And then there were…

6 Days until we fly.

This time next week we will be somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, making our way to the Caribbean Sea heading towards the Grand Cayman Island. I have no idea how giddy with excitement Greg and I (but, probably more Greg than me) will be by this point next week. Gah! I can’t believe I’ll be on a cruise ship NEXT SUNDAY!

And, it still hasn’t sunk in – my level of excitement is no where near where I feel it should be! Actually, I believe I am starting to feel a little bummed that the trip is here; I’ve been looking forward to this cruise since last February, and I won’t have anything to look forward to (vacation wise) once the cruise is said and done. Well, we are thinking of a few things but we can’t really focus on those things until March. But, still.

In other news, Greg and I will probably be attending 3-4 weddings for 2009; this past new years two co-workers (one at his office, and one at mine) got engaged  and are planning for a wedding in the fall.

Michele moved up her wedding to March 28 (from October 10); Greg is a little freaked because he’s their photographer and he doesn’t feel he will be ready (at least equipment wise) by then. I assured him that he will do fine.

This past Saturday was my wedding shower, and belive it or not Greg and I forgot our cameras! So, my cousin took at the pictures and I’m waiting for her to email them, or post them on her MySpace page – then I will share with the world.

Today we spent a few hours with Greg’s Mom. We also celebrated Amelia’s 2nd birthday with her and Greg’s brother, Ken.  It’s nice to feel comfortable around the in-laws; I didn’t feel so comfortable around my ex’s due to my ex’s father – i just hated the guy and didn’t want to within earshot of him… but, Greg’s family is nothing like my ex’s and it’s so nice and refreshing. Even Greg’s brother, Ken, has warmed up to me – giving hugs and chatting with me and Amelia! Greg’s other brother, Pat, warmed up to me at the very beginning –  we even text each other on the occasion … and it’s fun to make fun of Greg (and some of his stupid decisions from his past – like leaving his favorite job to move to NY state for a girl) – in the loving manor that we do.

So, this is the final week of ‘normal’ life before I leave for ‘vacation’ life.  Greg and I have sorta started to get our home ready – we took down the Christmas tree and other decorations! I expressed my desire to have the place clean before we leave so that when we return we won’t have anything to do other than laundry and grocery shopping (as well as copious amounts of sleep – as I am sure we’ll need it).

During the long drive home last night (from my Cousins house), I asked Greg if he was really, truly, ready to be a married man.  Of course he said yes, and I asked him how does he know. And, he said the most beautiful things to me that I actually started to tear up! Basically, he broke down his past 2 ‘serious’ relationships and why he ignored the red flags and he told me that, if he could create the ‘perfect, dream girl’ he can’t think of anything else that I already posses as a person (physical looks don’t count when you’re thinking of the ‘perfect person’). To Greg, I am his dream girl. Awesome! So, we talked a little more about being married (I was so tired and I need him to talk to me to keep my eyes open) and he says that he doesn’t feel anything will change, to him, once we’re married because, to him, we’re already married. I begged to differ and explained why (which lead to the next topic of how does he know he’s ready to be married) – Greg and/or I could walk away and leave the relationship and there wouldn’t be any ‘mess’ to clean up (read: divorce) – there’s no real commitment (a ultimate, higher level, commitment) to each other like there is to being married; to me, when we’re married it means that Greg (and I) are going to be together in every sense of the word.  To me, at least, there will be a different feeling once Greg becomes my husband and I become his wife – Greg is promising to spend the rest of his life with me (and I him). Greg has chosen me as the one that makes him the happiest and that he wants me continue to make him happy for the rest of his life. That means a lot to me. Of course, it helps to know that during our whole friendship/court-ship, as Greg and I were denying our feelings for each other; telling each other that we were not interested in a relationship, much less marriage… that we’re actually going to marry each other! I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again – Greg has fulfilled every dream I’ve ever had since meeting him. Something I’ve never, ever, experienced – during my nearly 30 years of life – before. Guess that Magic 8 ball really is magic! LOL

Oh look, it’s 11:30pm and I have to work this week (4 out of 5 days). Guess I should get to bed, huh?



Greg, being the snoopy, nosey, guy that he is (at times) read my text messages and learned about the surprise wedding shower.

Oh well… at least I tried.

But, now I can openly talk about it!

