Weekend in Detail

Greg and I had a pretty busy yet relaxing weekend.

The Cable Guy showed up on Saturday morning (as I was walking out of the shower and had to go hide to get dressed since he was installing the able in the bedroom) and he was within the time frame and gone in about 20 minutes! There wasn’t anything wrong with the outlet in the bedroom as the other guy stated. I was like WTF! I wasted two hours of my afternoon for that other guy. So, we now have cable in the bedroom and I am so happy!

After The Cable Guy left, I called my brother to see if he wanted to come to Costco’s with Greg and me. Sean was hosting a joint house warming/25th birthday party on Saturday. Sean hem and hawed about it and asked that I call back in a few hours. During that time, I started the laundry and played with Amelia. A couple hours pass and Greg and I head out to the Alcohol Store to get Sean a nice bottle of Gen for his birthday/housewarming party (and as we were leaving the parking lot Greg thought he saw his ex). We arrive at Sean’s and give him the gift and hang out for a few minutes. Sean decides that he doesn’t want to go and would rather order a pizza than offer snacks. Fine.

After Sean’s we head over to Target and buy more diapers (as you can never have too many diapers), Gerber food, a new onesie for Amelia, get my prescriptions (for my asthma) and a few small items. We were in Target for about two hours.

After Target we head over to Costco’s and do more shopping there. We had a list to keep us on track and budget and we did very well. We bought more meats and lunch items and one goodie (to have at the house and to include in our lunches). It was funny that the Target total and Costco total were very close to each other; Target: $96.69; Costco: $96.92. Well, I thought that was funny.

After Costco we headed over to Mars (yuck) to get more formula for Amelia and drinks.

We were home by 5:30 and called it a night.

Once dinner was made, ate and cleaned up Greg and I began watching the Travel Channel. There was a show on Cruises which is what Greg and I want to do for our honeymoon. The show was very informative. This prompted Greg to get on the computer and start looking our cruise plans and costs. It’s looking to be pretty good. One thing the program suggested is to book everything with a travel agency, something Greg and I are going to have to look into…

Eventually, I went to bed and Greg stayed up a little longer.

Sunday’s weather was great. It was a slow start to the day – my mood wasn’t the best; due to the hormones I am easierly annoyed by simple things that Greg does on a daily bases (leaving a dirty dish on the counter rather than putting it in the sink (His Mom always asked the boys to leave their dishes on the counter rather than the sink so he’s trying to break that habit) or leaving the empty orange juice carton on the counter rather than putting it in the trash can (again, another thing his Mom requested)).

Finally, around 12:30 Greg and I head off to the park. Again, the weather was great! Greg and I packed a small lunch and a big sheet. We first begin the walk at the food pavillon and take a few pictures there and then we begin the walk. In the beginning we did say how far we wanted to walk (and neither of us knew what the total distance was around the lake). But as the day progressed we continued without looking or thinking back. And, later we learned the walk was 2.4 miles. Great exercise. We ran into the girlfriend of one of Greg’s co-workers and chatted with her for a few minutes. There were a lot of doggies and I got to pet them. I wonder if Greg and I are going to get a pet in the next few years… Greg is more of a cat person and I’m in between for cats and dogs. Eh, we’re probably going to wait until we have our own place.

We made it home from the park around 4:30 and just relaxed for the rest of the day. I got online and uploaded the pictures and played a little Diner Dash 3 (cruise ship) and the sorts. Greg played with Amelia for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. She was being so cute! Playing with her stuffed animals on her bedroom floor.  These last three weeks have been huge in terms of Amelia. She’s all over the place now a days; each day she moves faster and faster and is trying to crawl on top of items and such. She’s crawling into the bathrooms, our bedroom, and the kitchen with such ease and flow – she’s almost running on her hands and knees!

Other than that, the weekend was uneventful and over all great!

This morning, I caught Greg looking at the Maryland Wedding Guide and asked him what he was looking for. He said nothing in particular and then I asked him if he wanted to go to one of the many bridal expo’s that are coming up this winter (Jan and Feb) and he said yes (to my surprise).

Greg and I talked a little more about our future together on Saturday night and this morning. We talked about what kind of wedding to host (indoor or outdoor) and if we want to do something more formal (gown and tux) or laid back and confortable. While we were at the park, I commented on how this would be a great location for a wedding and the weather is amazing and confortable and asked if he thinks we could do a wedding here and he wasn’t sure. Then this morning Greg asks when I thought was a date and mentioned the 10/10/09 idea and he said that wouldn’t work for our cruise since the cruises are done earlier in the summer/fall. So, we’ll probably have to change the wedding date or take our honeymoon later. So many things to think about.

I will admit that I am starting to get a little excited about Greg proposing to me. He’s given me a few clues as to where (still the usual semi public place) and I asked him if there were going to be people we know and he said yes (so I’m thinking maybe at his company holiday party or at the RSC). He still won’t elaborate on any other details but I do believe he’s going to try and do this by the new year.

Well onto lunch!