What’s New?

I’ve lost 60 pounds! Holy smokes, y’all. My clothes are too big, my bra’s are too big, even my underwear is too big. Yet, I haven’t gone shopping for new clothes because I hate spending money on myself; my psychiatrist thinks that’s unusual (me not spending money on clothes, etc.). Honestly, I don’t even know what size I am because I continue to wear my old clothes, and plan to do so until they’re literally falling off of me (in which case, they’re starting to do… I wore one of Greg’s belts yesterday for the first time). This whole weight-loss surgery has been a ‘hurry up and wait’ thing for me. I’m excited to see where it will take me, and I want to get there as soon as possible, but I know it’s going to take time.

Greg starts his new job in a couple of weeks. It’ll be an adjustment to him going back to work after nearly 5 years (since being laid off), but we’re both excited. His training is going to be 4 weeks long! Then, afterwards, we hope he gets the schedule he’s selected which he’ll be working a night shift (until midnight).

With Greg working, Sofia will be going to daycare full-time for the first time in her 3.5 years of life. Also, since the training is 4 weeks long, Amelia will be going to my Mom’s for a month.

My job has been going well. We’re going to be moving offices towards the end of the year. It’ll be weird with a new commute; I’ve been doing the current one for nearly 10 years! But, I’m excited about the new office. It’ll be in downtown Baltimore, right on the water, with amazing views and a lot of new amenities.

Amelia is graduating from the 3rd grade next week. Good grief time is flying by. I can’t believe she’s nearly 10 years old, and nearing the end of her years in elementary school. I soo don’t feel old enough to have a soon-to-be middle school-er. Not at all. Also, Amelia made honor roll this entire school year. So proud of her! She’s doing really well in math (probably better than me), and reading (she’s above grade level).

Sofia has finally graduated to big-girl status by being 100% in underwear. No more pull-ups and diapers for this gal! I’m so proud of her as well. Even at bedtime. And, we haven’t had a single accident in the past 3-4 weeks that she’s been wearing undies.

Greg has completed his final ‘step’ in terms of medical clearance for his turn at the surgery. We’re just waiting for his next appointment with the surgeon to schedule his date.

This summer is going to fly by. A lot of new changes and routines, and I can’t wait!


First Milestone

I am 11 days post-op and I’ve lost 20 pounds.

I set a small goal, of a specific weight, and I wouldn’t be be surprised if I don’t reach it by the end of April.

I weigh myself in the mornings before I get dressed (expect for the one day where it showed a 2 lbs gain — that was an evening weight), for a more ‘true’ number. 

I don’t really see much of a change in me, but Greg does. Although, I drove yesterday and I noticed my belly is nowhere near the bottom of the steering wheel; like, I can fit my arm inbetween the space. Also, it looks like all the weight loss has been in my belly (so far), so I guess I do notice a little.

My incisions are healing well and the pain is getting less and less. I can finally sleep without fear of popping opening one of the incisions.

I am going back to work on Monday. It’ll be an adjustment; worse than when I returned from having Sofia. But, I’m ready.


I finally have the last video uploaded from yesterday (and have updated yesterdays post with the video)!

I finally have my engagement ring!!

I finally have some time to share my wedding dress thoughts/ideas.

About time, huh.

But before I get to the dresses, I finally have a small clip of Amelia doing her “la la la” thing:

I got it this morning. Yay! Hopefully, I’ll get a better one later in the week.

Now, on to the show!

I found (and will probably find more) most of these dresses at HouseofBrides. I’m going to show these by designer (so I can try to be a bit more organized). The first designer is Lady Roi:

Dress A

Dress BDress B

Dress B

The second selection is from Edan Bridals:

Dress A
Dress B
Dress C
Dress D
Dress E

minus the side laces

Here is a dress from DaVinci that I like:


Here are two from Bonny:

Bonny A
Bonny B 

And, if we decide to do a low key wedding, I found this dress on The Knot:

low key dress

That’s all I have for now. You may have noticed a pattern of what style I like; off the shoulder. I like my shoulders/arms and I have no worries/anxieties of showing off my upper body of a ‘linebacker’. Besides, with all the lifting I do with Amelia, my shoulders and arms are going to look nicer by the time the wedding arrives (plus, I do are exercise with her – such as laying on my back and lifting her up in the air (off my chest to arms straight) and then bringing her forward and then back and I can already see/feel a difference). Also, i don’t like the full body, or ball like, gowns. I’m already a full bodied person – I don’t need a dress to make me look more full bodied.

I am very pleased to see that all these designs offer plus size dresses (even though some charge extra – usually around a size 22). Currently, I am a size 22/24 (depending on the maker) and my realistic goal for my wedding dress is a size 18/20; if I go smaller, even better. That’s not much of a size difference (about 30lbs of weight loss for me) but just enough to make a difference for me. Basically, I want to show off my hour glass figure with more definition and I don’t want to stress myself out trying to loose enough weight to fit into a size 10/12 dress; besides I’m going to have a two year old this time next year and I’m sure she’ll be keeping me busy. Also, I am so so happy that my goal is only 30 pounds (minimum), rather than trying to loose 75-100 pounds (which is about as much weight I’ve lost since 2003). I can honestly feel confident in loosing this weight (and probably more) by the time my wedding day arrives! And this feeling is amazing.