Good Stuff

Boy! were Greg and I (mainly me) productive today! And to think I never even got dressed!

The day started with Amelia getting up at 6AM!! and she didn’t go back to sleep. Greg, being the awesome Dad that he is, took care of Amelia and let me sleep until 8:30am. By 9am I was putting in the first (of many) load of laundry in.

the day was very uneventful. I stayed home and did about 7 loads of laundry. Why so many? First of all, our washer/dryer is itty bitty so I don’t have room to do large loads; secondly, i was uber lazy with laundry this past week and had a lot of catching up to do; and finally, i went through a box of clothes that was given to me when Amelia was 6 weeks old from a third cousin of mine. all the clothes were 12 mos (perfect!) and i had to wash those (which was about 2 loads worth).

in addition to the laundry, we cleaned out closets and dressers. I took all of Amelia’s clothes that were 9 mos or smaller and put them in 2 large bags to donate; i went through my underwear and socks drawer and threw away all that were too big or just plain old and Greg did the same with his socks and underwear drawer; those items were thrown out. Once we were done in the bedroom, we moved our cleaning spree to the kitchen and dining/living area. Greg even vacuumed!

but, before we got into the cleaning of the dining/living area, I took this clip of Amelia (i was trying to get her to do the ‘la la la’ thing):

if you watched, you’ll notice that I wasn’t successful.

Greg and I would take pauses during our cleaning spree and watch TV. Our viewing pleasure of the day was the Travel Channel and they were showing a boat load (ha ha) of shows about cruises (Samantha Brown’s show)! While we were watching the show (a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Caribbean) and started to reallywant to go on a cruise – before our honeymoon! And Greg was like, “we can do that”. I was like, “we can, why didn’t you tell me this before?”. Greg said something along the lines about our financial standings are better… bla bla bla – i was focused on the idea of planning a cruise – TODAY! and then it was decided that we will celebrate my 30th birthday on a Norwegian Cruise to the Caribbean!! I got all giddy inside thinking about this time next year.

Unfortunately, my day dreaming of the cruise was cut short so we could get back to the cleaning. I am surprised we accomplished all that we did today; especially being distracted by putting in a movie (Aladdin – which is one of three favorite Disney movies – i have ‘issues’ about Disney and their movies – maybe I’ll talk about that some other time (even though I’ve mentioned some of it already)).

Around 3:30 Amelia was becoming cramky, irritable, and all around … difficult. So, we took her into our bedroom to lay down and try to get her to fall asleep. Didn’t happen. Instead I took another video:

Greg left for work a little after 4pm and it was just me and fussy Amelia. We didn’t do anything special; i got her to walk across the room, that was about it. Eventually, she fell asleep around 5:15pm.  I woke her up around 6:20 and she went back to sleep in my arms until 6:50. Around 7:15 i start the sides for dinner (rice pilaf for the pork roast) and then i sit down on the floor and take this video :

Greg makes it home around 7:30 and we have dinner together; Mom calls and she and I chat on the phone while Greg gives Amelia her bath. Mom and I talk about next weekends plans and ideas. Mom thought about having a girls day (mom, daughter, and grandbaby) and get our hair and nails done; do some girly shopping and lunch. Greg is more than welcome to join us but Mom doesn’t think he’ll have much fun. I told her that I would really enjoy that kind of day, but I don’t know what Greg has planned for me to celebrate my birthday; so I didn’t want to commit to anything with her and ruin what Greg may have planned already. At least I still have some time to figure something out.

Once Amelia was in bed, I went to NCL’s website and did a preliminary price check and such for a booking and got so freaking excited!! Greg and I could totally afford this cruise! We were so tempted to pay the deposit (only $200) right then and there but we didn’t. We want to look into passports as we have a few questions/concerns. Once we have our passports filed – we’re going to book and that is looking to be around mid February!! Oh, and the trip is from Feb 1-6!! I will be somewhere exotic on my 30th birthday!! We’re going to book a balcony room, which looks like this:

cruise ship - balcony room

greg and I picked our room location on the ship (towards the end). Oh my gawd, I am so freaking excited about this!! I want to contact NCL and see what kind of special things I can do for Greg.

