One Hundred

In roughly 8 months, I have lost 100 pounds. Holy fuck, y’all.

it’s weird in that when I think about it, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when I mentioned it to my psychiatrist, his reaction was not what I expected. The psychiatrist was truly … appreciative?… in awe?… I can’t think of the word, but he said something along the lines about how I took this surgery seriously, and that I am/was determined, or dedicated, to the changes to be successful. There is a co-worker of his at the same office that had the surgery less than 2 weeks after I had mine, and she hasn’t been as successful as I have been with the weight loss. So, when I walked into the room last night for my appointment, his eyes widened in surprise in my appearance. He was truly impressed with my progress. I thanked him, but said I don’t really see the difference. Granted, I see myself every day, and he see’s me once every 3 months, give or take.

I will say, the weight loss has given me more confidence in myself when I approach people that I don’t know. For example, this past October I flew to Houston for a work event. The flight down had a stop in FL. During the stop, I decided to see if I could get a picture of the cockpit for my co-worker and Greg (they’re both aeronautical enthusiasts). Well, not only did I get a pic, the co-pilot invited me to sit in the pilots seat, put my hands on the yoke (which I wasn’t expecting at.all), and he offered to take a picture for me! I was completely blown away by the offer. And, once the picture was taken, I just sat there with the co-pilot and chatted for about 10-15 minutes asking a lot of questions, and sharing what little information I knew based on what Greg and my co-worker would talk about.


I sent the picture to Greg and my co-worker and they both responded with “that’s badass”. Honestly, I didn’t expect any of what occurred to be even a remote possibility; I was expecting to get a grumpy pilot/co-pilot who didn’t want to be bothered.  But, I think the confidence I had in myself to approach a complete stranger and engage in conversation about something that is their career helped me. It was a pretty awesome experience.

I’m now wearing a size 16/18 or a 1x. I went to Costco yesterday to get some laundry soap, and I was able to buy a pair of pants off the ‘rack’. Haven’t done that since high school (like freshman year). It’s still an adjustment to know that I can now fit, and buy, normal sized clothing.

I only have 20-ish pounds to loose to meet the surgeons goal of “70% of excess weight lost”. I don’t have a personal goal, as weird as that may sound. And, honestly, if I don’t loose any more weight, I’m happy where I am now. I’ve exceeded my expectation of how much I’d loose, realistically.





Update 1.7

You know you need a vacation when your dreams involve both jobs!

This weekend we are heading out to Western Maryland to spend some time with my girlfriend, Michele. It’s going to be a girls weekend while Greg and Amelia are going to explore the area.

…. …. …. ….

We are only 45 days away from our Disney Vacation! We still need to figure out how we’re getting to the airport and back, but that’s a minor detail.

I’m still looking at stuff to buy for the trip; I want to make this trip as memorable as possible … and not spend an arm an a leg. I feel an itch to do some craft-y projects coming on, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to commit to them.

… …. …. …

School is going well. There are only 2 weeks left of the current course and then I start a new 8 weeks course.

A part of me is curious as to how long I’m going to keep this (being a student) up; am I going to finally earn a Bachelors Degree or will I eventually stop due to a chaotic life (work, new baby, etc). I’d like to think that I am going to be able to finish this ‘project’, but I also don’t want to set high expectations. As for now, I’m still going strong and don’t foresee any reasons to ‘take a break’.

… … … …

iPhone 4. OMG! It’s breath taking amazing. It feels good in the hand, looks good to the eyes… It’s … Perfect. I love the glass front and back, it cleans so well! You can totally see a difference with the new retina display; everything is so sharp and clean!

Oh, and the 5 MP camera with flash (that actually works) is worlds better than the camera that was on the 3G. Also, the videos that are recorded are nice and sharp (I’ve uploaded several videos onto YouTube and Facebook).

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to the iPhone 4 — do it! You will not regret it.

PA or Bust

it was a BUST.

