hair. She had a Something about Mary style going on for a bit. That’s my girl!

While at Target we bought a few clothes for Amelia since she has no fall/winter clothes for this upcoming season. We were hesitant about buying things now because we don’t know what size will fit her when the season kicks in. She’s finally starting to out grow the 12 mos size, but she’s still a little too small for the 18 mos size. I did buy a 2T sweater jacket/coat for her, which was a little long on her, but it was 100% cotton and I expect it to shrink, a lot, once it’s cool enough to start wearing (especially as the mornings are starting to get cooler). We also bought her some new pj’s, sized 2T, that are long sleeved and pants, as we’ve turned off the A/C and have the windows open (not in her room) and it gets a little cooler at night. Basically, right now she’s inbetween sizes and it’s difficult to gage when she’s going to grow into the next size up. So frustrating.

Did you know that Target already has CHRISTMAS items out?! I LOVE IT! I love Christmas so much; I love the snow, the music, the lights, and most importantly the feeling of Christmas. I am already getting excited about Christmas and there’s still 96 days to go!

I was text’ing one of my best friends, Daniel, telling him that I will be in FL in January and he was over the moon excited and has offered us his home while we’re in town! Yay!! That is going to save us a couple hundred dollars by not having to pay for a hotel and taxi’s. Of course, we’re going to give him something to show our gratitude.

At the same time I was text’ing Daniel, I was text’ing Michele and she asked me if Greg would be interested in doing her wedding photos!! W00t! Greg’s (possible) first photography gig! Of course, he needs to talk to her about details, and he’ll see her next weekend while we’re in Hagerstown trying on dresses, and he’ll make his final decision. He’s a little apprehensive, as he feels he’s ‘not ready’, but I told him that he has over a year to practise and to get at least one more lens and some screens. Plus, Michele is so laid back about her wedding photos and she just wants a few ‘formal’ shots – not enough to really ‘hire’ someone (though, she did say she would pay Greg).

I think it’s a great opportunity for Greg, to do Michele’s photos; I would if I wasn’t in her wedding party. Also, even though Greg doesn’t want to specialize in wedding photography, everyone has to start somewhere and what a better place to start than with someone you know. Well, that’s my opinion on the matter.

No real plans for tomorrow. I guess everything will depend on how Amelia is feeling. Poor little booger.

My Amazing (future) Husband

I’ve been having a shit-tacular week. Yesterday was the worse, thus far; I don’t know what tomorrow is going to be.

Greg has been very supportive with my bitching about work, the reason my week has been horrible.

So, today Greg surprised me with a gift:

Gift from Greg

Gift from Greg

Greg bought me a  Canon Digital Rebel XTi!!! How awesome is he?

Now, I just need to buy my Pro Flickr account again (and let me tell ya’ll, I’m going through some SERIOUS Flickr withdrawl! I hate not being able to create sets for my pictures!!!).

Also, as a treat, Greg bought me a package of Berger Cookies, which are so freaking amazing! I can totally see myself getting addicted to these.


I’m all giddy and excited about my new camera!! I can already predict Greg and I will be ‘fighting’ over who gets to use which lens; I’ve already claimed the ‘nifty fifty’ and the wide angle. Also, I’ve been rummaging though Canon’s website, as well as B&H, Amazon, Adorama, and of course eBay for all kinds of goodies.

I think I am going to buy Greg this; it’s a “photo studio in a box”. It has some pretty good reviews on the message boards I frequent and it seems like something Greg, and/or I, would use – especially if he continues with his ‘food porn’ and Simply Carbonated blogs (Ha ha ha). Also, I have decided that I am going to buy Greg one of the lenses he (and I) have been lusting after: a macro lens. I just hope that I’ll be able to save enough money to buy it on my own, as I want it as a surprise – meaning not to be placed on the Dell card or on the bank/credit cards.

Also, tomorrow I get to leave work EARLY because the babysitter has to drive somewhere, I think in NY, to visit her sister, and I am so unbelievably thankful that I get to leave the dungeon early.


It was so, very, busy today! Thankfully, it meant the work day went by fast.

I did a little online ‘window’ shopping and bought our first item for the cruise:

Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags!!

I couldn’t choose between them so I bought two of each!! There’s a really good “sail” going on at The Knot and I got those for 75% off!!

Also, while browsing through their sale items, I found these:

Save-the-date Magnets

They’re  Snow globe save-the-date magnets! I sent an email to Greg about them and he likes them too, so we’re going to use them to announce our marriage and ‘save-the-date’ for the reception.