**This Just In**

I’ve been chatting with my good friend, Ed, and we were talking about concerts and how I want to get tickets to the Blue Man Group. I was having some difficulty is picking the section of tickets I want to buy on TicketMaster. So, I went to StubHub and the prices were outrageous! Then Ed sends the following to me:

Jessica : going to work your concert magic?

Jessica : 2/15/08 is the date

i_**_***_******_****: ok… just talked with my brother in law… his mother used to work for the city and a friend of hers gets tix

i_**_***_******_****: he has 4 tix for the show

i_**_***_******_****: he thinks it’s section 106

i_**_***_******_****: he will find out for sure and i’ll get back to ya

Jessica : about what

i_**_***_******_****: tix

Jessica : selling them to me?

i_**_***_******_****: yeah… face value

!!!! isn’t that freakin awesome!! I hope I can hold in my excitment and try  to surprise Greg with the news if I get the tickets; after all, theres a little more than 2 weeks until the concert – can I do it – maybe I’ll bargin with myself and surprise him with the news on our anniversary. yeah, i think that’ll work.

anyway, it’s late and i should be going to bed. I’ll post about the wedding dresses tomorrow (after my trip to the jewelry store to get my ring – i hope).


More stuff about stuff

Ugh! Work was so freaking busy today!! But I did receive a wonderful surprise from Greg this afternoon: Lunch!! Greg came over to my job during my lunch hour with a surprise lunch from Bill Bateman’s! Greg ordered us some yummy wings and a Chicken Chesapeake (grilled chicken breast topped with crab meat and their crab dip) for me. During lunch Greg and I did some wedding talk (nothing concrete; just discussing when we can begin our venue search) and baseball talk. I am trying and hoping to get opening day tickets for Greg as a present for our first anniversary. At the moment, I can only purchase a package and I don’t want that (though maybe later in the year), I just want a single game purchase! I’m watching the Orioles Hangout like a hawk on any information about when tickets will go on sale for opening day.

Greg told me what my birthday/anniversary present is and I didn’t even bug him about it! He just couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked if I wanted to know and I said yes (I’m just as bad as he is; he knows about my goal to get opening day tickets). So, my present is a Canon PowerShot SD870 IS and he bought a 2GB memory card!!

Canon PowerShot SD870 IS - MY NEW CAMERA!! 

Greg is spoiling me rotten! He bought me a new laptop (with a matching bag and wireless mouse, and a cooling fan to place the laptop on), he proposed to me with the ring I fell in love with when we were ring shopping (and he proposed with my family present which has more meaning than words can describe), he bought me a new game for my Nintendo DS and now he has bought me a new camera; and a nice one at that!! The camera is due to be shipped on the 23rd, so I actually have to wait for this gift! In the mean time I read the specs and reviews and looked up pictures taken with the camera on Flickr and I am so freaking excited about it! It even has a 28mm lens so I can take wide angel pictures!

Also, my new phone has been shipped and should be here by Wednesday (my stalking to FedEx’s website has begun)!! I have so many new ‘toys’ to play with (laptop – loving it!!; cellphone; camera; video editing software, etc). Oh! I don’t know how I am going to divide my time between all of them. Ha ha!

Amelia has her one year check up tomorrow. I am very curious to know how much she weighs (as I am always curious about her weight) and even more curious to know how tall she is! I swear she’s grown an inch in the last month! Oh! and I forgot to mention!!! Amelia took two whole steps on Saturday all by herself! And she did it again on Sunday (even when Greg’s Mom and brother were here) and this morning! She’s going to be walking very soon (it took less than a week for her to begin crawling once she did her first few crawls without ‘splatting’ (when Amelia just splats onto the floor – as well call it). I am still in shock that she is a year old now. Gosh, I can’t believe 2007 is over with and how busy that year was. I went through so much in such a short time (still working on my 2007 Review; although I haven’t touched it since last week). I can’t believe that Greg has made all three of my big wishes come true (and he didn’t even know about two of them) and it’s a weird feeling to realize the things that I was wishing for actually come to fruition! Like, dreams aren’t suppose to come true; you’re suppose to have them so you have something to keep you motivated, and yet I’ve had THREE COME TRUE! I don’t have any more dreams to wish for! Well, I do have a few more but I know those will come true with hard work and determination (buying our first house mainly) and sticking to our goals. 