My cousin and I were emailing all day (love that I can check and reply to emails on my cell phone) about the guest list, food, theme, games, etc! It really helped while I scanned and archived so many papers today (and I’m no where near finished).  We talked about renting a swanky hotel room  and having the guests meet there and surprise Greg there, but we were concerned about costs (even though most rooms we found were $250 or less – perfect time of year to get a room – After Christmas/New Years and before Inauguration/Valentine’s Day)… eventually, we decided to forgo that idea and just plan to party at her house.

Hmm… new WordPress Dashboard… very different… not sure how I like it…

You know what the best thing is about our plans to elope, we’re not done! We still get to plan for our reception later; our ‘wedding’ isn’t over the day of the ceremony. I’m excited about planning the reception (probably going to be held towards the end of the year – hopefully before October 2009); during my lunch hour I was researching for reception venues and checking up on The Knot message boards (haven’t been there in ages)… found another potential spot. It would be nice to have a home and just hose the reception at our place… maybe I can borrow Mom’s place…

I’ve decided that I am going to dye my hair a nice, rich color – probably a brown – and add some highlights. Also, I am probably going to have my hair cut about… 4-6 inches shorter… I am debating if I want my curls/waves emphasized/enhanced, or just have someone show me how to add some volume. I just need to figure out they style I want to wear and what to add into my hair (flower; veil?)

Earlier this week and challenged myself to stop biting/clipping my nails for the next month (give or take on when I get my manicure/pedicure) and I’ve already failed. Biting my nails is such a hard habit to break!

Oh, and there’s 3 weeks until Christmas!!

Patience is a Virtue

Two months from today I will be in Florida, hanging out with my bestest gay friend Daniel. I am so freaking uber excited! I just have to wait 2 months!!

I am working on a surprise for Greg (the details will be password protected ’cause I don’t want him to find out) and I have to be patient with the planning. Ugh, I so want to tell him about the surprise but.. I can’t!!! I so want to surprise him – I’ve never been able to keep a surprise from him because I get so excited about it.

Greg can’t keep surprises from me either, and for the same reason. Right now, he’s working on something as well but I already know what it is; we’re just waiting for the right moment to do it. Greg told me he wanted to surprise me – it’s cruise related –  but I told him there would be no way he could keep ‘this’ surprise from me; especially during the next two months! Don’t worry, I have that post already written, I’m just waiting to share…

Um, so yeah… the next two months are going to feel so long, but I know they’re going to fly. Espeically since we’re starting our Christmas shopping and ideas for our friends/family; cruise shopping and just getting everything ready.

My luggage has been shipped (already!) and should be here by the end of the week! I’ve ordered my veil (for fun, not for the wedding) and should have that by the end of the week as well (maybe), and my flowers!! They’re not here, yet. The ‘florist’ should be finishing them up soon (I requested a few changes) and I hope to have them by the end of the month.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my girlfriend, Michele. We haven’t been able to chat since last month and we have a lot to catch-up on! So, I’m looking forward to her visit.

Well, I have a wicked headache brewing so I am going to go.

Good Friday

Today was a very good day!

I am 100% caught up with the correspondence. That is a relief!

Greg and I received something amazing that has alleviated all financial stress for the upcoming cruise, holidays, birthdays, and wedding. It’s a new credit card with a $5k limit. Yes, putting everything on the credit card isn’t the greatest idea; but it has a very low APR and we plan on transferring balances from our higher APR cards (and closing them out) onto the low APR in hopes of saving on payments and paying off debt sooner. Our plan of action is using the new credit card for the cruise (mainly) – we’re happy that we’re going to be able to really enjoy ourselves without worrying about going over our budget (which was going to be about $300 – including everything; excursions, tips, specialty restaurants, etc). After the cruise, we’re going to use our tax refund to pay off (or down) the credit card (which would also have the transferred balances from the higher APR cards). Also, Greg and I are planning out our paychecks and what we’re going to pay leading up to the cruise. If our calculations are correct, by the time we leave (which will also be a payday), we will have one whole check (well, 2 if you’re counting our individual employees) where we won’t have anything to pay (as everything for that month will already be paid for)! So, the money from the “free” paycheck is going to be our on-board credit (we’re going to put cash, about $300, on the account), anything we use over the initial deposit will go onto the new credit card. On paper, it looks like a good idea. We’ve given this a lot of though, let’s just hope it all works out.