Greg and I did a little road trip to PA this afternoon. Our plan was to visit a couple of PA’s state parks, particularly Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation and Gifford Pinchot State Park.  I’ve never venjured this far into PA (sad, I know) and was curious to know if Hershey Park was near the state parks (another place I’ve never been) and with the weather so… perfect… I wanted to visit. Well, until I went to the Hershey Park website and saw that it was still closed. Oh well, a trip for the future I’m sure.

Why was the PA trip a bust? Well, the parks we visited were not to our… expectations. Boyd Big Tree is very new and wasn’t really toddler friendly; granted there were ‘easy trails’ that we started to walk down, but we learned quickly that this wasn’t something Amelia was going to enjoy. So, we left and drove around a little. Greg was looking for a particular rest stop/overlook along the Susquehanna River, but my patience was wearing thin (I was doing the driving) and I wanted Amelia to get out and run around – after all, it was a gorgeous day! Plus, I was tired of reading all the “Adult Outlet” signs – that strip of road is the mecca for all things porn (and toys)!

About an hour after we left Boyd Big Tree we arrived at Gifford Pinchot State Park. This park is more for the older folk; it is located on a beautiful lake with lots of boating activities and really nice cabins to rent (and pretty cheap, we’re looking into renting a cabin in the Fall), but there wasn’t enough for the young folk – Amelia. There was a small playground, but nothing spectacular, like the ones near us. But, we hung out for about two hours letting Amelia do her thing.

We headed home a little after 5 and stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel in York, PA. Thankfully, dinner was quick, and Amelia actually ate a good bit of her chicken and dumplings. The reason I was thankful that dinner was quick was because I was tired and wanted to get home; that and I don’t really care much for the restaurant – just isn’t “our place” like Houlihans is. I only took a few pictures today, literally, and they were with the iPhone:

the others are on my Facebook page.

So, all in all we spent about 4 hours in a car and a half a tank of gas and we didn’t have the good time we were anticipating. Greg and I began planning this trip earlier in the week when we knew the weather was going to be in our favor (as in no possibilities for rain or anything else) and by Thursday I was counting down to the weekend because of this trip. Needless to say, I had high expectations and was disappointed. So was Greg. But, it was great to get out and be in the sun exploring new areas.

I was curious about something and got the chance to try it out on the trip: last night Amelia and I went to visit my brother and we all went to Target (it’s kinda ‘our thing’  – the brother and I lazily walking around Target buying items that aren’t in dire need). I wanted to see if there was a stereo cable that I could use to plug the iPhone (the headphone jack) to the AUX jack that’s in my car… I was curious to know if I plugged the iPhone to the AUX jack, if the music would play through the car speakers. I was happy when I found these car stereo cables and figured that was what I needed. My brother noticed my curiosity and then doubted my hypotheses; he didn’t believe I had a stereo jack in my car – which made me begin to second guess myself. Well, my brother, being the awesome brother that he is, ended up paying for EVERYTHING (I had picked up a new bonnet for Amelia, some food items, new sippy cups, and my brother threw in a few toys for Amelia), including the stereo cables. So, I was eager to test the cables out but… I erased the 5 songs I had on the iPhone (though, I don’t know how I did that). So, when I got home and had a few drinks (pineapple juice and coconut rum), I attempted to figure out iTunes (still hate the program with a passion) and ripped some songs from various CD’s and miraculously added the songs to the iPhone (still don’t know how I did it with the 3 very strong drinks I had) and my hypothese was correct! Also, I can play songs from YouTube and hear them through the car speakers. So, listening to the iPhone while en route made the trip easier.  And, with this knowledge (which I’m sure die-hard iPhone fans/users already knew about) about the stereo/AUX jack, we no longer have a need for XM Radio so we’re going to cancel the subscription. Yay!