Speaking of goals, Greg was approved for a personal loan! With this loan he is able to pay off his car and his Dell account and still have enough money for us to finally put something into a savings account, do a little Ikea shopping (night stands and a tall dresser are our goal), purchase our plane tickets for our trip to Atlanta, GA and Mobile, AL this spring, and other small odds and ends. Our goal is to maintain our improving credit and establish a decent credit history for 2008. Then in 2009 we’re considering applying for a personal loan (maybe $10K) for the wedding and honeymoon and anything extra from that loan is going to go into a high interest CD to start putting away for a down payment on a house. With this current loan, we’re going to be saving around $300 a month so this is a win-win situation for us. Oh, and Greg can pick up the check tomorrow!!

In other, more girly, news…

This is my off week and the hormones (the physical ones too) are already wreaking havoc on me – more physically than emotionally. My back has been aching so much today. At times I wonder if it’s the bra (as it’s a little too big) so I keep adjusting it with no relief. Then, my stomach feels so physically full, like extended as if I were pregnant, that it aches; not a stomach ache but a ache like it’s being stretched. Oh, and the fatigue is still within me, though that decreased some but not all (I even fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon). I don’t want to take ‘the test’ but I’m starting to wonder if i should just to rule that thought out. I’ll wait it out and see if I get my cycle this week…

On the emotional end, I felt a little anger this evening; Greg left his email account open and of course I snooped (he knows I’m going to look if he leaves it open – mainly to make sure he’s keeping his promise to me), there is some positiveness in one regard but on the other I became pissed with a few emails from his ex that were exchanged a few months ago (Greg needs to clean out his sent folder – he has emails going back to 2005! Also, i didn’t get mad at Greg, just what impression I received from her emails and replies). I just don’t understand some people, and this is related to what I wrote back in December; I would elaborate, but I promised Greg a few things regarding his ex and the ‘blog wars’ that could ensue (although neither of us have read her blog for a while as we’ve discussed a few things about the content and the hypocrisy… yadda yadda yadda). So, I should end this paragraph before I say more than I should.

I think that’s all I have to write about. It’s been a few weeks (I think) since I’ve written anything of such volume (1178 words at current count). Guess I should go to bed (even though I could sleep in if Amelia allows). Oh, and I cancelled my dentist appointment; it was for a cleaning anyway and those are easy to re-schedule. I seriously over booked my day! I had an appointment at 10, 12, and 2, plus we had other errands to run in-between the appointments. I was going to drive myself nuts with all this driving.

Also, more on the wedding talk! I was talking to my Mom on the way home and I asked her if she wanted to come wedding dress shopping with me when I am ready and she replied with “Of Course!”. I told her that I didn’t think she would be excited about this wedding because it would be my second but she reassured me that she’s more excited because she feels Greg is an amazing person and thinks we’re perfect for each other so she is very excited about our wedding and marriage (though feels we should use what money we would pay for a wedding to put towards a house). Hearing my Mom say all these positive things about Greg makes me more excited about marrying him. When Adam and I wed, I told my Mom she could plan the reception as I didn’t care; and seriously I didn’t. I wasn’t excited about marrying Adam. This time it’s different; I am so freaking excited about marrying Greg and planning our wedding. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about walking down the isle towards him and seeing his excitement and happiness on his face. I never imagined how good it feels to be inlove with someone. They always say ‘you know’ when you’ve met your soulmate and I never believed it whole-heartily because i never felt anything remotely as I do now than when I was with Adam; I was so off with Adam and I second guessed many decisions (and many lessons learned) but everything I feel with Greg is concrete and no second guessing what-so-ever. What an amazing feeling this is.

Anyway, I’ve got to go to bed – going to lay on the heating pad for a bit to relax what muscles are causing my discomfort…