Packages all tied up in Bows

Greg and I have started to receive some wedding gifts in the mail (as well as my eBay items – they count!)!

Tonight I received the following from Crate and Barrel:

Confetti Bowls

A set of bowls from my girlfriend Kara (not to be confused with the bloggy friends also named Kara). Kara and I go back to 2001 when she and I were in the same training class at PRP. Kara and I have a lot in common and instantly bonded; turns out we also got married on the same day, just three years apart; and we’re both now divorced (guess that particular date was bad – LOL).

Our babysitter gave us (so far) the best gift… a free week of daycare! The week that Greg and I will be on the cruise we don’t have to pay for. Yay, more money for those massages we’re drooling over.

In the mail, I received these shoes:

some shoes

some shoes

they arrived last night and I wore them today. I don’t know if I likes them – I bought them a 1/2 smaller than I normally wear (since I couldn’t find any shoes in a half size) because I was thinking if I get them a half size bigger, then they would be falling off my feet. Well, the shoes are snug and were starting to rub in a painful way by the end of the day…. but, that’s why I am wearing them now – to break them in before we cruise and so I won’t have painful feets. Plus, they’re Crocs – and I have a quasi love-hate for those brand of shoes; the hate is that, in general, the shoes – the clogs with holes – are fugly in my book. I never understood the appeal. The love stems from the wide variety of their shoe selection, meaning they’re just not selling the one, fugly, product. I’ve yet to determine if the shoes are actually comfortable, but they do make your feet sweat.

I am still waiting for the swimsuit I ordered.


This Saturday is my wedding shower. I spoke with my Cousin April, who’s hosting the party, this past weekend and she’s pretty excited about it! I don’t know who she invited or how many are coming (except for the people who’ve told me directly), but I am looking forward to the party.

After the wedding shower, Greg and I are going to try and make it to my company’s holiday party; which is the Baltimore Dinner Cruise.

On Sunday, we plan on celebrating Amelia’s 2nd Birthday! Seriously, I can’t believe she’s two years old already – something my Mom and I were talking about today during my lunch hour.


It still hasn’t really sunk in that I have less than 2 weeks until the cruise and my wedding.  I have a suspicion as to why though; my step dad became sick around Christmas and went into the hospital on New Years Day – he was diagnosed with pneumonia and was released today (hmmm… sounds familiar, something I went through in 2007); everyone at work came back sick, and one person had/has pink eye and now 4 others have caught pink eye; and Greg is sick – basically, I worried I am going to catch something and will be sick for the entire cruise!

Ugh, must go to bed. I’ve been putting in some overtime at work so we can have some extra $$$$ for the cruise… which we leave for NEXT SATURDAY – – – – –  one day it’ll kick in



Greg, being the snoopy, nosey, guy that he is (at times) read my text messages and learned about the surprise wedding shower.

Oh well… at least I tried.

But, now I can openly talk about it!

My cousin and I were emailing all day (love that I can check and reply to emails on my cell phone) about the guest list, food, theme, games, etc! It really helped while I scanned and archived so many papers today (and I’m no where near finished).  We talked about renting a swanky hotel room  and having the guests meet there and surprise Greg there, but we were concerned about costs (even though most rooms we found were $250 or less – perfect time of year to get a room – After Christmas/New Years and before Inauguration/Valentine’s Day)… eventually, we decided to forgo that idea and just plan to party at her house.

Hmm… new WordPress Dashboard… very different… not sure how I like it…

You know what the best thing is about our plans to elope, we’re not done! We still get to plan for our reception later; our ‘wedding’ isn’t over the day of the ceremony. I’m excited about planning the reception (probably going to be held towards the end of the year – hopefully before October 2009); during my lunch hour I was researching for reception venues and checking up on The Knot message boards (haven’t been there in ages)… found another potential spot. It would be nice to have a home and just hose the reception at our place… maybe I can borrow Mom’s place…

I’ve decided that I am going to dye my hair a nice, rich color – probably a brown – and add some highlights. Also, I am probably going to have my hair cut about… 4-6 inches shorter… I am debating if I want my curls/waves emphasized/enhanced, or just have someone show me how to add some volume. I just need to figure out they style I want to wear and what to add into my hair (flower; veil?)

Earlier this week and challenged myself to stop biting/clipping my nails for the next month (give or take on when I get my manicure/pedicure) and I’ve already failed. Biting my nails is such a hard habit to break!

Oh, and there’s 3 weeks until Christmas!!