No plans for tomorrow, yet. I want to go to another park (locally) and cook on the grill, but there is a ton of laundry that needs to get done as well as some household cleaning.  Who knows, we’ll see.

It’s Cruise Day!

Greg and I were woken up at 6:30am by a train; a train that felt, and sounded, like it was right below us!

We tried to go back to sleep, but by 7am we were up for good. It was cruise day! Finally, after nearly a year of waiting – the day has arrived!

The weather was gorgeous! Clear, blue, skies and warm weather! Daniel, on the other hand, said it was too cold and was wearing sweats!

We had a few errands to run before we made our way to the cruise terminal. We stopped at Publix for soda and a small snack; Greg and I were hoping to hold out on eating so our first meal would be on the cruise, but we got too hungry.

Of course there was traffic and part of I-95 was closed – the part that was the most direct route to the Port. But, Daniel has an iPhone so we were able to get directions (and that was when I told Greg that he must buy me an iPhone for my Birthday). And, before we knew it:

There’s our ship! And, it was the first one in line (there were 4 others behind her)!! It finally sunk in that our cruise was about to begin.

We waited outside for about 20 minutes before we started checking in. And, since Greg and I were VIP, we had a special place to check in that had no lines and was full of goodies. Once we were checked in we received our room cards and waited in this giant area until it was time to start boarding.

While we were waiting to board the ship, we and a group of others were pulled aside by our concierge, Anca, and were told to wait. Turns out, aside from the “b2b” (back-to-back) cruisers, we were the first group of people to board the ship!!

Greg and I were immediantly taken to our cabin:

and were immediately blown away by the size of our room! It was so much bigger than we expected!

and the bed was the bestest bed I’ve ever slept on!

In our room were 2 bottles of champagne and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries:

Greg and I opened our champagne and toasted ourselves to our first, of many, cruise experience and all the work we did to get here:

after our toast, we sat on the balcony for a few moments and took it all in… We’re on vacation!!

The view of Miami from our balcony were awesome:

And then it was time to have our first meal on the ship! Greg had already decided to have breakfast (and lunch) everyday at Cagney’s, so that’s where we headed.

Greg is overjoyed!

Greg is more brave than me and decides to try something new and different:

Goat Brie with beet vinaigrette. I, on the other hand, stick to a more traditional item:

yep, a boring garden salad. However, I did try Greg’s appetizer… and I didn’t really care for it (more so the texture than the flavor).

Our entree’s were:

Greg: “the best club sandwich I’ve ever had” and I had steak and fries. The steak was pretty damn good, though over cooked for my request (medium well = well).

After lunch, we walked around the ship to familiarize ourselves:

First, we walk around the promenade deck

and then make our way to the main outside area, where the pool and all the fun stuff is:

then we go back inside and check things out:

After we explored the ship, we headed back to the main outdoors area and to the Spa. Greg had decided that he wanted an all access, all week, pass to the spa, so we did the tour and signed up (the ship only sells about 30 passes to keep the crowds low).

We went back to our room and found our luggage waiting for us, so we decide to unpack and get all the little things out of the way so we won’t have to worry about them tonight. We also made our dinner reservations for the entire week.

Before we know it, it’s time for the muster drill. We grab our life vests and head to our designated area. The whole drill was said and done in like 10-15 minutes. After the drill we return to our room to drop off the vests and grab our camera’s and meet some friends from the message boards at one of the many restaurants called The Great Outdoors. On our way there, we stop to get a drink:

We said our hello’s and chatted for about 20 minutes. Around 4:30 I called my Mom because I was starting to feel a little homesick (what I haven’t mentioned are all the other phone calls I made to my Mom since boarding the ship – I believe this was the 8th one, literally) and I really started to miss Amelia. This trip was my first trip outside of the US and so far away from my Mom and Amelia; I was a little emotional.

As I was talking to my Mom, one of the cruise ships made their way out:

and before long we were pulling away from the pier… the ship was moving… the trip was about to begin!!