Amelia has a cold. She’s hardly eating anything and what she does eat is cold; she will not eat anything warm (like oatmeal). Weird, but at least she does eat.

I can’t wait to go shopping. I am so looking forward to shopping, which is weird. But, what I am looking forward to is shopping for Greg’s new wardrobe! I love shopping for men’s clothes; I don’t know why because I hate shopping for myself.

Greg has started to hint about my Christmas  and Birthday gifts! As if the cruise isn’t enough to be excited about, he’s adding this! I don’t know how he could top last Christmas, after all he bought me my lovely lap top, in my favorite color, AND asked me to marry him!

I think I’ve been random enough on my good Friday.

Big Night

Tonight is a big night; we learn who the next US President is going to be.

Did I vote? Nope. Not even registered to vote, and I don’t plan on changing that.

*I know some of you are probably shaking your heads right now*

But, I am curious to see how everything turns out.

If you’re curious, if I were to vote I would have voted for Obama. Not for his plans to change the current state of the US, but because he did not ‘attack’ McCain as McCain attacked Obama. In my opinion, Obama ‘played nice’.

On a side note, I realized over the weekend, while in Target, that Greg and I are getting married on Inauguration Day. We were walking past the card isle and I saw a card, in big bold numbers, “1-20-09” and it caught my attention, so I picked up the card only to learn that it was about the upcoming inauguration.  And, that’s how I learned I was getting married on Inauguration Day.

Work is going well; it’s been a little on the slow side so I am able to catch-up on a lot of older items, which is a relief.

I’ve been checking NCL’s website religiously to see if the fare has gone down on our cruise. No luck, yet.

I’m still debating if I want to wear something wedding related, like a veil or a shirt that says “bride” on it, on our way down to FL and then onto the cruise ship. Greg feels I’m being slightly child/self ish about this want, which is partially true, because I do want attention and to let everyone know what’s going on – and… maybe get some perks, like a free upgrade to first class from the airline and maybe some free drinks from the restaurant… who knows

Well, my lunch hour is over. Time to go back to work.

Coming Together

Well, things seem to be coming along for the wedding.

I received an email from my ‘florist’ informing me that my flowers are in!

Wedding Flowers
Close Up

I love the color combo and I can’t wait to see the final product! Also, I received an email from my ‘photo charm’ lady informing me that the charm has been mailed to the ‘florist’ and provided me with the tracking information!

And, the best bit of information received today was the script for our vows!

Gregory and Jessica, the vows you are about to exchange will join your lives. You both bring individual strengths and weaknesses to this marriage, and as you stand together as a married couple, may you complement each other and fulfill each other’s needs as your love and commitment continue to deepen throughout your married life.

The Wedding Rings are symbols of the vows here taken, circles of unending faith and commitment, perfect in form.  They represent the beginning of a long journey together, filled with wonder and surprises, laughter and tears, celebration and grief and joy.  May these rings seal your vows of marriage to each other.

That’s just a sample of the vows that I received. I forwarded the vows to Greg. He replied, no real comments or suggestions. So, I replied asking if he had an emotional reaction and he replied “maybe”. So, earlier tonight while we were chatting about our days (I felt like I didn’t accomplish anything and his was stressful as all hell), I probed him for more details about his reaction to reading the vows. And, let me just say… Greg is totally going to cry during our ceremony; he felt a little weepy just reading the vows! … in unison: “Aaaawwww” But, to be fair I started to get a little teary-eyed as well.

Reading the vows has made everything feel surreal, for the both of us. It’s like everything we least expected to happen is happening! It’s a scary, yet exciting realization.

In other news…

A long time friend of mine, SW, was married this past Saturday. Good thing it was an indoor ceremony and reception, cause Saturday’s weather was crap-tacular! I honestly felt SW was never going to marry; not because of his looks or personality – he just seemed… too picky. Needless to say, I was shocked when he told me he was engaged last November and now he’s a married man!

We have a new member at the RSC:

Story has arrived; I’ve linked the birth story, but the short story (no pun intended) is: Brooke’s water broke on Thursday evening, went to the hospital, learned the baby was breech and a c-section was performed. If you’re interested (and who doesn’t love looking at new born babies), Brooke has posted a few pictures. And yes, if you’re wondering, learning of Story’s arrival has ignited that want for another “bun in the oven”. I’ve expressed my urge to Greg and proposed why we should have baby #2 sooner than we originally ‘planned’… but, Greg being the typical guy… just nodded and pretended he was listening and then added “it would be best if we waited until we’re more financially stable.” I, personally, feel this is every guy’s cop-out.