Non-wedding related window shopping included Coach shopping. A co-worker recently received a Coach wristlet for her birthday (and as a “I’m sorry” from her boyfriend… err, ex-boyfriend) and she let me check the wristlet out and I like it! So, online I went and became turned off by the price, so the next step, of course, was to check out eBay! I’ve had my eBay account since 1998!! 10 years! (Wow!) I actually remember registering the account – a friend of mine told me about it after she bought like $500 worth of stuff from there and was at the store getting money orders (I was working as a cashier at the time – Summer after graduation). Anyway, so I put in the requierments and I have fallen in love with the Coach Hampton (series) Red Motif:

there’s something quirky about it that draws me to it; I think it’s the flower. Sadly, even on eBay, it’s out of my price range (well, what I’m willing to pay for it). Well, the wristlet isn’t, just that particular item (that I ‘stole’ the picture from) which is at $179.

Anyway, that’s all I did for the window shopping today.

After work, I stopped by the mall to pick up my ring and to get pictures of my wedding band to show ya’ll. Well, I did all that I planned (my engagement ring is so shinny again) and I ended up leaving my camera at the jewelers! I didn’t know I left the camera until they called Greg around 7pm! I really lucked out in the honesty of the store employees. I’m going to get the camera tomorrow after work. Until then, my dear readers, you’ll have to wait one more day to see my wedding band, which I am totally in love with; so in-love that I think it would look great without the engagement ring on my finger (but I’m going to wear both).

Greg is a lingerie guy (as well as a leg guy, and if I must say, I have amazing legs!). So I am planning on buying some new lingerie for our cruise – kind of a surprise for him. Greg ‘introduced’ me to Hips and Curves, it’s a plus size lingerie store (online only). Lately, I’ve been browsing their items and now I’m debating on what to get (I would post pictures of the items, but they’re copyrighted therefore unavailable). I am definitely going to get a garter belt and thigh highs (his favorites) and a corset/bustier for me (accentuate my hour glass figure).

Also, I’ve been thinking about having some Boudoir Photos done, also as a surprise. Actually, I’m kind of excited about the possibility of the photo shoot. I think I’ll have such a fun time!

Or… I could have Greg take the photos (which could lead to other fun things).



Ok, heading off to bed!

Mother’s Day 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother’s Day.

My weekend was amazing! We spent all day Saturday at my Moms and today, Sunday, was lazy and carefree! We did some much needed clothes shopping; which was a lot of fun, especially when it was Greg’s turn for the shopping; I love shopping for guy clothes. This is my favorite shirt (that we bought today) of his:

The picture doesn’t do justice for the color of the blue. I LOVE the color a lot and it looks great on him!

Greg gave me two amazing gifts for Mother’s Day:


Princess cut earrings! I am so excited about having my first pair of real diamond earrings and the thought of handing them down to Amelia (maybe as a sweet 16 birthday present). I want to grow a collection of nice jewelery to be able to pass them down in the future (maybe my engagement ring will be passed down to a future daughter in law, assuming I have a son).

On to Saturday

We woke up around 8, Amelia was kind enough to sleep in. Our morning went rather well and we were heading out the door at 10am – right on schedule. As soon as I opened my car door I saw this:

and I wasn’t too happy. I asked Greg to get rid of it and he did. Once the spider drama was over, we headed to the gas station and then down to Mom’s. The drive took forever, in my opinion. It took almost two hours to get there. I have such a short attention span and virtually no patience when it comes to long car rides.

Eventually we made it. Amelia didn’t nap during the car ride, and as a matter of fact she didn’t take a nap the entire day! She became insanely cranky towards 7pm, but I’ll talk about that later.

We were the first to arrive and I asked Mom if she wanted her gift now or later and we opted for now. She loves her stick blender thingy! We had to test it out right away and decided to make a cake:

it’s a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. There are two cakes, one square and one round. We didn’t have matching pans. The cake is topped with coconut and flowers from Mom’s garden. I was very pleased with how the cake came out!

When April and Olivia arrived, Amelia and Olivia hit it off! It was so cute to see them ‘talking’ to each other. And, Amelia would imitate Olivia with sounds and crawling. This is the best picture of the two:

Amelia was leaning in to give Olivia a kiss. Greg took some amazing pictures of Olivia and Amelia throughout the day.

As Greg was taking pictures of Olivia and Amelia, Mom, April, and I had a Mom’s Day Mimosa to celebrate. This was April’s first Mother’s Day (last year she was about 6-7 months pregnant) and the third Mother’s Day without her mom. So, we toasted to April’s Mom, who was my Aunt Ellie, as well. We miss you Aunt Ellie!

Eventually Sean and Danny (April’s brother) arrive and we set up the Wii. April fell in love with the Wii and wants one. Greg and April played Mario and Sonic Olympics and April beat Greg in the swimming match! Also, she understood my warnings of tired arms. While Greg and April were gaming, Mom and Sean were grilling and before we knew it, it was time to eat. Mom cooked some amazing foods: chicken, ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs, homemade potato salads and marinades. I do not have my Mom’s cooking skills.