Greg and I find a spot on the deck to take pictures of the city as we left port and make our way to the Cayman Islands: **most, about all, of these photos haven’t been edited hence the reason for the delay in posting**

Once we made it out to sea, we went back to our room to read the “Daily”, the ships ‘newspaper’ to see what activities were going on. Also, we checked out the TV and learned that there was a dedicated channel that show details of how far from Miami we’ve sailed, how much farther to go until we reach the destination and all other details. I was easily entertained:

The rest of the night gets a little fuzzy and I don’t remember the details. I believe we had a late night snack at The Blue Lagoon:

toured the gift shop:

and walked around the ship some more:

We make it back to the bedroom and relax and take it in; I had a little difficulty accepting the fact that I’m going to be ‘here’ for more than just a night – since all previous vacations were really just one-nighters; I had to get the mentality of “I don’t need to pack right now” out of my head.

Sometime during the week, Greg took a video tour of our room:

And, this concludes our first day on the ship!

While the Cats away…

… the mice will play.


Greg and Amelia are ‘at work’ (Amelia is at the babysitters and Greg really is at work) and I have the day off (getting used to these 4 day weekends). What am I doing with a whole day to myself? Well, glad you asked:

  1. Get car emissions done (no go – apparently the state is closed; will try again tomorrow)
  2. clean and vacuum car √
  3. find water shoes(socks) √
  4. stop at the pharmacy √
  5. run to Target for Internet birthday club gift exchange (for Amelia) √
  6. laundry – in progress
  7. clean kitchen √

there are other items to add to the list that Greg and I will work on together (packing list, double check the packing list, start packing, etc) when he gets home (hopefully soon).

By the way, all the tasks that required me to run around town were completed in less than 3 hours! Awesome! And, the farthest I drove was to the pharmacy; basically, I did it all by driving 8 miles. W00t for living in the ‘city’.

It still hasn’t sunk in that Greg and I will be leaving in 2 weeks for the cruise; I just don’t feel excited yet. Well, I do in the sense that it’s two weeks away, but not in the sense that I’m going on a cruise. Greg and I still don’t know what we’re doing for Amelia’s 2nd Birthday, and we have the wedding shower next weekend (as well as my company holiday party). It’s like I’m too busy to be excited.

Also, it doesn’t help that Greg has officially gone into ‘bitch mode’. He’s warned me about how controlling and anal about travel related things he gets; I didn’t see much of it when we flew to Michigan, but it’s definitely coming out now. I don’t know if I deal with him and ‘bitch mode’ for the next two weeks… this might be a challenge.

Speaking of the cruise, Greg booked our one and only shore excursion for the trip. This is what we’re going to do while at Cozumel, Mexico at the beautiful Chankanaab National Park:

  • explore the botanical gardens
  • befriend an iguana or two
  • Play with some dolphins by: Belly ride; Handshake; Dolphin kiss; Dolphin song; Touch the dolphin
  • and, do some snorkeling

I think I am most excited about snorkeling in beautiful blue waters (and breaking in my underwater camera housing unit).  Ok, Ok… I just became a little bit excited thinking about the snorkeling….

To distract my mind, I’m going over the 8 excel spreadsheets Greg just sent me over email; and I’m not exaggerating by saying there are 8.  We have a lot of planning to do before we leave…

Well, I’m off to fix some lunch….

Merry Christmas

Just a quick note.

Things have been incredibly stressful and …. just stressful.

Greg’s Grandma (his Mom’s Mom) passed away yesterday. Greg and I are paying for his Mom’s plane ticket out to Colorado to attend the funeral. She leaves tomorrow evening. Since we bought her ticket, we have to print the boarding pass and give it to her tonight (something about the credit card being in our name and not hers…) well, Greg and I don’t have a printer, nor does his Mom. And, Greg doesn’t have the key to get in his office to print the pass. Oh, and to add to the stress the boarding pass cant be printed until 6:30pm tonight or later.