Amelia is somewhat going through potty training! We’re not in full mode due to Amelia’s lack of (strong) interest; right now, it’s kind of like a game for her. I believe she enjoys the extra attention when she goes pee pee in the potty, but it’s only on her terms (meaning, if she’s really into something, like drawing, she won’t stop to go potty). But, given the current rate of interest, I feel that Amelia might be potty train by her 2nd birthday!

That’s all, folks!


Since buying the Wii Fit, I’ve “exercised” every day/night (starting on Sunday). W00t!

Greg received his wedding shirt in the mail today! The shirt looks nice; I am liking the pale yellow. The only concern is that the shirt is too pale and kinda blends into the color of his pants; he wants a little more “pop”. I told him to wait until we can see what the outfit looks like in the sunlight.

So, with Greg’s shirt in the closet – we pretty much have everything we need for the wedding! Only two more items are on their way (well, sorta): my bouquet and photo charm. Both have been ordered – I am having the photo charm mailed to my ‘florist’ so she can add it to the bouquet; rather than me trying to figure out how to add it.  I can’t wait to see what my bouquet looks like. I swear I feel more excited about the bouquet than I do my wedding dress!

There are still a few things I’m debating about, for the wedding. The one thing being if I want a veil or a flower for my hair. I’ve researched all the options out there (on Etsy and eBay) and I still don’t know.

Oh, my brother surprised me the other week by telling me he and a few friends have decided to join Greg and me on the cruise! I’m excited that my brother is going to join us; he deserves this vacation. He’s worked so hard over the last three years and hes recently been promoted. It’s time for him to celebrate! I’ve informed Daniel of the increase in guests (since we’re planning on staying with him before the cruise) and he’s uber excited and is planning on a party! I can’t wait – January can’t get here soon enough!

On the work front, I think I received a promotion. I’m not exactly sure. My manager, who is a male… lacks communication and details (typical male behavior – as I’ve expressed to him). Yesterday afternoon, say around 3pm, he tells me to go sit with another co-worker to learn all her work, as today was her last day and I am to be taking over her duties. So, long story short, I received a crash course in correspondence (and all the nitty gritty details that is involved). Best yet, she left early today; so essentially I had to learn everything in a matter of 5 hours. Surprisingly, I got it (which, to my surprise, a lot of other people knew I was going to be assigned this task and felt that I was the best candidate for it – but no one bothered to inform me — until the last minute). Now, here is where the details are lacking: as of this morning, I am going to do this “part time”, meaning I am to train another co-worker so we can alternate (I work on correspondence for one month and then switch with her). I’m not too keen on this idea because… well, as they say… “too many hands in the pot…” Plus, the amount of detail that is needed for this position could cause confusion if two people are trading duties. So, later in the day the manager came over as I was sitting with the co-worker before she left and he had this goofy smile and I asked what the smile was about and he said nothing… bla bla bla… and I asked a few more details about the new duties and it sounded like the reason he wants me to do this part time is so that I can still earn my commissions. I informed him that the commissions are no where near what they were last year (as of yet, I’m lucky if I earn $100 a month in commissions, whereas last year I was bringing in between $1000-$1300 a month) and I would gladly give up my (lack of) commissions for mental sanity and health. So, we’ll see where this goes. I’m going to give it a week and then re-approach him about my opinion about sharing the responsibilities.

Halloween. It’s next week. I’ve decided to take Amelia down to my Grandma’s house for trick or treating and dinner. Unfortunately, Greg can’t get out of work due to his co-workers wife, Brooke, who might have her baby by then. As of today, Brooke is three days out from her due date – so, it’s any day now.

No plans this weekend. Kinda feels nice; considering all that we did last weekend. Oh, and have received so many compliments and praises from my co-workers about my pictures! Everyone seemed surprised when I told them that I took the picture (and did some slight editing). And, when my cousin saw the pictures from Bowles Farm… she even suggested that Greg and I be her wedding photographer (when ever her baby’s Daddy pops the question).

Speaking of photography, Greg and I (mostly Greg) have created our own website: I came up with the name! The site is still in the very early creation – but please leave us some feedback! I’m suppose to create the header – haven’t even touched it.