April Bowling

Danny and April

After we ate, Danny played some Guitar Hero while Mom, Sean, Greg, Amelia, and I took a walk down to the water. April and Olivia stayed at the house as Olivia was showing signs of it being nap time.

Trail to the Water

This is the path down to the water. Greg took this picture at the top of the hill.

Along the waters edge

The water is pretty deep; Sean and Van went swimming one summer and within three feet from the shore, they couldn’t touch bottom (and Sean is over six feet tall)!

It is so beautiful down on the water.

This is why I want my wedding at my Mom’s. There is so much natural beauty and with the fall colors it’s going to look amazing!

Danny and April leave not too long after we return from our walk. Then it’s just Sean and my family. Amelia is becoming more and more cranky so we change her into her jammies and Mom tries to get Amelia to fall asleep in her lap to no avail. I take Amelia, lay her on my chest and put a blanket over her (to block out the light and to warm her up a little) and she falls asleep almost instantly. So, I sit in the chair and let her fall into a deeper sleep while Greg and Sean load up the van with the couch and chaise chair Mom was giving Sean. Eventually, it was time for Greg and I to start heading home. Mom takes Amelia from me and Greg and I give Amelia kisses (as she’s asleep) and say our good byes to her. I get teary-eyed and so does Greg (he almost shed a tear).

We left Mom’s a little after 8 and made it home around 10pm. I was so exhausted last night, I really had to fight to keep my eyes open. If Greg knew how to drive a stick, I would have fallen asleep on the way home.

When we got home, Greg uploaded the pictures and I put them on my Flickr account then I went to bed. Sorta. I kinda wanted to stay up as late as possible so that I could sleep in today. So, I watched a few minutes of SNL and couldn’t stand it; the show isn’t like it used to be, or I out grew it. So, I channel surfed for a few and saw Braveheart was on. One of my favorite movies. Greg and I watched until the end (I will always cry during this movie) and then I pretty much passed out. Greg, on the other hand, was up until 2am-ish!


Mom calls at 9:30am to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and Amelia and I chatted on the phone for a few minutes. Amelia has stopped saying “Daddy” and is all about “Mommy”! It’s so cute hearing Amelia talk. Greg and I miss her so much right now. After Mom and I talked, I debated about getting up and starting the day but ended up back asleep. Then Greg’s Mom calls around 11:30 telling us that she doesn’t feel like cleaning, therefore don’t come over – be lazy like her. Ok, no arguments from us! So, Greg and I ly in bed for a few minutes talking about plans for the day. Eventually, I get up and get in the shower while Greg starts the laundry and cleans out his closet. A few hours later we head out. First stop: Lane Bryant. I bought a lot of nice clothes that Greg picked out (yes, he really picked out most of the clothes). I bought a dress, skirt, 6 shirts, and 2 bras. When the cashier asked how did I find everything, I commented on how difficult it is to find B cup bras. Apparently, B’s are not a popular size, so usually they are ‘special ordered’. She asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted, and I said no (as I was more interested in the colors of the bra rather than the style) thanks. Also, while I was there, I had my bust measurements done and according to the chick, I’m supposed to be wearing a 46 C, which is much bigger than my current 42/44 B bra. The chick commented that she doesn’t see any “puffing” (meaning boob spillage), so if I’m comfortable – go for it. After Lane Bryant we headed over to Target; i had to pick up my birth control refill. While we were in Target we wondered around. We looked at some patio furniture and more Wii games. We picked up some baby items: diapers (you can never have too many diapers), food, and two pairs of shorts for Amelia. And, I bought another skirt for me (in a size 18/20 nonetheless). Finally, we head over to Causal Male to shop for Greg. Have I mentioned how much I love clothes shopping for guys? Causal Male had a great sale of “buy one, get one 50% off” of this particular brand that Greg likes, so we stocked up on shorts and shirts, and we bought him a new belt. Greg has really lost some weight and is wearing a 3X comfortably. There are two shirts that I absoluetly love, the one picture in the beginning and a black and white shirt that is similar. Greg fell in love with the blue and black and white shirt; I believe his exact words were “I’m going to be rockin’ these shirts this summer.” I just hope they can last until the cruise because they would be perfect attire!

After Causal Male, we were suppose to go to the grocery store but both of us were all shopped out, so we headed home. The rest of the evening was quiet and uneventful. We finished the laundry and ordered chinese food for dinner while we rocked out some Guitar Hero. Since I’ve already beatin the easy level, I had my first attempt on medium and sucked; there is something about having that blue key that throws me off! Also, my pinky finger just isn’t strong enough to push on the key – I need to work on that.

And, that was my Mother’s Day in a nutshell.

Oh, Amelia ‘made’ me a flower pot for Mother’s Day:

Amelia and the Babysitter made this for me. Amelia added her own touches on the other side.

My Mom made this for me:

More flowers for our patio! And, she hand painted the bucket thingy!


I hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother’s Day!