So, as I type Greg is on his way to Best Buy for the second time today to buy a printer for us. Yep, we bought a printer just to print a boarding pass.

Our plan for the holiday is to stop by his Mom’s tonight (and Mimi is with my Mom) to give her the boarding pass and exchange gifts (I think) and then we’re going to head down to my Mom’s. Unfortunately, we won’t be arriving at my Mom’s until 10pm or so.

So, right now I have clothes in the washer and dryer and I’ve started some cleaning. I should be wrapping presents since we don’t have a single item wrapped, but I will get to that in a minute.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and I will try to post an update within the next 4 days.

Clean Up

For the last two hours I’ve been burning all photos and video clips onto DVD’s.

The amount of files I copied over is… kinda startling and… sad. I am such a photo whore and I need to control my shutter finger!

I transferred nearly 5,000 photos/video’s !!!

And, that’s just from Dec 2007 to Sept 21, 2008!!!! not even a full year!

Yeah, don’t even look at my Flickr account… cause I will tell you how many photo’s I’ve uploaded… 9,037. I’m so ashamed.


I’m cleaning up my hard drive in preparation for the cruise (a little over three months to go!!); I’ve been meaning to do this for like the last month and a half, but I keep getting distracted. I was only able to do it tonight because we had no cable or internet (the things we do when we are without TV and Web). But, while the DVD’s were burning, I cleaned up a little and Greg and I talked, at length, about the cruise and what we’re looking forward to.

While talking to Greg about the cruise, I asked him a few personal questions (though, not really personal) about our cruise vs. his past cruise (that was with his ex, but not comparing our cruise, as in relationship and with his ex, but about the different cruise lines and entertainment/events/itineraries… things of that nature) and he feels this cruise is going to be far better than his previous cruise for many reasons. Mainly, this cruise is going to be longer, as in days at sea. There are specialty restaurants, enough that we could try a different place each night – for lunch and dinner! There are more activities on the cruise (he’s most excited about the casino), plus the two completely different destinations that are awesome!

I did express my concern to Greg about him comparing every minute detail (cabin size, bathroom size, customer service, etc) of our cruise to his previous cruise (and I used the examples “On the cruise that **** and I took…” or “The beds were so much more comfortable on the ****** Cruise”), and he assured me that that wasn’t going to happen, and stated that the cruise he and I are taking is completely different, in all aspects, from his previous cruise, and there’s no way he could compare our cruise to his previous cruise (as it’s like comparing a lemon to a kiwi).

My next, expressed, concern was that Greg was going to be a “schedule control freak” and that every minute of all 5 days were going to be planned out; as, you may or may not know, Greg and I are somewhat planners and like to know certain things in advance (I’m already bugging Daniel about our arrival in January!), but I do not want this cruise to be … so controlled. I want to be able to do things on a whim (especially on the ship) and just be carefree for the five days we’re on the ship. Greg assured me that it’s not going to be like that, as that was one of the negatives about his last cruise – it felt rushed; which is what I don’t want to feel.

I’m just getting more and more excited each passing day. Usually, the excitement lasts a few days then it fades (because I keep telling myself “stop thinking about it, there’s still XX months to go”), but this past week it’s been nonstop thinking, researching, shopping (for clothes, shoes, etc), message boarding, etc. The cruise is starting to take over my mind. I’ve marked my calendar at work (that’s posted on my wall), each month we’re closer (the 17th is the fly out date – that’s highlighted in yellow, and the 18th is the cruise date – that’s highlighted in green) as my countdown.  I am slightly thankful September has flown by (although, as Greg and I were talking earlier tonight, we can’t believe it was only 3 weeks ago that we went to PA for the day, as it feels like it was last month) and I am secretly hoping October is the same. I know November and December are going to zoom due to the holidays and then, it will be Amelia’s 2nd birthday and five days later we head out to Florida.